Star Card Bingo Event

*3.01 Update 2nd Round 2.5 Bingo Event Winners announced! Click Here! *There are no more Bingo Rounds at the moment!

*2.01 Update 2nd Round 2.5 Bingo Event Winners announced! Click Here , In order to enter for the 3rd (last) Bingo Round, please submit your Bingo Cards before February 20st, 2011 (They will announced the winners on February 28th, 2011).

*12.30 Update 1st Round 2.5 Bingo Event Winners announced! Click Here , In order to enter for the 2nd Bingo Round, please submit your Bingo Cards  before January 20st, 2011 (They will announced the winners on January 31st, 2011).

*11.17 Update A new bingo round has started! The 1st round of the Season 2.5 Bingo Event started on the 8th November and will close on the 20th December. All previous Bingo Cards (Season 1 and 2) can be completed and sent to Daewon Media as entries into the Bingo Events.

*10.02 Update – Daweon has confirmed that they WILL NOT HAVE a 4th round of Season 2 Bingo Event – instead, Bingo Cards received after September 21st will be automatically considered in the next Bingo Event (3rd Season of Star Collection). -> This means you can still sent Bingo Cards to Daewon Media, and they’ll automatically put your entries for the next Bingo Round~

*9.30 Update – I just checked the Daewon Website, and there is a 4th (and last?) Bingo Event!! Please submit your Bingo Cards before October 21st in order for your name to be considered in the draw! Good Luck Everyone! ^^

**INTERNATIONAL SONES CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT** (Daewon Media have confirmed that they allow international fans to participate in the Bingo Event … In fact, there are lots of international/oversea winners for the past Bingo Events (China, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, and Canada -> myself! ^^ [Thailand, Vietnam and Australia are also on that list =D])

1. What is Bingo Card?

For every pack of Star Card (applies to both Season 1 & 2), you should find 5 Star Cards and 1 Bingo Card (or 2 Bingo Cards if you have purchased the first round of Season 1, in which there was a promotion of 2 Bingo Cards in one pack). Here’s a picture of how the Bingo Card looks like:

2. How do you play/complete the Bingo Card?

Front of the Card: there are 25 black mini-pictures on the Bingo Event Card (5 in one row, 5 rows in total). This is your Game Board for the Bingo Game (it is the same for every Bingo Card)

Back of the Card: there is 1 colour mini-picture printed at the top-right corner (every Bingo Card have different pictures).

* There is a small error for the Season 2 Bingo Card, and Daewon Media has notify everyone about this error:

For the 1st image of last row (Yoona sitting down blowing a whistle or something), the image on the Game Board is actually different from the actual piece (which is Yoona holding an album in front of the Album Shelf). -> Please refer to my “Perfect/25 Bingo Card” Pic Below

Simply cut out the mini-picture (carefully along the dotted lines), and that acts like a number (or a chip) for your Game Board~

If you’ve played Bingo before, you should know how the game works – when you have a line/row (either vertically, horizontally, diagonally) of 5 consecutive pictures together, you are a winner (but if you want greater/better prizes, you might want to complete more lines/rows)!!

Here’s how a “Perfect” Bingo Card looks like (all 25 squares are filled):

3. What do I do with my winning Bingo Card?

This is the new/exciting part (sorry if I bored you to death with the previous 2 steps ><). In order to have a chance to win something fabulous (autographed goodies), you’ll have to sent your winning Bingo Card(s) to Daewon Media, who were the makers & publishers for the Star Collection Cards!

In order for them to know who you are, please write down: (1) Your Name, (2) Your Complete Address, (3) E-mail, (4) Phone Number (*I used a mini post-it notes) and sent your letter to …

Daewon Media Complete Address:
Daewon Media, Star Collection Cards
40-153 3GA

– You can sent multiple winning Cards to them (but I don’t know if they will take into consideration of all of them, or just categorized you into specific entry group// put only 1 card/chance per entry group)

4. When should I submit it?

Season 2.5 will have 3 rounds.

