Autographed Items

I posted this on SSF today, so I thought that I should repost it here as a warning to you guys considering acquiring autographed items.


I own quite a few of these so-called autographed items.

It all boils down to how much you want to believe the seller. Like doe said, the only way you can be sure is if you get it from them yourselves.

Otherwise, you would be paying 1.5x – 2x the price of a regular item for something that may or may not be forged.

However, consider the following rationale for 2x the regular price:

If lets say you are a signature forger, you flub 1 of the 9 signatures on, say, a poster. You can either:
1) Try to pass it off as someone not signing it 100% similar or
2) Scrap it because it really is very horrible

If you do 1), you run the risk of the item not selling because the buyer would cry “Oi! This is obviously forged!”. Your reputation as a seller will plummet and you will then have to play the PR game against the nameless hordes of the internet.

If you do 2), you have ruined a perfectly fine copy of merchandise. Your cost has increased.

Now, unless you do this for a living, I would say that anyone copying signatures would flub at least 1 out of 10(?) given the complexity of some signatures (Sooyoung comes to mind). This would increase your cost to 1.1 already and the demand for these things are already lower than normal to begin with, so you can’t just hope to sell more to make up for the losses.


The alternative, however, is actually less rosy than you think. If the autographs are genuine, for a seller to have a near-unlimited supply of them, you will need to have a reliable supplier of these things. Fansigns are few and rare to come by, so you can’t claim to have a large supply if you sell stuff from these events.

So, who gets the sigs? The people who work closely with SNSD of course. And that would mean the makeup artists and such people who can have time alone with the girls. I heard that what they do is that they sneak CDs or photographs in their makeup bags in order to get them signed. If they get caught, well… I heard stories of SME actually witholding their pay for a month while still having to work for them (Never underestimate SME’s bodyguards) and/or actually having bodily harm come to them.

Which version would you choose to believe? Forgery or real? Would it stop? I don’t think so.

I can only hope my post here would serve to help you make a decision based on the principle of the matter.

Either way, you know what you are getting into.


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