Jessture 1st Photobook

Update #4 [061011]: Preview pictures included.
Update #3 [060311]: ORDERING PERIOD IS NOW OVER AS OF MAY 26th 2011.
Update #2 [051711]: Added order form information.
Update #1 [051711]: Shipping in mid-June.
Notice 2: As always, a gentle reminder that the purchase of these fanmade photo books does not give any direct support to the girls ( //
Notice 1: Awaiting order form proper & shipping period clarification

May 15 is Sunny’s, 16 for Girls’ Generation whilst Jessica has the 17th – a fanmade photo book by Jessture

Photo Book Details:
-Includes pictures taken from April 2010 to April 2011 (plus special pictures)
-300 pages
-Size: B5
-Special gifts (phone screen cleaner & sticker) are given for orders made between May 17-20 (gift forms may be subject to change)

Price (excluding shipping): USD $35 per book

Payment/Ordering Period: May 17-26

Shipping Period: Mid-June

Shipping Details:
-International orders are limited to 5 books per person/order whilst domestic orders (in Korea) to 3 copies per person
-Request for 6 copies or more will not be entertained

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 21 = 56
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 25 = 95
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 30 = 135
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 34 = 174
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 38 = 213

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 24 = 59
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 31 = 101
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 39 = 144
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 44 = 184
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 52 = 127

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 35 = 70
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 46 = 116
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 54 = 159
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 60 = 200
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 68 = 143

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 38 = 73
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 52 = 122
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 71 = 176
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 83 = 223
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 102 = 277

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 19 = 54
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 23 = 93
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 26 = 131
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 28 = 168
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 31 = 206

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 19 = 54
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 23 = 93
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 28 = 133
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 31 = 171
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 35 = 210

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 19 = 54
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 23 = 93
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 27 = 132
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 30 = 170
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 33 = 208

1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 40 = 75
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 53 = 123
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 63 = 168
4 BOOKS = 140 + shipping fee 70 = 210
5 BOOKS = 175 + shipping fee 81 = 256

⑨ Foreigners of residence in Korea (3 books available for one person)
1 BOOK = 35 + shipping fee 3 = 38
2 BOOKS = 70 + shipping fee 3 = 73
3 BOOKS = 105 + shipping fee 3 = 108

Payment Method: PayPal (
-Check “Personal” for payment options and then “Others”.

Order Form: Please send in the payment before emailing submitting the form
1. Go to Jessture’s project page here: Jessture First Photo Book
2. Click the button shown in this pic:

3. Fill in the form that shows up. Remember to change that drop down box to 입급 which at the time of the screenshot we took, was the 3rd one down.
– For “입금은행 (Bank)”, we advise to fill it with “[your PayPal email address] (PayPal)”
– For “입금자명 (Name (person who send))”, please fill in your registered name under PayPal*
– For “받는 사람 이름 (Name (person who receive))”, please fill in your own name that is to be included with the shipping address*
*Both names should be same if PayPal is registered under your name
– For nick/pw/email, it’s similar to when you post a comment on wordpress using your own nick and a valid email address
– click “등록” to submit/post your form

Contact: (Email) // @jessture_net (Twitter)

How an order may be placed in brief:

1. Send payment via PayPal.

2. Email with Submit the completed order form on the Jessture site we have linked.

Jessture First Photo Book

Image credits: jessture_net@Twitter, uniqueurlife@eBay
Author: ofpuddingsncucumbers
Published: May 17, 2011
Last Updated: June 11,2011

48 Responses to Jessture 1st Photobook

  1. kareen says:

    thanks for the post and step by step instructions 🙂
    but i was wondering..what do i put in “bank?”
    and in shipping address do i include city, country and postal code?
    what would also be the difference between “person who send” and “person who receive”?
    thanks ^^

    • darkrad says:

      You should write your address in the same way as you would normally have something addressed to you.
      But for the best chances for them to get it right include the Suburb/City, Country and Postal Code.
      (I know for a fact that AusPost are quite picky about having the right postcode on letters and parcels)

      The “person who send” I believe is the person who is sending them the money. Where as the “person who receive” is who you want them to address the photobook to.

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      – “bank” should likely be filled in with “PayPal”, followed by your PayPal email address
      – “Person who send” is your registered name under PayPal (same point as darkrad)*
      – “Person who receives” is your own name included in the shipping address (same point as darkrad)*
      *both names should be the same if PayPal’s registered under your name

      we’ve tweeted jessture to ask clarification for the “bank”

  2. ho says:

    after fill in the form and click the box which button i should press ?
    there are three buttons below and i don’t know i need to click which one

    • darkrad says:

      Its the button on the left if i remember correctly. Will update later when i have access to a computer it’s the button that says “등록”

  3. kareen says:

    thank you for your replies ^^
    i also have another question, similar to ho~ what do i fill in for the bottom part saying nickname/pw/email? i don’t have an account on and it doesn’t say that buyers need to have one either. thanks~ ^^

  4. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    {ho} direct link to jessture’s form (darkrad answered it =)
    {kareen} oh, the nick/pw/email needn’t be registered with jessture. just like wordpress, where you have to indicate your nick (kareen) & pw to comment.
    about the bank, the reply!/jessture_net/status/70578385927143424
    wasn’t what I hope for. rather than leaving it blank, it’s better to fill in your PayPal email address, I feel

  5. GBGmuzic says:

    Is it possible to get some pics for preview?

    Any of you staff members going to buy too?

