Interested in joining Soshi Catalogue’s team?

You do not need to have much experience, though being able to communicate effectively in English would be preferred.

Catalogue staff: You must be committed and prepared to contribute regularly to the site. Contributing can be cataloguing items or updating posts. You may also write reviews, guides, etc. You do not have to have a high level of experience but have to be prepared to research in order to find information.

Graphic designerYou do not need to be super experienced in graphic designing for this task. However we would like you to have at least some experience. We will only ask of banners, logos, backgrounds, etc. We require that you submit 2 (1 wallpaper and 1 banner) pieces of work you’ve designed with your form.

Translator: Must be able read and translate Korean, Japanese, or Chinese to English.

Media Specialist: You will need to record videos for our Youtube channel (mainly Unboxing/Review videos. However, you can also talk about SoShi news, etc etc.). It is preferred that you usually pre-order merchandises so you will receive it and produce a video asap. Must speak English. High quality camera is recommended.

If you are interested please fill out the submission form. Also please apply using the email you frequently check as we will reply via email.

Finally, if you have any retail news and tips, etc. leave us a comment/email us on our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Submission Form


About Hankit Mok
I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

26 Responses to Hiring!

  1. oh i like this new format/layout (though the worldcup theme was better in terms of colors and looks) because now i can easily see what the LATEST updates are.

    • wendyy22 says:

      we preferred this one too because it lets you guys see the latest updates ^^ we’ll try harder next time to bring you a better layout! thank-you for your feedback.

  2. Kim says:

    Name/ Username: Kim

    Position: Catalogue staff/Retail staff,

    Special Talents: Searching new items. I also have a small SNSD collection ^^

    Experience: No ^^

  3. Jay says:

    Name/ Username: Jay/Yuranos

    Position: catalogue staff ?

    Special Talents: I’m quite computer savvy. I too have a small Soshi collection which i love.

    Experience: Cataloging:None Computer: More than Average

  4. korshermean says:

    Name/ Username: Sherman/koreshermean

    Position: Retail Staff/ Catalogue Staff (If possible even if its closed :P)

    Special Talents: Computer savvy, can find just about anything on the internet if I really wanted to, basic Japanese, basic Korean, strong Cantonese, huge SNSD fan, with a small-to-moderate SNSD collection. ^_^

    Experience: None.

  5. Darrell says:

    Submission Form

    Name/ Username: Darrell

    Position: Graphic Designer

    Special Talents: i always try new thing on PS and the biggest thing is snsd fan

    Experience: None

    • iced_tea says:

      thanks for applying! we’ve replied to your staff application via email (the one you supplied when submitting your application)

  6. Yew Ann says:

    Name/ Username:Yew Ann


    Special Talents:I got snsd supplier and kpop merchandise and a very huge collection of their items

    Experience: NO

  7. Stephanie Gee says:

    Name/ Username: Stephanie Gee
    Position: Graphic Designer
    Special Talents: I’ve been a designer in different forums nowadays, and I’m a huge fan of Girls’ Generation. Though I’m a graphic designer, I’m working on Super Junior sites that made me want to work this time to the group that I really adore more (SNSD). I’ve been coding websites as well as practicing how to make an Adobe Flash Player stuff work on a site.
    Experience: As stated above, I’ve been working on forums nowadays..^^

  8. Maverick says:

    Position:translator (chinese to english)
    Experience:translated magazine scans for kara singapore as well as soshified singapore.

    Special talents:well i translate very accurately with good english,thats a point,and the only ‘talent’ relavant.

    *my main medium is english so I have no qualms communicating in English.


  9. Maverick says:

    Forgot to include username:iperiodic
    Its my username for wordpress. Im also iperiodic@soshified and iperiodic@karaholics

  10. Tricia says:

    Name/Username: Tricia [I don’t have a wordpress.]

    Position: Translator (Chinese to English)

    Special Talents: Well, my first language is English and my second is Chinese so I believe I’m able to translate it well enough. I also try my best to make the sentences flow and sound right cos I have OCD, lol. Since I’m only 14, I’m still learning Chinese in school so I may be stuck at some point in an article, but I will take time to find out what the word means so I won’t just write whatever I think it actually means. If I do, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. >< And I think it's also a good time for me to learn Chinese. =)

    Experience: I'm a Timer/Subber for rdrsubs. Even though I'm more of a timer there, I've translated a few Chinese subbed videos to English for them.

  11. guish96 says:

    Name/ Username: apple/guish96

    Position: graphic designer

    Special Talents: i do edit alot of pics, half of it were displayed on my gg account, & facebook., i also speak understandable english,. i got the capacity of finishing the pic in the day you want when i have no assignments(i seldomly have homeworks) ^^

    Experience: i do the photo editing in my school presentations,

  12. guish96 says:

    do i still need to put my email here?

