8th Japanese Single – Galaxy Supernova

Release Date: September 18th, 2013

Label: Nayutawave Records (Universal Music)

Catalogue #:
UPCH-80342 (Regular CD Edition)

UPCH-89161 (Limited CD & DVD Edition)

– 2 Editions: Regular CD Edition, Limited CD & DVD Edition
– Both Regular & Limited Edition contains audio tracks of “Galaxy Supernova” & “Do The Catwalk”
– Limited Edition contains DVD with Galaxy Supernova Music Video

CD Tracks:

DVD Track:

Language: Japanese

DVD Region Code: 2

DVD Subtitles: None

DVD Picture Format

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
[Regular Edition] ¥1,260 tax inc., approx. USD $12.62
[Limited Edition] ¥1,890 tax inc., approx. USD $18.93

CDJapan: Regular Edition ¥1,190 // Limited Edition ¥1,800
Yesasia: Regular Edition USD $14.25 // Limited Edition USD $22.49
HMV: Regular Edition ¥1,260 // Limited Edition ¥1,607

Music Video:

Dance Version:

Source: Girls’ Generation Official Japan Website

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under


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5 Responses to 8th Japanese Single – Galaxy Supernova

  1. Marinho says:

    I need one!! But i don’t know if that release has included a card (like Oh, RDR and previous releases…)

  2. KalmTraveler says:

    No card with the DVD version. It has only the CD, DVD, and a small paper ad for the jeans featured on the MV.

  3. davidtillmann says:

    I have seen photocards for this album. Are these fanmade or is it an official part of the release?

  4. davidtillmann says:

    I have seen photocards for this single online. Are these official goods or fanmade?

  5. Celeste Song says:

    This is iconic. I think it’s much better than most tracks from G&P album, however Do the Catwalk is waaaay too addicting for it’s worth lol. It’s a shame the songs won’t (possibly) be performed live until 8.18 (if they change their concert stages).

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