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      they are working on the preview:!/jessture_net/status/70574223319511040
      not sure if any of us getting it (there’s aasnsd dvd & a possible comeback in Korea near the horizon)

      • GBGmuzic says:

        Oh, I see… There seem to be quite a lot of stuffs popping out nowadays,

        1. Flying Petals「Capture Book」
        2. Kor. ver of all 3 Jap Singles
        3. aassd dvd, 1st Jap Album
        4. Jessture 1st photobook…

        and just saw from a site, someone going to mass order Seohyun the 1st DVD – A girl from wonderland…
        then on twitter, Sunshine Village might be selling the caps book that they gave Sunny (I think?)…
        oh, and there is the SPAO caps, etc… running out of money… <_<

  6. qiwei says:

    is anyone from sg? can help me buy?

  7. Zzz says:

    I know someone who can help me order this photobook but I am only buyin 1 so the shipping cost is very ex.any1 from Singapore are interested in this photobook?I wanna order by 2moro cos there will be free gifts…
    Email to!!

  8. qiwei says:

    i want D:

  9. kareen says:

    thanks for the help guys! I’d also like to mention, extended their deadline for freebies to May 20! Also, they delete your post after they receive payment!

    “When confirmation of payment is complete, it disappears from the list.”

    Just to let everyone know, and thatnks to SoshiCatalogue for guiding us through the order form ^^

  10. B. says:

    thank you SoShiCat, it’s very helpful 😡

  11. Kenneth says:

    Order placed. Thanks to Soshicatalogue for the on-line order form ;). Cheers !

  12. waver says:

    thanks for the detail explanation of the steps….ordered one copy. when posting the form I do need to type in the subject (it seems to be blank and won’t post first because of that).

  13. Simon says:

    Thanks SoshiCat!

    One question. Just wondering, do they send you any confirmation mail to acknowledge your payment?

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hi. There isn’t a mail confirmation. As pointed by kareen some comments above, when your payment is verified, Jessture deletes your post & it disappears from the list (you’d see the same notice too when you scroll down the message board on Jessture) =)

  14. typicalSONE says:

    no prices for Brunei?

  15. kareen says:

    The hardcover isn’t the preview for the ones we ordered (not for sale) but is meant to be a gift for Jessica.

    “1st Jessture Photobook Preview (Hardcover is NFS. Only for Jessica.)” – Jessture via Twitter

    I think we’ll just get the soft cover versions? I like the cover though hehe ^^

  16. WoShiPro says:

    What does the Front Page Cover words means?

  17. KaraHyori says:

    is there a possibility that they will have another Jessica photobook?
    too bad I didn’t see this T_T

    • iamsunshiner says:

      I’m not sure about the future, but for now I don’t think so. Because the photobook consists of pictures dated from April 2010 – April 2011, so it might take awhile before they even have enough pictures to compile into one photobook.

  18. kareen says:

    anyone know if they’ve shipped yet? cause they said estimated shipping date to be mid June?

  19. kareen says:

    Went on Jessture andthey posted a notice on their main page regarding the delivery and delay of their photobook:

    “The delivery has been delayed.

    You may receive it on the end of June or beginning of July.

    We apologize to who are waiting for photo book.

    11. 6.21”

    I hope the Canada Post strike will soon be over for us Canadians..TT Hopefully everyone will receive their photobooks soon ^^

  20. WoShiPro says:

    They had started shipping. Just received my 1st 5photobook. when i ordered 10photobook..

    went to site and they had post the notice below for those early buyer.

    액정클리너 제작에 문제가 생겨
    현재 특전 아닌 분들부터 배송해 드렸습니다.
    We have a problem with phone screen cleaner production.
    We shipped first to people who doesn’t matter with screen cleaner.

    액정클리너 제작이 완료되는 대로
    배송을 시작할 예정이며
    다음주쯤에는 배송이 완료될 것 같습니다.
    We will begin shipping as soon as complete the cleaners,
    and the shipping will completed next week.

  21. kareen says:

    So does that mean we will start receiving our jessture books after they ship out next week? Quite confused by what they mean “We shipped first to people who doesn’t matter with screen cleaner”

  22. kareen says: once again updated their notice board on their home page!

    “배송 완료
    delivery completed

    일괄배송 되기 때문에 송장번호는 확인하기 어려우니
    이와 관련된 문의는 자제해주세요”

    I assume they mea that the delivery of photobooks are complete? Someone correct me if i am wrong i can’t read Korean so..I also stumbled upon a YouTube video of someone posting a preview of what the photobook will look like as well! 🙂

  23. B. says:

    I’ve not received my books. What can i do now ? 😦

    • CookyAjuuma says:

      A lot of international sones have just begun receiving their books in recent days. Jessture just recently posted that deliveries have been completed as well. I suggest you wait another day or two til you contact Jessture via their email/twitter (both listed in the post above) ^^

  24. mrlovesun says:

    i want to know photobook’s weight ? please
    thank you, everysone

  25. hi, i am Richard from Malaysia. Just to check until now i still not yet receive the book. Can you please check for me?

    You’ve sent a payment
    Transaction ID: 8WT04204TR278145H

    Dear sheng mah,

    You’ve sent a payment for $56.00 USD to younga jeon.

    Please note that it may take a little while for this money request to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.
    View the details of this transaction online

    Your monthly account statement is available anytime; just log in to your account at To correct any errors, please contact us through our Help Center at

    Amount: $56.00 USD
    Currency conversion: RM175.61 MYR = $56.00 USD
    Exchange rate: 1 MYR = 0.318893USD
    Sent on: May 18, 2011
    Payment method: Credit Card Payment
    Subject line of your payment email: You’ve received a payment 입급

    Yours sincerely,

  26. Jer says:

    Anyone selling this photobook in good condition? :O

    • sasataeyeon says:

      i’m selling this in a good condition just like the new one
      exclude phone screen cleaner & sticker
      because those given for orders made between May 17-20

  27. sasataeyeon says:

    i’m selling this in a good condition just like the new one
    exclude phone screen cleaner & sticker
    because those given for orders made between May 17-20

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