Entries are accepted for each draw/round are
1st draw: 8th Nov 2010 – 20th Dec 2010
2nd draw: 21st Dec 2010 – 20th Jan 2011
3rd draw: 21st Jan 2011 – 20th Feb 2011

5. I’ve submitted my entry for the Bingo Event. How do I know if I am a winner, and how do I receive the prize?

– At the end of every round of Bingo Event (usually the last day of the month), Daewon Media will post an official Winning List on their Trading Card Announcement Page.

– Note – Daewon Media does not contact the winners individually, they’ll just sent out the prize (through EMS) to the winner through the address they wrote on the cards (unfortunately they do not inform you about the status or give you the tracking number, so you’ll just have to wait patiently for the prize to come~)

6. What are the Prizes for the Bingo Event?

-> I’ll update this section later (I think it is best for me to publish this now~ Again, I’m extremely sorry!)

Season 2.5 Bingo Event Prizes
Perfect bingo card: iRiver SMART HD (K1) 8GB PMP
5 Lines: Nintendo DSi (last season this was a 4 line prize and was signed by Seohyun)
4 Lines: SPAO t-shirt
3 Lines: DS software (doesn’t specify which, but I’m assuming here it’s one that’s distributed by Daewon)
2 Lines: Mobile phone holder
1 Line: Kitty cat paw-print phone strap?
Consolation: A booster pack of Season 2.5 (approx. 20 people can win this)

-> If you have any questions/concerns, welcome to comment/reply in this page.



89 Responses to Star Card Bingo Event

  1. Andrew says:

    Do i need to attach the cut outs on the card or just put them into a small bag before? So i should be able to send 1 entry per prize level?

    • tom885 says:

      Hi Andrew,

      What I did was I cut out the bingo pieces and attach (stick) them on to the Game Card (You don’t want to make the Daewon staff angry!) … that way it is much easier for them to know which entry level (1 row, 2 row, etc.) to put your name in

      For the last Bingo event, I’ve sent a bunch of Bingo Cards to them – 3 Perfect lines, 2 2′ line/row, and like 10 1′ line/row, so I really have no clue if they put me in all these categories or just one of them (and I don’t know if they consider all the same category cards, or just put your name once in each category)

      Hope that helps and Good luck if you are sending it! ^^

  2. tom885 says:

    I use glue-stick (which I think it is better than white glue), but sure, you can use tape if you want~

  3. Andrew says:

    i noticed a slight problem with the first image on the last row. The image is of one of the members in a seated position with her hand towards her face. the image i find in the set is one of the members standing with her hand extended. Is this a mistake?

  4. vicjun says:


    I was wondering about this Bingo event.

    Is there any chance that they will open the event again? There are still a lot of star cards out there right… then the bingo card will ultimately be useless?


  5. Andrew says:

    Yep that’s me. Thanks for all your help with answering my questions. I was totally shocked to see my name as a winner. Gonna submit the cards i couldn’t finish for the 4th drawing.

    • tom885 says:

      Congrats (I feel so proud right now!)!! Remember to update your status (the prize that you won & the overall experience) when you receive your prize so I can update it in this page! (maybe we can negotiate a trade privately if you win a Seohyun item~)

      • Andrew says:

        you got it. I’ll definitely keep you posted. Did they contact you via email or just mail the item to you?

      • tom885 says:

        I’ve just updated that in the main content above ^^ They did not contact me at all – you’ll just have to wait patiently for your prize to come >< (fortunately they used EMS to shipped out my package, so it is pretty fast & secure~)

  6. hktl says:

    do u know if “lines” can be vertical or not? thanks

  7. yekting says:

    When’s the next draw? I missed the previous one~ T.T

  8. Deer says:

    Can we still send in Season 1 cards?

  9. B. says:

    It seems no more 4th round for Season 2, but we can send SS2 bingo cards before Oct. 21st to join the next event after they release the new wave of Star Cards. Correct me if i’m wrong, i use Google Trans so i’m not sure about this information ^^

    • tom885 says:

      Thanks B. – apparently they have changed the last part of the announcement (they have announced the 4th Round on Sept.30) … I guess everyone can still submit the cards now and wait for the next Bingo Event for Season 3 ^^

      • vicjun says:

        Wait, so there will be no more drawing for season 2?