  13. guish96 says:

    hey i have some questions.
    i replied it on the email ^^

  14. guish96 says:


    theres kinda wrong in the mails i sent,
    just understand it 😀

  15. Justin says:

    Name: Justin

    Position: Translator

    Special Talents: Translate Chinese to English

    Experience: None, but willing to learn. Chinese is pretty alright. Can translate fluent Chinese to fluent English.

    • iced_tea says:

      Hi Justin! Thanks for submitting in your application.However, unfortunately we’ve decided to close application for Chinese translators.

      Thanks for applying though! ^^

  16. Elena says:

    Name/ Username: Elena

    Position: Catalogue Staff

    Special Talents: I am a Soshi stuff collector and I always try to be as up-to-date as I can on the items by often doing research or asking around when needed. I’m also quite an eBay stalker lol. I have been interested in collecting SNSD merchandise for a year now and I hope I can help make the Catalague as complete as possible.

    Experience: I’ve never worked for any sites, but I often needed to do research on my own for personal use.

  17. addy_ami says:

    [B]Name/ Username :[/B] addy_ami

    [B]Position :[/B] Catalogue Staff

    [B]Special Talents :[/B] online almost 24-7. I love to spazz over the girls stuffs and even more than the girls pic themselves..lol.. have a small collection but quite good for a 3 months sone. you can check it out here [URL=http://soshified.com/forums/index.php/topic/204-show-your-soshi-collection/page__view__findpost__p__2954797] *CLICK*[/URL]

    [B]Experience :[/B] dont have any experience in this field.. but I’m an uploader at mysone forum

  18. soomin says:

    Name/ Username: soomin
    Position: Graphic Designer
    Special Talents: I’m really adept at using Photoshop and can learn to use other programs if needed. I make banners, wallpapers, and backgrounds for my sites (twitter, livejournal, wordpress, etc.) and things like icons and signatures. 🙂
    Experience: here are a few examples of my works: here, here, and here! 🙂

  19. Vanessa says:

    Name/Username: Vanessa

    Position: Catalogue Staff

    Special Talents: I have a pretty strong command of English, and am somewhat of a perfectionist. Thus I will never publish a post that I am unsatisfied with (either that or I keep editing and editing). I also dislike leaving things half-done, especially when I get my head into it, and will do my best to complete the task. I also have access to forums, blogs, and Twitter, and therefore I am usually kept up-to-date on the latest Soshi news and releases. Also, I own an online store, so I often check back on websites to see if they have any new updates. Besides that, I think most importantly is to let other SONEs be updated on the various ways and alternatives to purchase Soshi merchandise (afterall everyone wants the cheapest deal), and therefore they will always keep supporting the girls. ^^

    Experience: I did my own research on several accounts, and I realised that whenever I do research, I don’t stop until I have reached 20+ pages of the Google search results.

  20. LindyBoo says:

    Submission Form

    Name/ Username: LindyBoo

    Catalogue Staff / Translator (only for Chinese)/ podcast host (if any in the future, although I strongly recommend it as I have the resources)

    Special Talents:
    Despite the fact that I can write professionally, I can also sing and be a podcast host. I think this would strongly benefit the blog as it expands. I can also work on video editing and photoshop if needed, though I do not speciailise in this area.

    I have experience from working on a previous blog, and I have ideas on how to enhance this one, even though it’s already great. 🙂

  21. yoshi says:

    Submission Form

    Name/ Username: Yoshi

    Here are several positions I can be:
    * Catalogue Staff – I can update the site daily as I have resources to SNSD news.
    * Translator from Chinese to English
    * Podcast host (if any in the future, although I strongly recommend it as I have the resources)
    * Singer for the podcasts

    Special Talents:

    I specialise in DJ’ing at school, and I also have background knowledge of music and dancing. As a matter of fact, I sing and dance. I am a perfect podcast/radio host as I have the right voice, enthusiasm, accurate pronounciation and of course, fluent English. I can also speak a few lines of Korean.

    I have been researching about SNSD almost everyday for the past two years and I think I know enough about each character. I am a huge fan, and so nothing can stop me from composing a good post. I can write professionally depending on the topic, or I can give posts a unique and kind-hearted twist.

    I have skills in video editing as I have edited videos for the past year (my dad is a photographer). I also have some knowledge and experience of photoshop, although I’m not the best at it. I surf Youtube all the time for SNSD, and so I can constantly update the blog.

    I’m very analytical. I tend to analyse SNSD in many perspectives and try to maintain unbaised. I’ll try write posts and news that isn’t very opinionated as this may cause trouble and unwanted debates.

    One more talent. I love talking and talking. Does that count? Haha, jokes.

    I’ve got experience from three previous blogs (not naming them) that is concerned with kpop, soshi, f(x). So I have resources and am constantly aware of how to ‘enhance’ posts but also avoid certain topics. I’ve got heaps of advice and tips to give as I really hope that this blog can be more known, and eventually be surfed by thousands of sones everyday. I am already an existing wordpress member.

    I look forward to help promote this blog till one day SNSD will pass by. 🙂


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