tom885’s Collection

Hey guys, this is tom885/tom here ^^

I think I started becoming a true S♥NE in the Genie/Tell Me Your Wish Days (although my first album was the Gee album – there was something that attracted me to buy my first Korean album at that time). I remembered during that time I would constantly googling/youtubing different information and clips about the girls … anyways, here’s my own little collection:

1. Albums

– All official SNSD albums – from their first single to RDR

– I brought more than 5+ Oh! Albums just to get the Photocards >< I’ve managed to get all the regular versions + some White Border Versions~

– Features/OST Collection (Heart 2 Heart, Roommate, SMTown, You’re My Destiny, etc.)

2012 Update! – Japan First Concert blu-ray Deluxe Version, AAGG, CVC (Blu-ray Limited), First Concert DVD

– Others: All Japanese Singles & Albums, The Boys & Mr.Taxi Repackaged Album

2. Photo Cards/Star Cards

2012 Update! Already used 3 Binders since 2009! Left: Star Card Season 2.5 (+ other Artist’s cards, i.e. Kara Star Cards); Middle: Star Card Season 1 & 2; Right: Album Photo Cards/Special Photo Cards

– Some pages of the Star Cards

2012 Update! – 2nd Concert SONE Special Photo Cards Set

2012 Update! – SMTown World Tour III in Seoul – Complete Set (+ 2 Group Cards not in the Picture)
Rare Cards from Season 2 ^^

Other Cards: Complete set of Japan Single Photocards (Genie, Gee, Mr.Taxi), Hoot, etc.

Rare Cards:

2012 Update! – My little Collection of all the rare cards that I have ^^
– Season 1: YU003 (Yuri Etching Card), SE004 (Seohyun Autographed Card)
– Season 2: 007 (Jessica RDR Card), 016 (Jessica Oh! Card), 018 (Seohyun Oh! Card), 024 (Yuri Piece Card), 027 (x2)
– Season 2.5: 153 (Yuri Autograph Card)

GG2-007 – RDR Jessica Autograph Card (Jessica’s name checkered at the front, autograph at the back of the card)

GG2-027 – Seohyun’s Piece Cards (I got 2 of them)

(A Close-up of 2 pieces from the handkerchief that Seohyun tied on her neck during the Photoshot~)

3. SM Official Goods

– SM Official Genie Card Case + Phone Strap

– SNSD 1st Concert Bromide, 3-D files, 9 members’ phone straps

2012 Update! – SNSD 2nd Concert – Yoona & Seohyun Set & Tumblers

2012 Update! – SMTown Photobook & IAM Blu-ray (Japanese Version) (+also Bromide not in the pic)

– SM Postcard Set A (Jessica + Tiffany), Seohyun SONE “Oh!” Official Postcard

2012 Update! – AAGG, Japan First Tour Photobook, IY Photbook

2012 Update! – Files: Hoot, Oh!, Calendar, SMTown I (also Everysing files not in the pic)

2012 Update! – 2012 Calendars (also Planner/Diary not in the pic)

2012 Update! – Everysing 2012 Goods: The Boys & Mr.Taxi Postcards, Yoona file, Magnets (also Official Stamp not in the pic)

4. Other Goods

– Seohyun’s 1st Concert t-shirt, Taeyeon’s Fan-made Midnight Sun t-shirt w/ Guitar Pick

– First SNSD SPAO t-shirt (Hope TV Charity t-shirt)

– Beyond 9 Yellow Hoodie

2012 Update! – SPAO T-shirts

– Goobne & SPAO 2010 Calender

– Fan-made laminated Photos, Miero Drink & Mini Bromide, Goobne Diary & Bromide (Fall 2009), Gorgeous Photobook (Elle Girl)

– All 9 Members Goobne 2010 Bromide/Poster (I didn’t take a picture of the large/back side of the posters)

– WaWa June 2009 Issue (Freebies: Stickers & Miero Mini-Poster)

– Various Magazines – Ceci (Cover), Elle Girl, Vogue (Seohyun), Elle Girl (SPAO Photoshoot)

– Unofficial Fan-made Pink Nametags

– Unofficial Banc(?) Genie-concept Sticker, Notebook, Pencil Case

– Nothing really related to the girls here – the “O-type Blood” Personality book that Seohyun read in the Miero Diary, the “Pop-Up Pirate” that the girls played in Hello Baby~

– Photobooks/DVDs/Calendars from various Fan-Projects (i.e. Jessture, Merong, etc.)

