Review: SM Town Live ’10 World Tour Merchandise

So I know I should have put something up about this earlier, but I was too busy spazzing over them. >.< Sorry.

Most websites I know are already out of stock of these goodies. The only ones still with them are the ones that implemented some sort of customer exclusivity like DVD Heaven. DVDHeaven is out of stock for them now.

Anyway, in here, I would like to provide some sort of guide as to what among the SM Town swag to buy first if you do not have the budget to snap everything up. Especially now that everyone is running out of stock and the prices would be sky high.

All prices in the price range includes shipping. We do the math so you don’t have to.

Personal Fans (9 pcs)

Price Range: USD $12-20

One of the cheaper items, these fans are selling like hot cakes. Well, the more popular ones anyway.

The quality is really good. If you are looking for a manual powered fan, you can’t go wrong with one of these. The make is quite sturdy and robust, despite my initial impressions of the odd construction of the way the handle is attached to the fan body.

Even if you aren’t going to use it, the print quality is excellent, on par with all the Everysing products you have seen so far. Except that the fan body plastic seems to be weirdly thin and you can actually see the print on the other side.

You might want to buy this first if you are looking for bang for buck and your favourite member’s fan is available for sale.


Like owa said,the fans are high quality. They’re made out of thick plastic and the handle is actually hooked in the fan. Doesn’t look flimsy as images might suggest. They’re bigger than I thought they would be. Definitely worth the relatively cheap price.


The fans share a #2 tie in my list. I like them better than the postcards by virtue of the fans’ size, though the set of postcards adequately compensate for it [coz the 9 individual postcards taken together are larger than than of an individual fan^^] Hence the tie(: By the way, in an affected gesture, I’ve tried to compare the size of the fan with the size of a human face [mine, in this case lol], and I’m pleased to note that Soshi’s face are not disproportionately enlarged [it’s odd otherwise, don’t you think?]. Tried testing the fan’s practically – let’s just say the fans ought be treated with as much aestheticity as they rightly deserved? Plus, as owa’s noted, try holding up the fan up against some white light – the material’s sufficiently thin to be rendered translucent hohoho


SNSD Bromide (Poster)

Price Range: USD $20-40

If you are a poster nut, just buy this one first and skip this part.

If you somehow do not feel the compulsion to get every single poster of SNSD out there (You weirdo! >=P I kid, ok?), take note that the print quality is actually better than the RDR poster. There is a strange quality to the gloss and it isn’t 100% gloss all over, giving it an extremely exquisite feel.

The actual picture itself is also one of the better ones you will see of SNSD, so there’s nothing to talk about here.

The only thing I can nitpick about this poster is that it’s actually smaller than usual, so you might find some exception here.

Otherwise, this belongs to the category of “Posters that would make you drool”.


Short comment from me since owa pretty much said it all. Pretty poster printed on thick glossy paper. Slightly smaller but if you like posters, buy it straight away with thinking.


Ranking it #5 out of 6. The decision to secure this poster’s a no-brainer in my I’m-a-poster-nut-sinfully-so case hoho, still objectively speaking, there’re 4 other merchandise of better value than it. It’s quite a stand-alone poster also, I think? as its concept doesn’t really match with other Soshi posters in mind.


SM Town Bromide (Poster)

Price Range: USD $20-40

If you are a poster nut, go get the SNSD one first, then get this one.

This one is quite a bit larger than the SNSD one and has all the SME artists on it.

The pics of them are quite small though, so you might not like this one so much. Well, I thought the SNSD one is way better.

Not so drool-worthy, but the print quality is the same as the SNSD SM Town poster, so I suppose it does have some merit.


This is a nice poster but to be honest, the SM Town Only Love Winter poster is much, much better. However, it’s printed on the same material as the SNSD SM Town Live ’10 Poster. I bought it because I love the SM Family so you might want to give this a miss.


Someone has to shore it up ~huhu~ the privilege goes to you, dear poster – you’re #6 out of 6 >,< This poster will endear itself to all aspiring and practising microbiologists out there, with its diminutive figures. okay, seriously, the value of this poster's rises substantially if Only Love Winter's already in possession.


SM Town Catalog

Price Range: USD $33-53

I don’t get why is this called a catalog. It’s a photobook, plain and simple.

It has all our favourite SME artists who participated in the SM Town inside. Notable exclusions are JYJ, Kangin, Hankyung, Kibum, Henry and Amber.

Anyhow, for such a thin photobook, this one sure is expensive.

I would leave it for later, but this is also one of the more popular items, so don’t wait too long if you intend to get it.


Contrary to what owa commented, I don’t think this catalogue is thin. Also, yes it is more like a photobook. The pictures aren’t flashy or anything…quite simple really but it is still a really nice photobook. Though if you do buy it for around USD $50, you could get an actual photobook (not necessarily SNSD’s)  for around the same price. The photos are printed on high quality glossy paper and most SM Town members have their own individual page with exceptions, such as CSJH The Grace & f(x).


SNSD Facebook

Price Range: USD $49 -60

Another must have for poster nuts. This one here is similar to the ITNW Bromide set except that it’s slightly smaller and the print quality is a whole lot better.

The photos themselves are very nice, except for Jessica’s, who for some reason manages to look weird this time around.

I would highly recommend getting this, if not for the fact that it’s the most expensive thing in the list.


I was shocked when I received this. The bromides are contained in a nice pink box and they look like big, super glossy photographs of the girls. That’s how high quality the bromides are. I don’t really understand why it is called a ‘Facebook’ either. In my opinion, this is definitely the best item out of the lot. The only ways it is similar to the ITNW Bromide set are: there are 9 excellent bromides and they come in a case.


SNSD Post Card Set

Price Range: USD $18-40

The quality of the postcards is identical to the Everysing ones, except that here you are getting 10 of them for the price of 8 if you follow the Everysing pricing.

Okay, so not everyone looks at merchandise like groceries, right? =P Well, I am happy to say that the pictures on them do not disappoint as well. No, Sica doesn’t look weird in this set.

Perhaps the best one of the lot in terms of bang for buck.


I liked the packaging for the postcards. I don’t know how to describe it properly. >_< They were designed by the same company that designed the Everysing Oh! File Folders (actually this company designed most of the SM Town Live merch you see in this review). However, in comparison to the Everysing postcards, I prefer Everysing’s due to the colourful photos they use. Plus there’s more variation with the Everysing postcards. Nevertheless, this is a great item to have and it’s relatively cheaper than the other goods.


SM Town Logo Cap

Price Range: USD $39-60

For something that does not have any direct association to SNSD, this one is expensive to the point where it is hard to justify.

It could be my own aversion to caps (I have a large head. Caps can’t fit me properly) but this is the only thing out of the whole list of SM Town swag that I would gladly pass on.

On a side note, if you see a blue cap, that one is a limited run version. [EDIT] owa1985 has got his info wrong (again!).  It turns out that the navy one is supposed to be the extra limited one. I am not sure why, though. Could be just hear say.


Check out our catalogue summary on all the goods: click

Published on September 12, 2010

One Response to Review: SM Town Live ’10 World Tour Merchandise

  1. thanks for the concise review. i bought the facebook, photobook, and postcard set. my only qualms about the facebook is that i think that 5/9 girls look SUPER WEIRD… yes, the quality is amazing, but they were just photoshopped TOO MUCH. i for one am selling the ones i didn’t like on ebay ;P

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