        But there will be in season 3? Well in season 3 do they still accept ss1 and ss2 bingo cards?

        OMG SEASON 3 is coming and i’m not even done organizing season 1 and 2 T_T

        I hope season 3 will be more like season 1… i like drawing the cards better on season 1 star cards…

  10. Andrew says:

    Can’t wait for season 3. I hope that means season 3 isn’t too far behind.

  11. Tom says:

    Hi, I am so happy to see so many others winning Bingo event.
    Thanks for the information Tom. I wish I had come across your post earlier, so I did not have to figure this out on my own and trust me it was not fun.

    What did you all won? I won during the second drawing. I was so happy to receive the prize. Although I do have to say Daewon really did a bad job packaging it. My prize did not even come with a picture of proof. I tried to contact them by phone and I got no where (since I cannot speak Korean).

    • tom885 says:

      I won a Taeyeon Autographed Soccer towel (“Welcome to Korea”) in the 2nd Round of Bingo Event, I got a purple pom-pom from Daewon as well along with my prize ^^

      … which prize did you get? They should include the picture of the girl signing the item though ><

      • Tom says:

        I got the Yoona signed T-Shirt and one red pom-pom during the second event =) I know they should include the picture for all the prize. I did not get a picture so I call Daewon and got no answer since they don’t really speak English. I am trying to find someone can speak Korean to help me to talk to them. I email them and finally got someone to answer me and this is the responds I got: First email “Fist of all, i’d like to say ‘very sorry’ for that. Surely i know you don’t need to know our inner situation but at that time we couldn’t take a only Yoona’s photo.” and Second email “When it comes to Star Collection Card premium, we’ve been provided with a goods and photo with Girls’ Generation’s signed from SM entertainment. we found our principles on making a fair like the same goods and photo if possible. But sometimes we coudn’t get a photo which can certificate her signing it. Unfortunately those kind of situation we had no idea. Because at that time we were strongly demand photo certificated her signing it but it wasn’t taken a photo at a studio at that moment. In these case, we can’t be provided with it. That’s the reason why we coudn’t make it.”
        The funny thing is the guy who won Tiffany T-shirt they just send him a two line prize picture, but atleast he got a picture. If someone is welling to help me, please let me know. Thanks.

      • Andrew says:

        OMG! Taeyeon! I am so jealous. I hope to get a Sunny or Taeyeon item (maybe a Seohyun to trade?)

  12. oh wow this is SO HELPFUL! i can’t believe i was stupid enough to throw away all my bingo cards >_<

    but holy crap… that means there's going to be a season 3 before the end of the this year. NOOOOO i'm not even done with season 2!!

  13. Tom says:

    There are many people selling overpriced bingo event prize on eBay.
    I wish a real fan would wins it instead. I would love to trade with someone who won Yoona’s signature prize. Third drawing one of my friend won the consolation prize. I would love to know how someone sending 40+ four lines envelope end up with a consolation prize. I won the Two line prize for the Third drawing, now I am just waiting to see who I will get.

    • darkrad says:

      40+?? wow. that’s crazy, and it would suck. i sent in a whole bunch of lines (mix of everything, perfect, 4 lines, 3 lines, 2lines, 1line) and still didn’t even get a consolation prize =[

      • Tom says:

        Second SNSD Bingo card drawing I send out:

        30 Perfect, 30 five lines, 30 four lines, 10 three lines, 10 two lines, and 10 one lines = total of 120 envelopes for the drawing.

        I won only one 5 line prize.

  14. Andrew says:

    Yeah, i would never sell my bingo item. It’s totally unique and very meaningful since i bought the cards, cut & pasted it all night, and won. I keep running to my mailbox every day to see if anything came. lol. the wait is killing me.

  15. Tom says:

    Just got my 2 lines prize in the mail. I got Hyoyeon’s signed Towel and a blue pom-pom. It is so nice and she look great in the picutre. If a Hyoyeon fan got Yoona stuff maybe we can trade =) I did get a picture this time, I guess I really have to find a way to talk or email Daewon again to find out why I did not get a picture for the 5 line prize.

