Star Card Season 2 Guide and Review

Note: This page is a work in progress, so bear with me. Since nobody has come up with one and I have gotten hold of my 2 sets, I thought it is time we bring this out.

I am going to omit the GG2 at the front of each card number due to redundancy.

I will start with the contents of a pack and a set.

In each set of cards, there are 15 packs. They are organized into 5 groups of 3 packs. In each pack, there are 5 collection cards and 1 bingo card.

In each pack:
4 x World Cup themed cards 109 to 153.
1 x “Rare” card 001 to 108.
1 x Bingo card

Since each pack will have 1 rare card, in each set there are of course 15 “Rare” cards. Their distribution:
11 x Colour Foil cards (064 – 099)
3 x Holo cards (037 – 063 and 100 – 108)
1 x Super Rare (001 – 036. This means that most of the time, you will get a “Micro” Rare 028 – 036)

What this means is that after 2 sets (I am assuming most of us is going to buy 2 sets on the outset), you will have enough World Cup themed cards to complete the entire (or at least nearly, with 2 – 3 missing) 45 (pitiful).

However, you would only have collected 30 out of 108 “Rare” cards, assuming you are lucky to have no repeats. And out of these 30, they are actually:

2 out of 9 Micro Rares (Lets be realistic and discount the even rarer cards)
6 out of 36 Check Holos
22 out of 36 Colour Foils

This means that you need minimum 9 sets to collect all 9 Micro Rares, minimum 12 sets for Check Holos, and minimum 4 sets for Colour Foils.

[For probability buffs]

Keeping things simple, lets use the 9 Micro Rares as examples, the chances to buy 9 sets and get 9 different cards is:

9!/(9^9) = 9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1/387420489 = 9.367 e-4

That’s 0.0009367 or 1 in 1067.57 or something.

Daunting? It is.

[/End Probability Calculation]

What this means is that SM has effectively increased the number of packs we have to buy in order to collect a complete picture set (back in S1, we could substitute foils for regulars and vice versa), the bastards. However, the encouragement to splurge more on packs is that much more because the large amount of different rares mean that the chances to get duplicates are that much lower.

Anyway, enough about SM’s latest plans to get SONEs’ money. Lets get to how well it is doing at the moment.

The quality is still the same. Some have stated that the Season 2 cards seem flimsier than the Season 1 cards. I personally can’t find any difference in the quality of the make of both.

As far as card distribution goes, I like how they reduced the amount of one-per-set cards you have to collect, but can’t help but hate how they reduced the amount of one-per-set Rares as well.

Overall, this set does not bring as much satisfaction as I got from opening Season 1 sets.But it will have to do, I guess. >.>

GG2-001~GG2-009 – Run Devil Run Autographed Cards (9 types)

GG2-010~GG2-018 – Oh! Autographed Cards (9 types)

GG2-019~GG2-027 – Piece Cards (9 types)

GG2-028~GG2-036 – Run Devil Run Micro Cards (9 types)

GG2-037~GG2-045 – Oh! Individual Rainbow Check Holo Cards (9 types)

GG2-046~GG2-054 – Oh! Cheerleader Rainbow Check Holo Cards (9 types)

GG2-055~GG2-063 – SPAO Rainbow Check Holo Cards (9 types

GG2-064~GG2-075 – Oh! Group/Pair Color Foil Cards (12 types)

GG2-076~GG2-087 – Gee 2011 Calendar Color Foil Cards (12 types)

GG2-088~GG2-099 – Gee Individual + Group/Pair Color Foil Cards (12 types)

GG2-100~GG2-108 – Oh! Cartoon Cheerleader Rainbow Check Holo Cards

GG2-109~GG2-153 – Undisclosed Cards/World Cup Cards #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 (45 types)

-owa1985 @

28 Responses to Star Card Season 2 Guide and Review

  1. Elena says:

    I’m about to start collecting the second season of Star Card too. It’s a bit disappointing to know that we’ll need more sets/money to complete the collection ><
    Anyways, thanks for posting this guide, it'll be of great use to me (:

    • teeheex33 says:

      yea.. same here ><
      thanks for reading!

