Japan 2nd ~Girls&Peace~ Arena Tour 2013 – Tour Goods


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KBS Media – ‘Invincible Youth’ 청춘불패 Seasons 1 & 2 Special Package

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InStyle Korea Magazine – October 2011

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1st Anniversary Contest!

1st Anniversary Contest! – FAQ please read.

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UNOFFICIAL Petition List – Taeyeon The First DVD「 YOU BRING US JOY ! 」

List Updated: December 27th, 2AM AEDST (Dec 27, 12AM KST)

Click here for the retail post
Click here for the petition form

Concluding Notice:
No result is a good result, no? >.<
Merong did not give us a reply, so we can but conclude that the petition list is not successful.
Please understand that it befits Merong’s right to remain silent on the matter.
Our retail advisory if you need is as such:
– There was a precedent – SONE’s first-ever fanmade Thsutleo photobook was granted a reprint 6 months after its debut print. As such, allowing YBUJ a waiting window of 6-12 months is sufficiently prudent, we feel.
– Those willing to pay a premium for YBUJ copies listed on eBay, we shall maintain Taeyeon The First DVD [YOU BRING US JOY!] retail page with an updated history of previous eBay prices, which may be used to compare with present market prices, as necessary.

We wish to apologise unreservedly if you feel we have wronged you in any way. As things stand, we feel equally miserable to be of no help in furthering this cause for you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


-staffs@Soshi Merchandise Catalogue

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