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  1. Kim says:

    Can Soshicatalogue help us to purchase this photobook ? . Thank you so much.

    • owa1985 says:

      Wow. I haven’t seen this one before.

      Do you have any more details on it? Like when it was released and all that?

    • wendyy22 says:

      I’ve tried contacting but they are not responding. 😦 However, say that they are not producing any photobooks. Perhaps this was made just for Jessica? I will try to get some Korean SONEs to contact the fansite.

      How did you find out about the book Kim?

  2. Alvin Lee says:

    Is this available for shipping to Singapore? Or isit for sale in Singapore?

    • wendyy22 says:

      Do you mean the items shown on the site? We do not sell the items we catalogue unfortunately. However we do list sellers on the catalogue posts who sell these items and most do ship to Singapore. ^^ I hope this helps and answers your questions!

  3. Kim says:

    I don’t know, someone ask me abt this book.
    I asked the guy who help us to buy Taeng T-shirt before and he said this book only made for give to Jessica.

    • wendyy22 says:

      Thanks for telling us. That makes more sense now ^^ Things like that won’t be included in the catalogue. Also we’ve responded to your staff application via email 🙂

  4. Hana says:

    Is it available in malaysia too ??

  5. yoshi says:

    Hey, just a tip/suggestion here 🙂
    Perhaps this blog would be easier to read if the background isn’t that picture. I think a clear colour would make it look better, and instead all more graphics and colour to the banner. That way, the writing can be easily read and the page will seem more professional. Just my suggestion ^^

  6. Hi I’ve been buying from gmarket for sometime now and while a large number of the items are available for international shipping, some sellers specify their items as domestic only. Is there any way of purchasing from them? Frankly speaking I don’t understand why they would limit themselves to only domestic buyers, after all all international shipments are handled by gmarket and all they have to do is send the items to the gmarket warehouse? That’s my understanding of it, do correct me if i’m wrong. I would love to be able to order from these sellers. Thanks!

    • darkrad says:

      While I cannot be 100% sure, since foreigners aren’t allowed to register a seller’s account. I’m assuming it works in the way where commission is charged by Gmarket to the seller for each sale they make is differently between international and domestic sales. However, it could just be because the sellers are uncomfortable with selling overseas, or just prefers to only sell domestically. This is understandable since Gmarket was initially just a Korean domestic site, before moving internationally.

      • neng says:

        well there’s actually 2 reasons

        1. the sellers don’t like to settle for international shipping, meaning they find it troublesome to sell stuff overseas(exchange/returns). that includes packaging for danal’s case(sm calendar)
        2. they never had any intention to cater international sales.

        well in my case i get my korean friend to send it over instead of buying directly from them, simple solution.

  7. jm says:

    Hi! Do you guys know anything about this book? It’s mostly fanmade but I really want to know something about it. tnx.

  8. QUINCY says:

    Can you also provide the retail price in Korea (originally fixed by SME) of each item? Thanks in advance.

    • iced_tea says:

      We try our best to do this but unfortunately it is quite difficult to do this for all relevant items >_<

      • QUINCY says:

        That’s ok. You guys have done a lot ^^ Thanks for running this wonderful website 😀
        BTW, do the releases’ prices show up on their official korean website? I know they do on their japanese one, but since I can’t read korean, I’m not sure about the former >”<

        • iced_tea says:

          Thank-you! That means a lot to us 🙂
          For Korean items it is harder to find RRP but we will try our best to update all catalogue posts with retail price if possible.

  9. wwjef says:

    Hi, erm… any of you living in SG/ coming to SG, can help me buy some things from ebay? =.=”

  10. QUINCY says:


    Could you tell me whether this product is legit (factory-made) or fanmade? Is it made by SM Entertainment?

    Thank you

  11. hi guys, i understand it’s difficult to consistently update this blog. but it’s been SO (beyond words can describe) useful. so i was wondering when you guys will have a ‘comeback’? hahah like when will you guys start updating again? (:

    • tom885 says:

      Most of the staff member is extremely busy with their school/work life (especially now since it’s time for exams) ><. I've just updated some future releases for references and we will continue to try our best in updating the latest Soshi merchandises ^^

  12. hi, im not sure if im commenting in the correct place, but any of you guys know what kind of SMTOWN in Tokyo 2012 goods are available and how to get them? i’ve tried looking for it but i’ve only seen suju’s ones ): and also, sm is releasing a dvd for “IAM” movie right? i don’t really know the RRP, and there ain’t alot of people bringing it in or doing mass orders. plus, the content of the dvd is pretty vague. and i’m not sure what freebies comes along with it.

    do help me if you guys know any details! thanks in advance! ^-^

    • CookyAjuuma says:


      I will update the catalogue with ‘I AM’ goods shortly.
      Regarding SMTOWN in Tokyo goods, I will look into it.


      Sorry for the long work recently ;( our staff is busybusy~

  13. leafy says:

    Merong’s 3rd DVD+Pb is up for order! Please add it to the retail projects list 🙂

  14. Christine says:

    – hi, wondering if there is any malaysian sone to help me order the Queen of Space 2013 calendar. Right now im overseas so unable to make payment transfer. and im losing my mind at the moment cause the fact i wont be able to get it. . rofl. .i really really really want it so bad!!! i have sent an email asking if i can make payment by visa card and there is no reply yet. . i just need to make payment by today :((((((((((((

  15. Hellchamp says:

    woorisica 2nd photobook and heavenly forest 2nd photobook details??

    • tom885 says:


      These wallet cards are not official goods made by SM – they are most likely promotional items that cd stores/online shops give to their customers when they purchase the album ^^

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