Guide to shopping on KyoboBook

KyoboBook is a site where Hanteo gets information on sales from. In other words, it can help SNSD in Music Bank, Inkigayo, GDA, SMA etc.

How to Register:

1. Go to the registration page.

2. Click to continue

3. Select 4th button for foreign registration.

4. Scroll down and tick/select boxes/options. Click blue button at the bottom to continue.

5. Fill in your details. Click the blue button at the bottom to continue.

You are now done with registering.

How to Login:

1. Go to the login page.

2. Type in ID and Password. Click blue button on the right to continue.

Once you’re logged in, you can now start to order.

How to Order:

1. Go to the product page. You can change the number of copies if you want to order more than 1. Click the dark blue button on the left if you want to add the item(s) into your cart and continue shopping. Click the light blue button in the middle if you want to go straight to your order page. (Skip to 4. if you clicked the blue button.)

2. If you clicked the dark blue button, continued shopping for more items and you want to go to your cart now, click the second button from the left among the options on the top.

3. At your cart, you can check the products you want to order and confirm by clicking the blue button on the left to continue.

If this window appears, just click ‘OK’.

4. Time to fill in your address details.

Scroll down and fill in your payment details.

A new window will open when you click the red box. From the drop-box, select the second option. Click the blue button in the middle of the window to apply coupon.

5. Scroll down and confirm your payment by clicking the blue button on the bottom right.

And you’re done ^-^

Image Credits: ityp@SoShiCatalogue
Author: ityp
Published: 1st October 2011
Last Updated: 1st October 2011

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

10 Responses to Guide to shopping on KyoboBook

  1. How about if we want to purchase poster? will it comes with poster?

  2. zhijun says:

    this accpet paypal or not?

  3. thegreatjedi says:

    Would like to check if the shipping charges stated there (eg. 2000 won) is the final shipping price?

    • ityp says:

      No. If I’m not wrong, Kyobobooks is similar to Gmarket where the sellers have to deliver the items to Kyobobooks’ warehouse. This delivery cost is 2000won, whereas Gmarket’s delivery cost is 2500won. The overseas shipping price is stated next to the ‘Country’ box in step 4 of ‘How to Order’. See the ‘00000’ in orange? If you choose your country, it will automatically change to the shipping cost.

  4. ichi says:

    hello 🙂 can u update register, they have change it & i totally confuse >_<

  5. meteorrain says:

    Hello, the registration process seemed to have change, could u guys update if can?T_T thanks ><

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