Our Collections

Now, we wouldn’t be S♥NEs if we didn’t have our own collections. So here they are:

We’ve been given permission to showcase KC’s Soshi Office!

Remember, every S♥NE’s collection is precious no matter how big or small.

One Response to Our Collections

  1. elizabeth says:

    I have a question. 🙂 Because I enjoy looking at other peoples collections, do you think you could invite readers to also share theirs, instead of just the staffers. I’m sure people would jump at the chance to show off what they’ve spent their money on (I’m starting to think that snsd are devils, not angels, considering the large amounts of money I’m always spending on them hahaha), especially sones who live in places where there are no other soshi fans! I would be happy to show off mine, although still small (but actually not at the moment because I’m inbetween moving countries and half my collections in Indonesia and the other half in australia).

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