Guide to Shopping on Gmarket

So we’ve had quite a number of questions about how to buy off Gmarket. Most people get put off by the complexity of using Gmarket, particularly as pretty much all the listings are in Korean. There are many different listings that are around that we will endeavour to cover in the guide.
There’s also the very big question mark that people put next to Gmarket’s shipping procedures, hopefully the guide will help clear up much of the confusion.

The guide will be continually updated to reflect new information acquired, and changes to the Gmarket system.

Gmarket Guide (English)

12 Responses to Guide to Shopping on Gmarket

  1. darkrad– i grovel at your feet. thank you SO MUCH for figuring this out and sharing. perhaps i shall migrate to gmarket now (finally)~~~

  2. pip says:

    i opened the foreign credit card verification guideline..
    what does social no. mean? and they say we have to secure the credit card etc (i dont get it??)

  3. shann says:

    all my experiences with gmarket is not just bad, but horrific. items may be slightly cheaper on gmarket but so are the quality of items and the service.

    when you speak to gmarket about your disputes with sellers, gmarket will send a few emails to and fro displaying their intention to resolve them. but after that few emails and if problems are still as they are, gmarket washes their hands clean and have you to speak to the sellers yourself. gmarket does not forget to add “gmarket is just an agent. we are not liable for sellers.”

    total no protection. total no service.

  4. Oh thank you so much for this ; – ; One of the greatest shopping guides I’ve ever seen hehe !

  5. Ciara says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! 😀

  6. says:

    I had the worst experience with Gmarket. They sent me the wrong item and didn’t do anything about it because it’s abroad. The seller keeps telling me to stop emailing them cuz they can’t help and that I have to take it up with the company (Gmarket). Everytime I emailed them, they kept telling me to “wait”. No information on what steps they were taking to resolve the issue, just, “I’m sorry, please wait”. As if they copy+pasted the answer.
    Well, I filed a claim with PayPal and hopefully I can get my money back. It sucks cuz I really wanted the item I ordered but they simply didn’t want to spend the money fixing the problem they made (shipping fee).

    So buyers beware! if you get a good item, that’s fine but the seller can’t help you resolve exchanges. The company (Gmarket) takes care of international orders and they suck at fixing the problems they caused.

  7. dechen says:

    heyy.. i want to order from qoo10. Saw some awesome deals there but it doesnt deliver worldwide or what? please please help 😦

  8. Kirk Land says:

    never buy from gmarket unless you are in Korea and buying Korean things. Otherwise, anything of foreign origin, which are nearly 100% of all high quality items can be found cheaper on western websites. Koreans are known to be greedy and this is no exception to gmarket. They will not honor returns or cancellations or there will be hidden costs in order to finally accept your item. There are hardly any English speaking customer service reps and they are not helpful at all and will do anything to keep your money.

  9. meganizer says:

    I on the other hand had GREAT experiences with all my g-market orders so I can’t quite agree with your complaint (perhaps they are different in each case). Their english site is definitely improving compared to few years ago and now it is so much more convenient to make an order.

    As long as you follow through the steps clearly (sometimes it will be a great help if you ask someone to translate something that seems to be important) to avoid any hassels.

    Also what do you mean by buying from western websites are much cheaper? I always find gmarket products much cheaper even with the shipping costs added. They have great promotions going on all the time so it also helps cutting off the cost.

    Well, hopefully other people will find gmarket ordering much more pleasing like how i was 🙂

  10. Chris says:

    Gmarket is terrible! On my first (and only) order one of the items never arrived and the other was broken. I have been going around in circles with customer service but I never get anywhere. So I’ve paid more than $200 and have absolutely nothing to show for it except wasted hours and needless stress!

  11. jj says:

    shopping with gmarket is terrible, always send wrong stuff

  12. jess says:

    customer service is useless, cant even help with missing items

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