    • Andrew says:

      Thats great! What state or country do you live in? Wah, i can’t wait to get mine. Hope its tomorrow!

      • Tom says:

        I live in Taiwan. My friend got his consolation prize yesterday, I got my today. Good luck, I hope you get it soon =) Now I am just waiting for my Two genie cards from US and Malaysia to complete my set.

    • tom885 says:

      Congrats! Hey Tom (it feels weird calling myself ><), do you mind taking some pictures of your prizes and sent it to my e-mail ( I really want a decent update of the prizes from this tutorial.

      (Andrew, can you also do that once you receive your prize?)

      Thanks! ^^

  16. k says:

    thanks for the instructions tom

    just picked up my tiffany signed headphones from the post office today.
    wonder what will be available for season 3

  17. red says:

    really thanks for the information, have been heard people using bingo cards to get some autographed items !!!

    btw, u mention on the 10.02 update all other bingo cards received after september 21st will bring forward to season 3 draw? does it have a specific date that when will the closing date for it?? is it october 21st??

    • tom885 says:

      Hi red,

      Daewon didn’t really specify the deadline for the next Bingo Event, so I’m assuming they’ll accept your entries until the deadline for the 1st Season 3 Bingo Event

  18. darkrad says:

    i’m thinking this might help us with future bingo draws
    mostly for instructions and the address coz the ‘lines’ and the bingo event is run a bit differently to the snsd ones

    i’m hoping though, with the snsd ones, they’re make an english instruction card like this as well

    • tom885 says:

      Thanks for sharing the new Bingo Card pic & info (hopefully they’ll write the instructions in English for oversea sones in Season 3)

      (I am so jealous of your Seohyun DSi prize ><)

  19. red says:

    thx for the information Tom. =D

    btw, one more question, can i send the sticked card with the edges piece cut out?? which means like i have cut out the edges of it and i stick the other cut out in the front page of the cut out cards. @_@ sorry for it if i made any confusion @_@ too be simple, can i send something like what you show us on the image “perfect bingo cards” but with the top right edges cut out?

    • tom885 says:

      Hi red,

      I think you can re-use the front of the card of the Bingo card that you cut out (otherwise there is no point of printing the front of the card), but since I have a lot of duplicate Bingo Cards, I just glued the winning pieces into a new (not cut) Bingo Card ^^

  20. red says:

    thx for the suggestion !!! =D

    btw, do you buy the bingo cards or u buy those booster to get it?? curious about where you get that much of bingo cards !!! haha.

    • tom885 says:

      I got all my Season 2 Bingo cards from booster packs (Since I brought around 17 sets, I have 225 Bingo Cards to play ><).

      For Season 1, there were actually 2 bingo cards in one pack for early buyers (before they released the 2nd patch on January), so you should look at the release date on the back of the Season 1 booster pack to see the release date (No.3)

  21. red says:

    OMG 17 sets. theres 255 cards. crazy. would you suggest to buy from others??
    have you send out all the 255 cards??

    • tom885 says:

      I am not sure if there is anyone that is just selling just the Bingo Cards nowadays, but it really saves you a lot of time & money from collecting all 25 pieces from the regular booster packs (I think you’ll get one perfect in 5-6 sets).

      I didn’t really sent out all 255 cards, since I have a lot of duplicates … but with my 255 cards, I managed to have 7-8 Perfect Sets (I don’t remember the actual number)

      • darkrad says:

        woah you got heaps lucky with the perfect sets, i think with all the cards i bought, i only got about 1-2 perfect sets

  22. annoymous says:

    i bought my season 1 cards around august this year , and i got 2 bingo cards in each pack . what a pity season 1 contest is not available any more …

  23. elizabeth says:

    I bought a hyoyeon signed item form the bingo event from ebay. I spent $180, do you think that’s suitable?

  24. koyaa says:


    Do they still accept season 1 bingo cards?

