Guide to shopping on Yes24

Yes24 is a site that Hanteo gets information on sales from. In other words, it can help SNSD in Music Bank, Inkigayo, GDA, SMA etc.

How to register:

1. Go to the registration page by clicking the 2nd button from the left on the top right-hand corner.

2. Agree to Terms and Conditions.

3. Select ‘Foreign’ status, type your name, then click the button on the left to confirm.

4. Fill in your details then confirm.

You’re done with registration. Now, on to ordering.

How to order:

1. Go to the product you would like to purchase. Change the amount if you want to buy more than 1 copy. Add the items into your cart by clicking the first blue button.

A small window will appear. Click the button on the left if you want to go to your cart immediately. Click the button on the right if you want to continue shopping.

2. Once you’re done with choosing the items you want, you can place your order by click blue button below.

3. Time to fill in your details. After you’ve filled them in, click the blue button to go to the payment page.

4. Choose payment options. For foreigners, you can only pay by credit card.

When you click the dropbox, there will be a whole lot of cards for you to choose. Here’s the translations. Click the card which you would be paying with.

5. Confirm your payment by clicking the blue button.

And you’re done 🙂

Image Credits: ityp@SoShiCatalogue
Author: ityp
Published: 30th September 2011
Last Updated: 30th September 2011

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19 Responses to Guide to shopping on Yes24

  1. lhyori says:

    Thanks for your useful guidelines but I got a little trouble by submitting payment.
    Here is the screenshot I took directly from the website:

    What am I supposed to input in the password and resident registration number box? Don’t quite get that part.

    • ityp says:

      Hmm, which card are you using to pay?

      • lhyori says:

        I’m using my Visa card.

        • ityp says:

          You clicked the blue button after selecting ‘Visa’ yeah? I can’t open the window DD: There’s some error..I’ll try using my mom’s comp tmr.

          And for the password, I think it’s just the 4-digit security code at the back of your card.

          Resident Registration Number should most probably be Korean ID Number..

          I’ll see what’s up Yes24 tmr =)

          Btw, do you have twitter? I think it’s easier to communicate there since I’m always on it (unless I’m out) so I’ll reply faster. Just tweet me @NEEDSOOYOUNG =)

          • lhyori says:

            Actually the sites allow you to make payment by using only Internet Explorer. I think that’s why it gave you some errors when you try other browsers.
            I don’t really use twitter often. I think it’s fine to reply here in case if someone needs to find out the answers like me.
            Thanks for helping 🙂

    • golux9 says:

      Same problem here.
      I really hope Resident Registration Number isn’t Korean ID Number, otherwise I’d have to give up on Yes24 and their awesome prices :/

  2. ityp says:

    Lol, I was using Internet Explorer >_< Oh, cos I wouldn't be able to reply you since 5 replies is the max in one 'conversation' =/

  3. funkystar25 says:

    someone help me~ Im having the same payment problems >< im using internet explorer and i've done the payment tests but its asking me to use my card to pay in 2 month installments…i want to pay alL AT Once!

    • ityp says:

      If that’s what they ask you then I think you have to do it. I can’t really help with that since I don’t work for a bank/Yes24 =/

  4. Leila says:

    thanks a lot for this tutorial 🙂 very helpful for someone hard to read korean like me. hehehe i have a question though~ if i buy products say for example from skinfood, are these going to be delivered to me in one package? do they have like a maximum number that can be ordered from a seller?

    cause i believe in G-market there is a maximum and that the packages will arrive separately even if it has the same name of seller.

    anyone familiar with this or have tried ordering from Yes24 for cosmetics? really hope u could advise me on this one, before i purchase, because i am sending the products directly to the shipping company~ and if products arrive package by package, big chances are they’d get lost~~

    thanks in advance for the help!


  5. Great article! I’ve managed to register and I think even to pay.
    May be somebody could help me? please!
    I wanted to buy an e-book in epub. And I guess I did everything right but I don’t know what to do now( How and where to download it.
    I have a number of the order and that’s it((

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  7. Nisei says:

    So, is the ID number the Korean ID number? I don’t have one and I think a lot of us don’t. Can someone help please?

  8. Hello it’s me, I am also visiting this website on a regular basis, this web page is really pleasant and the people are in fact sharing pleasant thoughts.

  9. Jasmine says:

    do u know how to buy album from leesmusic?:)

  10. YunJia says:

    Thanks alot for your help!! wanted to buy a book from yes24 and have been figuring around for weeks!! Thanks to you, I managed to purchased the books!!!

  11. pam says:

    thank for this tutorial.. but like im having trouble putting my sms number.. im pretty you is my cell phone # but like you have to select from the choices in the first box… and i dont know which is it….

  12. Anna says:

    Hi i encounter this error message when paying…anyone who has encountered this?

    “An error occurred while receiving ANSIMCLICK Secure Verification”
    [302] The company has not listed the number for ANSIMCLICK Secure.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. KrissieMui says:

    can you please update this cause I’ve trying but some part doesn’t look like the exemplar

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