Tiffany – Eye Smile & Bug T-Shirt

UPDATE: Orders are now closed!

[Update #1 100711]
: Singaporean SONEs can order the T-shirt here.

Everyone that’s reading this knows who Tiffany Hwang is right?! The girl with the super stunning eye smile but at same time is terrified of bugs from SNSD? Well! A K-S♥NE known as “유규” has turned these two adorable facts into T-Shirt designs and an i-S♥NE known as chelupa@Twitter/Soshified will be taking orders for USA/Gobal residents!

*Note: You may also order the T-shirts from 유규 here.
Ordering Period: July 6 – July 12
₩9,000 + ₩3,000 shipping

1 shirt = ₩9,000 + ₩3,000 = ₩12,000
2 shirts = ₩18,000 + ₩3,000 = ₩21,000
3 shirts = ₩27,000 + ₩3000 = ₩30,000

Payment: Bank Transfer (bank account details here)

Ordering Form + Details: Here

All information are available in the link above but just in case, I shall summarize it below~

Orders will only be taken within the USA. T-shirts will be shipped from SoCal(USA). However, if you are from outside the USA and would like a T-shirt as well, you may contact chelupa @Soshified/Twitter for discussions. You will receive an email from chelupa after submitting the order form.

Deadline: July 10, 11:59pm PST

Price: USD $9 + $5 Shipping


Shipment: Early August

Designs: 덕/일코/벌레 -> duktee – ilcotee – bugtee

Size (cm): [chest-shoulder-length]
female fit 74-32-52
small 94-38-61
medium 100-41-63
large 104-43-65
xlarge 109-45-67

“The sizes are about 1 size larger than average. So it’s recommended to order one size smaller than what you usually wear. For example if you normarlly wear a medium, then a small here would a better fit. (female fit is pretty much xs)”

Contact: chelupa @Soshified/Twitter

Source:  유규, chelupa @Soshified/Twitter
Image Credits:  chelupa @Soshified/Twitter, 유규
Author: CookyAjuuma
Published: July 8, 2011
Last Updated: July 10, 2011

3 Responses to Tiffany – Eye Smile & Bug T-Shirt

  1. Amy says:

    finally something from the u.s… but im not a huge fan of fany nor do i own a credit card… 😡 i wish there was a store in new york!

  2. lovinyoochun says:

    please make more t-shirts T__T i found about this late. [I don’t go on here for a week b/c of vacation & this happens to me. fmlfmlfml]

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