Guide to shopping on Synnara

Synnara is one of the main websites that Hanteo gets its information on sales from. It is also rumored to have a double effect on Music Bank chart.

Unfortunately, foreigners cannot create an account on Synnara. However, Synnara still offers a way for foreigners to order albums without signing in.

Go to:

Please read the information page.

If you want to order by posting on the notice board, here’s how.

How to Order (on the notice board):

1. Go to the forum/notice board.

2. Create a new topic/post in the forum/notice board.

3. Type in your details. (You can follow how I’ve typed it) Click the button on the bottom-right corner to confirm.

If you want to check back on your topic, just click your topic name in the forum/notice board and type your password in the box.

As said in the information page (link above), they will send you an invoice by e-mail. You then confirm it, send your payment your name and they’ll send your order to you. 🙂

How to Order (via E-mail):

You can e-mail Synnara at

The subject/contents of your e-mail can follow the topic/contents of the notice board post.

Image Credits: ityp@SoShiCatalogue
Author: ityp
Published: 29th September 2011
Last Updated: 29th September 2011

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26 Responses to Guide to shopping on Synnara

  1. June says:

    Do you know which payment methods they prefer??

    • ityp says:

      It should be by bank transfer since they gave posted their bank details 🙂

      If you want to pay by other methods, I suggest you to e-mail them and inquire about it.

  2. Teangoo says:

    hi, thanks for your explanation .
    well I’ve tried to contact them but they didn’t answer me.

    I have a question.
    how I conform my payment by bank transfer?
    and how to now the shipping cost .
    I am in Zone3.

    • ityp says:

      Did you e-mail them your order form or post on the notice board?

      Synnara will get back to you by e-mail. They will send you the invoice of your order and all the details (total price of albums + shipping) should be on it.

      I’m not sure how much shipping will cost cos different sites charge different prices >__<

      • Teangoo says:

        no,I just asked them about the shipping price . by e-mail.
        well ,i will send the an order email , and see what will be the cost .

  3. asdfghjk says:


  4. debabawesome says:

    hello..i wanna ask, if we already create a notice board, and the admin from synnara reply, then can i reply back using the same notice board?or i need to create a new one again…if i need to create a new one, am i have to create a new password?tq so much..and by the way the guide above was really helpful…

  5. debabawesome says:

    can pls teach me how to reply to the admin from synnara?tq so much….

  6. debabawesome says:

    already sent to ur email… 🙂

  7. JX says:

    Hi, thanks for the guide. I have a question regrading the price. On the item page its self, there’s 2 pricing, one higher and one lower. What are they about and which is to be followed?

  8. EVC says:

    where are you from? did they mail the album directly from your house? how did you pay? using won or ur currency? was it cheap? how much did it cost you for your shipping fee from korea to you?

    • ityp says:

      I’m from Singapore. They would definitely mail it directly to your house, like all other sites.

      I didn’t order from Synnara so I can’t answer your other questions. Do email them if you want to know more information.

  9. EVC says:

    what is the working hours of synnara?

  10. Taeyeon_biased says:

    Its easier to buy from their mini-shop in gmarket..

    if u want to buy from their site… will have to wait… emailed them but only got reply after 2weeks..

  11. AlisaKIM says:

    Can we bank transfer them using our own currency? Like, i’m from singapore, can i bank transfer them with SGD?

    Can you reply my question to my twitter? @Alisa_WH

  12. oktavia mulyani says:


    What should I do after the transfer payments?

    What format?

    please answer my question.

  13. Li Xuan says:

    What are the methods of payment if I wish to order from them ?

  14. KyuMing says:

    Thank you so much for posting this precious one.
    It’s so helpful.. Thanks ^^

  15. AAA says:

    can anyone update this? the site doesnt look like that anymore………… the link posted redirects me to the main page instead.


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