5. Posters

– Overview; I do have many more tubes, but there is no point of taking a picture of all the tubes … anyways, I have most of the “common” posters (i.e Genie, Oh!, RDR, SPAO Posters), so I’ll only share some of my “rare” posters (it’s rare in my opinion) ^^

– Set of 3 Goobne 2008 Posters (With Printed Autograph)

– Elite Uniform Poster

– Gee Poster (I obtained it free last year from Yesasia – they had a promotion last year where they were giving out free Gee Poster when you purchase certain Korean artist’s posters, which include the Genie poster)

– Seohyun Cooky Promotion Poster (As you can see, I am a true Seororo Fan)

2012 Update! – Everysing “The Boys” Promo Posters – Seohyun & Sooyoung

Sorry for the lengthy Post ><

Thank you for visiting!! ^^


41 Responses to tom885’s Collection

  1. kudougirl says:

    omg… your collection is WOW.

  2. Alexis says:

    Wow, you sure have money to waste~ Must be nice

    • owa1985 says:

      Well, I don’t think it’s a waste. After all, money is there to be used right?

      As long as you spend responsibly, I wouldn’t call any spending wasteful.

  3. SeoHyun91 says:

    Hope to be able to have such an amazing collection…><

  4. Yoonaloved says:

    Hey where do you get your elle girl stylebook ? 😀 nice collection !

    • tom885 says:

      Hi Yoonaloved,

      I got my Elle Girl Stylebook from ebay exactly a year ago (and the price was very very reasonable back then), I don’t think the seller have anymore now ><

  5. Kim says:

    woa .. nice collection. just wondering, how many season 2 sets did u buy? ‘coz getting 1 autograph card + 2 piece cards is really lucky

    • tom885 says:

      In total, I brought 20+ sets of Season 2 Star Cards (the rare cards pop out like 1 in every 5 sets that I brought) … I was pretty surprised when I got the Jessica Auto Card, then the Maknae piece cards ^^

  6. Lia says:

    hye!! nice collection! i was like :O
    juz wondering…..where did u buy all this stuff?

    • tom885 says:

      Um, I ordered my goodies through various websites (usually I search around and find the most decent price) – ebay, Yesasia, Dvdheaven, Soshigoods, GMarket (Just once with the Star Cards), etc. ^^

  7. gi sung says:

    how did you pay to yesasia??
    want to hve this too.but i dnt know how:((

    • tiff says:

      Yesasia accepts VISA Card, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Check, Money Order, PayPal, YesAsia Coupon and YesAsia Credit. ^^

  8. Lia says:

    is it safe buying at gmarket??
    i want to buy the star card~

    • tom885 says:

      Hi Lia,

      I think it is G-market is pretty safe, since they only provide EMS for international orders (that way you can insured fast delivery & they’ll need your signature make sure you received the package).

      The only thing I don’t like about G-market is it is not as user-friendly as other online websites (i.e Yesasia) and they over-estimate the product weight (in which you’ll have to pay shipping based on their estimated weight, and they’ll credit you if the actual shipping is cheaper – maybe an incentive for you to order again in G-Market)

      • addy_ami says:

        I wanna ask how long does it take for them to ship the card to us and how long does it take to arrive from the date of shipping?

        15팩 특별세트 : 소녀시대 is for season 1 and

        15팩 특별세트 : 소녀시대2탄 is for season 2 right

  9. tom885 says:

    Hi addy_ami,

    It takes approximately 3 business days for my cards to arrive (b/c I lived in Canada, there is actually a 13 hour differences, so it arrives within 3 business days – 1/2 days to deliver, 1 day for customs check ><)

    Yep, the first option is the season 1, and second option is for season 2 (although I'm not sure if they still have stock for Season 1)

    Hope that helps! ^^

    • addy_ami says:

      I ordered it already yesterday and they have shipped it today.. very fast process..
      but there’s no tracking no.. doesn’t it suppose to have one since its EMS..