    • owa1985 says:

      Thanks for the love! ^^

      I didn’t really enjoy writing the guide (As reporting on underwhelming things would be) but the information here is what I have been asking around the net for weeks. Nobody could give me a satisfactory answer. =/

      Anyway, I just thought that SONEs should know these. It’s good to know my guide has seen some use. ^^

  2. this was SUPER HELPFUL! now that soshidreams is gone… i was worried about a good solid reference on the plethora of soshi goods SM seems to be churning out daily.

    thank you for such a concise guide!

  3. Jeti+TaeyeonSone says:

    Thanks for the guide! ^^ waiting for scans~ so is it better to buy season 1 than season 2? I haven’t bought season 1 cards yet T-T been saving. sm really knows how to make money.

    • teeheex33 says:

      thanks for reading~ scans will be up soon..hopefully.
      I’m not sure what you mean by if it’s better to buy/collect season 1 or 2 but season 1 is easier due to the many variations of the same card ^^

      • Jeti+TaeyeonSone says:

        Ohh.. Thanks ^^ I’m probably getting either 2 sets of Season 2 star cards or 1 set of season 1 and 1 set of season 2 ~ Unless my mum sponsors me 1 set.. which is highly unlikely T_T . just wanted to ask – how many signed cards were distributed ? As in , example : How many taeyeon rdr signed cards were produced~

      • teeheex33 says:

        How many taeyeon rdr signed cards were produced~

        im assuming anywhere around 2-4.. i hope that helps ^^

    • iheartsica says:

      Hey, the scans should be out on Monday. (for the base set) becoz im going to meet some traders tomorrow and complete it 😀 and i hope you enjoyed this review~ thanks hankit~ helped me too 😛

  4. VeibleBal says:

    Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

  5. Sacrifice says:

    Hi there, very nice guide there! Thx so much! By the way, do you know the address in korea we send the bingo cards to? Would save lots of sones here. Thanks!

    • owa1985 says:

      In Season 1, the bingo contest only opened to Korean citizens. For Season 2, we have no reason to believe that they changed anything. So, while we can’t confirm it yet, most likely the Bingo cards are closed to non-Korean citizens unless you have someone helping you enter.

  6. iheartsica says:

    @tiff: is that your collection @_@ or from the web? 😀

  7. thanks so much for getting all the pics up! now i can finally see what exactly i’m wanting to keep/trade!

  8. SeoHyun91 says:

    May i ask, where r u from? Malaysia? If so…which part?

  9. KyuuRi says:

    Thanks for this guide. 😀
    I got quite a few repeats of the Oh! Pair Colour Foil cards and the sad thing is,
    I have nobody to trade with. None of my friends are into this. TT.TT

    • tom885 says:

      Hi KyuuRi,

      I believed there are still some trades going on in various websites (such as SSF – although it is kind of quiet & hard to find the trading thread nowadays ><), so hopefully you can find someone to trade with you and complete your collection ^^

  10. Davin says:

    thks alot this rocks!

  11. Nadege says:

    Thank you for the guide.

    I’m a little sad to found out about it only now. Because I buy on Ebay “Star Card Season 2 #GG2-109~153 Base 45 Cards Set” and now I wanted to complete the rest but… reading this… I have to buy the set and I will get the 45 base I already have…

    Now, does it’s better for me to buy the set of 75 cards or to try to buy the card on ebay? Sorry for the random question, but I’m a little lost.

    Thanks again.

    • passby says:

      There’s a list of season 2 rare cards selling on ebay.
      I don’t know whether you’ve already completed your collection or not. If not, maybe that list is what you’re looking for.

  12. Edwin says:

    Thank for guide to see all the card have in the season 2~~^.^

  13. Cz says:

    Any malaysia snsd fans here looking for any starcards?
    i have some for sell or trade…^_^ thanx~

  14. elvisnyoona says:

    Where can i buy 001 until 153? I am from Malaysia

    • Cz says:

      Babe, Nowaday…there’s no more sale on market, u only can buy from others or buy online, or maybe can bid some on ebay…^_^ i have few cards for sale too, can have a look if u don mind..^_^ (Malaysia Too) (My Bias: Tiffany <3)

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