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Hey guys! Welcome to my little corner~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~
Shall I do a self intro? (I probably should.. >.>)
So, here goes! I’v been a fan since.. idk.. Gee days? but it was around Genie when I really got into Soshi
Anyways, nothing special. Just some stuff I get for fun and support ^^-shrugs-

My storage boxes~
They’re actually shoe boxes but the quality of these are awesome!! ^O^V

1st photobook – Girl in Tokyo ~ Midnight Sun Musical Book

Legally Blonde Musical Program books ~ Legally Blonde Musical booklets

[everysing] Official Oh! file folder~Nintendo DSi Booklets~

4 taeyeon musical t-shirts ~ 2 guitar picks~
i stored the picks inside a tiffany&co. felt pouch and box for safe keeping ~.~

these t-shirts were made by a KSONE named 소시탱이 from Taeyeon Gallery
and were only available for purchase for a limited time only.
he also gave out 200 limited edition guitar picks ramdomly with the orders
ksones ordered 500+ of these shirts and he also sold some to international sones..
a bunch of these tees and guitar picks were also given as a gift to taeyeon ^^
taengo kissed some of the guitar picks and threw them out to the crowd during her
musical which made the picks really popular ROFL~

Girls’ Generation, Baby Baby,Gee, Genie, Oh!, RDR, Hoot albums ^^
(I transferred my RDR album into a transparent white case.. looks much better,imo)

Japanese Genie 1st Press LE, Japanese Gee 1st Press LE & Japanese MR.TAXI 1st Press LE

Official Jessica phone charm~ 2 fanmade phone charms~

season 1 star cards~ season 2 star cards~ season 2.5 star cards~

SPAO Pins~

2010 Goobne Calendar~ elle girl gorgeous stylebook~SPAO 2009 catalogue~

1st Thsutleo photobooks~
 Jessture 1st Photobook
 Flying Petals Capture Book

Goobne bromides~ miero mini + big bromide~

SPAO promo mouse pads~ official RDR mouse pad~

pink + blue goobne mugs ~ BSX Beyond 9 hoodie

1st asia tour merchandise~

SM TOWN LIVE ’10 Postcards~

Currently living in my closet. :>

25 Responses to CookyAjuuma’s collection

  1. owa1985 says:

    LOL! You are like a hoarder of posters. I only have one copy of all the posters I own except for the Tiffany and Sunny posters I have on my wall.

  2. jane says:

    wow awesome collection! *jealous keke..neway how did u get the spao mousepad and genie poster?

    • teeheex33 says:

      thanks! bought those from ebay ^^

      • owa1985 says:

        Were they expensive?

        Incidentally, my own Genie poster was my first ever SNSD poster when I bought the Genie album. =O I thought it was a little weird with its blue coloring (Genie’s background was maroon).

      • teeheex33 says:

        it was actually cheaper on ebay then..say..yesasia cause of the shipping. the blue background was a disappointment tho -.-

  3. jane says:

    ooh ok coz now the gee posters and the other album posters are relatively expensive or hard to get! So I would say you are one lucky sone! =) I actually coincidentally stumbled upon your blog and I am amazed at the resources you guys came up with for retail goods. Curious, are u based from msia?

  4. wendyy22 says:

    ^ nup we’re from around the world 😀

  5. Ben says:

    holy smokes the shirt :/

    if only I knew about, love your collection.

  6. jessica 4ever!!! says:

    wow… u hav so much… can i ask where u bought and how much? 🙂

  7. Keke says:

    Woah! Realised you have 2 Thustleo photobook, been looking around for a cheap one.. wondering if you are willing to let go one?? 😦

  8. Yoonaloved says:

    May I know where you buy your elle girl stylebook ? Thanks 😀 Great collection btw !

  9. Yoonaloved says:

    how much you bought it for ?

  10. Yoonaloved says:

    OMG that is a lot of money … I can’t find it on eBay … Any other places I can find this ?

  11. elizabeth says:

    great collection! I’m also jealous of the gucci and louis vuitton shoes and tiffany & co jewellery you must have hahah

  12. annoymous says:

    where did you get the baby baby poster ?

  13. Gucci? Louis Vuitton? Tiffany’s? WWOOOOOWW XDDD

    your collection is very beautiful. and inspiring!

  14. hihi says:

    Hey do you have an extra Genie Jap First Press with photocard that you might want to sell at a reasonable price ? I’m a sone and I really want one but missed the pre order , please help me !

  15. hi, i want the guitar pick so bad 😦 mind selling? please, i’ll make a satisfying price ..

  16. lilyisatig3r says:

    would you ever sell you bxs beyond nine hoodie?!

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