Star Card Season 2

Hi guys! As most of you may have heard by now, there will be an official SNSD Star Collection Cards Season 2! Many sones have been asking for links and such since the official announcement and we at SoShiCatalogue will now bring the pre-ordering details to you!

Firstly, for those of you that don’t know or have never heard of SNSD Star Collection Cards..they are basically trading cards like pokemon, yu-gi-oh, baseball cards, etc. Except these cards have the members of  Girls’ Generation on them! Season 1 cards were beautiful and I dare say that Season 2 cards are even better with a “GORJESS” World Cup theme!~

The cards are set to be released on June 14th and pre-ordering has gone up at various sites accessible to international fans and collectors:

Gmarket: click here (select the 3rd option ” 소녀시대 2″)
Soshigoods(aka cph shop): click here
Ebay: grapemusiccd / aritaum9 / kisschup / smile-spoon

-tiff @ SoShiCatalogue

This is the translated verson of the picture below.

Taken from: Link!

Credit: Cassandra

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