  25. k says:

    do you know how many rounds of drawings they will hold?


  26. JaMiH says:

    Thanks for this useful info. One question. Did you stick 1 post-it (with your name, address) per bingo card? or just 1 post it for all your entries? (i.e. 1 Envelope with multiple cards and only 1 post it?)

  27. Justin says:




  28. Justin says:

    Hey I would like to ask for the bingo card what is considered 2 lines?

    Could we have like an L shape?

    Would that be considered 2 lines since one is reused at the bottom?


    • golux9 says:

      I think that could do: as far as I understand it’s okay as long as you have 5 consecutive pictures, regardless of how many times you used them ^^

  29. nlwid says:

    Hello, should I send the Bingo Cards by writing the address of Deawon Media in Korean or in English. Thanks.

  30. SNSDfan says:

    what if i only have 1 line??

    • tom885 says:


      You can still submit your 1 line Bingo Card to Daewon Media, and you’ll be entered in the “1-line” Prize draw (which I believed are autographed cellphone accessories for Season 2.5). Since the first Bingo submission deadline is over (Dec.20), any cards that you sent now will be automatically considered for the second Bingo Round (from Dec.20 – Jan.20; winners will be announced around Jan.31)

      Hope that helps! ^^

  31. Zita says:

    Hey! ;D Would like to ask if i have to send one envelope per card or sending all in one is fine? 0.0 I also wanted to ask if I need to paste a post it with my personal info on it for every single bingo card i send? >.< thanks~ (:

    • tom885 says:


      1. I sent all my bingo cards (around 20) in one envelope – as long as you divide the bingo cards correctly (the number of lines you made) with some sort of dividers (card protectors, post-it notes),then the staff should be able to organize it and add your name to the corresponding Prize Entry (you don’t want to make the staff mad in sorting your cards)

      2. For my case, I stick a mini Post-it notes with my personal information on the back of each Bingo Card (the side of the Korean instructions). Although it is tiring to write/print all the post-it notes and stick it to every Bingo Card, it ensures that the staff will enter your name for every Bingo Card you submitted.

      Hope that helps! ^^

  32. Kourai says:

    Wow ! I won one of the autographed kitty paw thanks to your tutorial ! Thank you a lot !! =)

    • tom885 says:

      Congratulations on winning a Bingo Prize!! ^^

      I think the Bingo Event is more competitive now compared to the previous two seasons, since there are a lot of oversea sones submitting entries (and I feel proud that I helped some of you guys in winning a Bingo Prize)

      Hopefully you’ll receive it soon (usually within a week, since they use EMS as the shipping method) and I hope you could take a picture of the Kitty Paw if possible and share it here!

      • Zita says:

        Thanks alot for the tips! ;D should have asked earlier. haha. i sent in an envelope of quite a few cards before this but i think i didn’t organize and paste a post it on every single card. TT^TT wasted. hurr. ):

      • Kourai says:

        Sure ! I’ll take a pic as soon as I receive it ! Thanks again for your tutorial and especially for confirming the fact that oversea fans could participate ! I had sooooooooooooooo many bingo cards and I really thought I didn’t have a chance for this game…I almost threw away all my bingo cards !! I’ve been lucky to find this website before throwing them ^^

        Hopefully I’ll get Hyoyeon’s sign as she’s my all-time favorite ! But I know I’ll spazz like crazy with any sign as I love all the girls ❤

  33. Kourai says:

    Just received my prize so as promised here’s a pic :

    You can hear a cat meow when you press it and it’s Yuri’s sign ^^

    There was no pic with it, is it normal ?

    • tom885 says:

      Congrats! It’s a pretty adorable keychain/strap (Just found out that these phone straps are from Japan) ^^

      I noticed that most of the winners for this round (even the grand/perfect prize winner) didn’t receive any authentication photos for their prizes, so I’m assuming Daewon/SM didn’t have time to take pictures of the girls signing the prizes ><

  34. Huyen says:

    What happen if my name is on this list but didn’t received any email from them?