      I also wonder about the season 1 too but they still have that option so I just bought both.. lol

      • tom885 says:

        Hey addy,

        You can track your package in Gmarket – there should be a tracking option in the “Details” column of your order, and a new automatic EMS window should pop-up and list the information about your package. Can you update us if they’ve sent you Season 1 cards (since it is kind of rare + expensive now)? Thanks! ^^

  10. Gladys says:

    hey, i like your collection (: you bought your albums from yesasia? is it reliable? will they really deliver?

    • tom885 says:

      Hi Gladys,

      Thanks for your compliment! Yep, I brought most of my past albums from Yesasia (since there is free shipping), and now I switched to ebay in order to obtain the poster (so I don’t double-pay the posters in Yesasia).

      From my personal experiences, I think Yesasia is pretty reliable, and I usually received my package around 7-14 business days (I lived in Canada, and they shipped the product from Hong Kong, so the delivery time is average)

      Hope that helps! ^^

  11. addy_ami says:

    ok I can track it now..
    after they sent me email then only I can track.. perhaps they didnt actually ship it out yet the other day..

    alrite will inform you later.. it maybe arrive by monday but if there’s some problem with custom clarification then it will take a few more days..
    my stuffs always had problems with customs these

    but if they did not give the season 1 then what would they give?? I don’t wanna get a false item.. now I’m scared..

  12. addy_ami says:


    I have received the Star Cards already and about the Season 1 yes I am receiving the real Star Cards Season 1..

    but I didn’t get much of a very rare..
    I have 12 rare and 2 groups..
    only got 3 holos, 1 etching and the other 8 are just foil
    and I didnt have a complete of any of the series 😦

    hopes that will help too!!

  13. elizabeth says:

    Wow! your collection is amazing!
    I love seohyun too ❤ and i'm jealous of your autographed sica starcard and 2 seohyun piece starcards hahah

  14. fanygirl says:

    omg your collection is JJANG! btw may i ask you what kind of structure is the white card binder? something like magnetic or things like that? 🙂

    • tom885 says:

      Hi fanygirl,

      My binder is just an ordinary white binder (the ones where you can insert a paper as a cover/title page), and I just used glue & tape to design the cover page (You can be creative and include things like your favorite Star Cards, the booster packs, fan-made stickers, etc.) ^^

  15. guish96 says:

    wooowww. this is so nice!
    its so hard to get things like this in my place T_T

  16. Tricia says:


    I feel so tempted to go to your house and rob your collection. ><

    Sigh, if only I have my own credit card.. ='(

    I can't tell which cards are the rare ones (for the Star Cards). I My dad bought 2 sets of S1 and 3 sets of S2 for me a few months ago. I opened them, looked at it for awhile, then kept them, lol.

    Awesome collection~ ^-^

    • yoscie says:

      i agree, i wan the whole collection too!! :O but i think i shld never have a credit card, cos if i do, i ll be bankcrupt in no time! their things are soooo nice and tempting that i ll buy everything, official or not! haha^0^

  17. hey~! where did you buy you’re snsd star cards s2?. 🙂

  18. yoonyul112 says:

    w0w that is it..

  19. Seobaby says:

    HEy u selling ur seohyun piece card?

  20. hi! may i know which size did you buy for your uv magnetic card protector for your seo’s piece card? there’s loads of sizes out there and im kinda confused. will 35pt be enough?

  21. oh thanks for the reply! ^^ haha i still thought piece cards needed at least 55pt since it’s thicker than the other normal star cards.

  22. lilyisatig3r says:

    ahhhhh would you ever sell your beyond 9 hoodie!?!?!!?!??!?!

  23. sone says:

    update more update more!! ><

  24. aura0fdeath says:

    that set of 2008 goobne posters looks nice >__<

  25. im_yoona says:

    Awwww.. ur collection.. all of them i like it!!!!! Make envy..
    You are the real sone…
    Soshi happy have someone like u…kkkkk

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