Star Card Season 2 FAQ

What’s new with SNSD Star Collection Card Season 2?

1. Every pack contains at least 1 of the special undisclosed cards taken in order to wish Korea success in making it to the Top 16 in the World Cup.

2. Compared to Season 1 which has a total of 100 card variations, Season 2 contains 153 card variations

3. Season 2 offers a larger variation of gifts including costumes that the girls wore or real autographs

What does a set of SNSD Star Collection Card Season 2 consist of?

1 set of star collection cards come with 15 packs consisting of 75 star collection cards and 15 gift coupon cards (bingo cards) along with the inner packaging and display box. Just like any other trading cards, these cards are randomly packed.

How many card variations does SNSD star collection card season 2 consist of?

SNSD star collection card season 2 with a variation of 153 cards consists of the following:

1. Girls’ Generation undisclosed picture – rare cards (45 types)
Consists of unseen pictures of the girls with a World Cup concept.
Every pack contains at least 1 of these cards

2. Girls’ Generation Real Autograph – rare cards (18 types)
Consists of hologram cards directly autographed by Girls’ Generation.
To increase the value of your collection, there are no duplicates of these cards.
These rare cards have received much popularity in SNSD star collection cards season 1.

3. Girls’ Generation Piece – rare cards (9 types)
These are one of the most desired items among fans! Consists a piece of handkerchief held by the girls at the set. This is a rare item and must be possessed.

4. Girls’ Generation Micro – rare card (9 types)
Please forget the “so nyuh” image you have known! Here, the girls came back with a sexy women imagine. Consists of pictures of “black soshi” made with special embossing printing on the front and back of the cards.

5. Girls’ Generation Rainbow Foil Holo – rare card (36 types)
These are high quality rare cards with sparkling and shiny rainbow holograms which makes the girls look more lively.

6. Girls’ Generation Color Foil – rare card (36 types)
These supplicated cards makes each member more beautified with colorful foil decorations.

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Note: this is a translation

13 Responses to Star Card Season 2 FAQ

  1. SCS2 says:

    Hello, i have a question in mind. If I saw a Sooyoung RDR autographed version on ebay, does it mean i wont be able to get it anyone since there is only 1 of this in the whole collection?

    • owa1985 says:

      Umm, no. There are more than 1 copy of the same autographed card in Season 2.

      I cannot make this claim for Season 1, but for Season 2, there have been multiples of the same autographed card for sale at one point (I can’t remember who it was now, I think it was Fany’s RDR).

  2. soshilover0828 says:

    so, what is the rarity ranking? like are the micro cards rarer than the holo foil, etc. and are the piece cards the most rare?

    • tom885 says:

      Well, for every Card Set (15 packs), there is only 1 RDR Micro Card and 3 Holo foil cards, so I would consider Micro Card to be more rarer than Holo foil Cards (otherwise there will not only be 1 in every set). But at the same time, the total number of Holo foil cards are more than the Micro Cards (36 Holo foil Cards to 9 Micro Cards), so in a way it kind of balances out the ‘rarity’ of the cards (overall, it is hard to collect them all – you have to buy A LOT of sets). Also, the bidding/winning prices for the Micro Cards and the Holo foil Cards seems to be pretty similar in ebay, so I assume sones categorized them the same.

      I think both the Autograph Cards and the Piece Cards are the rarest cards in the whole collection (since the Piece Card only have a small piece of handkerchief that the girls used in the Photoshoot, there can still be more than 10 Piece Cards for each member). Since SM doesn’t really reveal the exact number of Autograph/Piece Cards made, we can just assume that both of them are rare and hard to obtain

      Hope that helps ^^

  3. vicjun says:


    I’m kinda new on this one but i have a question regarding the set of the star cards… what would be the significant difference with buying the set of the star cards and just buying 15 booster packs? Also, do we get storage box for the card if we buy the set?

    I tried to google translate the listing in and seems that they are selling the set along with storage box?

    I just found out this website and feel that i miss a lot of goodies out there, esp the limited ed -_-;
    Seems like my wallet will be empty soon enough $_$

    • tom885 says:

      Hi vicjun,

      I think the only difference between buying a set and 15 booster packs is you cannot control the number of ‘rare cards’ that you can get – if you buy a set, usually it includes 1 Micro Card, 3 checkered-foil cards, and 11 colour-foil cards, whereas if you purchase 15 booster packs, the seller might mix-and-match the packs so you might not end up getting the right amount of ‘rare/unique’ cards that you should get if you purchase a set (it is completely luck)

      Most sellers (Gmarket & other ebay sellers) do include the Storage box/case when you buy the Season 2 Star Cards (although it is kind of bulky for shipping ><)

      Hope that helps! ^^

  4. taenyjjang says:

    hello Guys~ i need help… they said that snsd star cards season 1 is out of stock now in Korea~ where else can i buy it? i wanted to buy tons of set but i don’t know where should i buy it?

  5. taenyjjang says:

    tnx for the help guys~ gonna get 10 sets of star cards season 1…tnx so much ^_^

  6. ilovesonyuhshidae says:

    Hi im selling snsd star cards season 1. offer me by emailing me at

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