    • tom885 says:


      Daewon does not sent out e-mails to the winners. If your name is on the list, then they will just sent out your prize via EMS without giving you any notifications/tracking number. You’ll just have to wait patiently for your prize to come ^^

      Hope that helps! ^^

  35. Kc says:

    is it possible to trade the bingo card

    • tom885 says:


      I sure you can trade your bingo cards, as long as you find a reliable sone that is willing to trade/collect Bingo Cards. (Bingo Cards are not as popular to trade compared to regular cards, since many fans still don’t know the purpose of the bingo cards, in which they might discard most of their Bingo Cards)

      You can try leaving trading threads/posts/message in various websites/forums (i.e. Soshi Mart in SSF) and see if others are willing to trade their bingo card with you

      Hope that helps ^^

      • Kenneth says:

        Hi tom885,
        I just checked the latest list of winners for the 2nd round Star Cards 2.5 Bingo contest and, guess what, I WON a kitty paw mobile device 😀 😀 😀 !!!! I almost thought I’d blown my chances since I’d only sent in 1 card and failed to see my name in the 1st round winners list ;). I never knew they “snowballed” the entries though for the next round 🙂 ! Thanks ever so much for the on-line tutorial and I’ll try to post a photo of my prize (once I receive it ) here ;). I’ve actually sent in another 1 Line bingo entry, so, second time lucky, maybe 😉 ? !!
        By the way, on the issue of the spare bingo cards to trade, since I’m no longer wanting to send in any more entries, I’m willing to pass on my spare cards to whoever needs them to complete an entry for the last bingo draw. Drop me a line at ( if you’re keen. Cheers !

        • Old Tom says:


          Gratz on winning bingo prize. I don’t think they “snowballed” your first entry, maybe when they get it was passed the first entry date.

          Old Tom

          • Kenneth says:

            Yeah, I suppose so 😉 . Anyhow, I’m “chuffed to bits” that I managed to win something 😀 ! Thanks for the reply, Tom :).

        • tom885 says:

          Wow, congratulations on winning the Bingo Prize (since it is extremely competitive now) I’m glad I’ve helped you in getting a prize ^^

          Like tom said, I don’t think Daewon ‘snowballed’ our bingo cards (since they want us to buy more cards and sent more bingo cards for each round) ><

          I look forward in seeing pictures of your bingo prize! ^^

          • Kenneth says:

            Hey, thanks tom885 😀 ! Sure, I’ll get the photo on-line the moment I receive the item ;). Cheers !

          • Kenneth says:

            Hi tom885 🙂 !
            Well, as promised, here are the photos of my 1 line “kitty paw mobile device” prize from Daewon (it arrived today via EMS 😉 ). I think I got Seohyun’s signature on it :D. Cheers !

          • tom885 says:

            Wow, Kenneth, you got my favorite member’s Bingo Prize! I’m so jealous of you ^^

            Congratulations to you once again, and good luck to all the sones in the last Bingo Round!! ^^

  36. Kenneth says:

    Thanks tom885 😀 ! Yes, all the best to the participating SONEs in the last Bingo round ;). Cheers !

  37. Zita says:

    hi tom885! XD
    you the same person i always do trading with on ssf? 0.0
    my username is SNSD SARANG HAE YO!! haha.
    anyway! thanks so much for your tutorial! XD
    after i followed your instructions, i managed to win a spao t shirt with sunny’s siggy on it! ^^
    feeling happy since she’s one of my top few. XD
    shall not be greedy and wish for a taeyeon one. hehe. ^^
    thanks so much yeah! XD

  38. snowiegalzz says:

    Hey kenneth, congratz you.. I also received my prize from Daewon Media today, damn happy.. I WON the 1 line kitty paw phone strap with taengoo signature on it.. I send in for 1, 2 and 4 line and cant believe i can win..

    • Kenneth says:

      Wow, Congrats’ snowiegaizz 😀 !!! I was actually hoping to win the paw with Taengoo’s signature on it ;). Ah well, winning one paw with any of the girls’ signature is good enough, eh ? After all, I LOVE all 9 “angels” equally <3333 🙂 😀 !!!

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