Shining Smile 1st Photo Book

Update #4 [040611]: Shining Smile has noted on their website that shipping was due to ship at the beginning of July, however this was pushed back to the end of July due to delays in the delivery and their receipt of the books and/or freebies. As you all know, there has been horrendous weather in Korea and Shining Smile has said that these conditions have further delayed the beginning of the photobook shipments. They have given no further indication of when they photobooks will be shipped, but have asked us to remain patient.
Update #3 [300611]: ORDERING PERIOD IS NOW OVER AS OF JUNE 30th 2011.
Update #2 [300511]: Ordering process updated. We’ll add screenshots a little later. =]
Update #1 [300511]: Special gift for early deposit does not apply to overseas orders. There will be a random and special gift for overseas orders. Shipping dates have been changed from early July to mid July.

Shining Smile will be releasing their 1st Photo Book of Tiffany. Profits from the sale of the photo book will be used for the support of Tiffany.

Photo Book Details:
-Includes photographs of Tiffany taken from 2008 to 2011.
-Approximately 250 pages
-Size: B5
-Gifts: Photo , Wallet photos , +α
-There will be a random and special gift. This is currently a secret. Gifts subject to change.
-There will be a secret special gift for early deposit (ONLY for domestic (Korean) orders)

Price (excluding shipping): USD $30 per book

Payment/Ordering Period: 30th May 2011 – 30th June 2011

Shipping Period: Early July – Mid-July

Shipping Details:
-If you wish to order more than 10 books, send an email to ‘’, and include in your email your address and how many books you would like to order.

Payment Method: PayPal (
-Check “Personal” for payment options and then “Others”. If there is a Paypal fee, you must pay it.

Order Form: Please send in the payment before submitting the form.

Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date :
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit :
Quantity of your order :
Your PayPal account e-mail address :
Phone number (Cell phone) :

1. Go to this page here
2. Press the ‘write’ button. Fill in the relevant details at the top. Make sure you tick/check the ‘secret’ box, otherwise your info will be public on the web.
3. Copy and paste the form above in the ‘comments’ section, filling in your details. The form can also be found here.
4. Press the ‘write’ button to post your form.

Notes: For the ‘name’ and ‘pass’ sections, it matters not what you put there. However, if you wish to check your post again after you’ve submitted it, choose a password you remember.

Contact: (Email) // @shining_smile (Twitter)

How an order may be placed in brief:

1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many photobooks you want to buy using the table above.
2. Send payment via Paypal. (total costs of books + shipping)
3. Submit the completed order form on the Shining Smile page here

Note:  Your post will be deleted once your payment has been confirmed. 

Courtesy of Shining Smile

Shining Smile 1st Photo Book

Image Credits:
Author: iced_tea & darkrad
Published: 29th May 2011
Last Updated: 30th May 2011

34 Responses to Shining Smile 1st Photo Book

  1. waver says:

    hmm the link says “don’t have permission to access on this server”

  2. vanho says:

    some questions about the special gift
    Special gift for early deposit only apply to Korean orders?
    and how can an overseas order can get a special gift?

  3. ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

    {waver} The links’re fine with me
    form pg:
    info pg:
    try again?

    {vanho} from the way SS’s worded it, seems all oversea orders would receive the special gift while only Korean orders with early deposit would receive the same? looking at the info page once more, the “Special Privilege” is stated outright without any criterion attached-

    • waver says:

      Hmm it seems I can’t open it in firefox but open fines in ie, maybe it’s my adblocker, thanks.

  4. kareen says:

    just curious has anyone purchased a book yet? ^^ Thanks soshicatalogue for the screencaps..the sample photos don’t look that appealing to me! I hope there are more HQ up close photos though!

  5. Taeny_4ever says:

    Hey just want to ask how do i know that they have confirm my payment?

  6. oooo wow interesting system. usually they just do everything by e-mail. so i see my comment posted on the site! so when it goes away i’ll know for sure they’ve received payment right?? kekkek good to know ^^

    thanks for this easy step-by-step tutorial!!!

  7. Old Tom says:

    Anyone knows EMS shipping rate for 20 books to Zone 1 is?

    • orcon says:

      I think you have to email them,
      as it state on the Shipping Details
      -If you wish to order more than 10 books, send an email to ‘’, and include in your email your address and how many books you would like to order.

      • Old Tom says:

        I emailed them many times….
        Each time only answer me 1 question or no answer at all.
        I was told best shipping rate is 20 book per box.
        Then I was told it is $145 which is more than double of $68 which is box of 10.
        So it is really confusing..

        • darkrad says:

          It is probably best then to just email them one question at a time. Or number them in a list to make it clear to them. Probably best bear in mind that most of them likely don’t speak much English (if at all) and so will rely on online translators to help decode questions.

          • Old Tom says:

            I do number my questions ^^
            They don’t reply to all the email either.
            Can anyone translate these two questions into Korean for me?

            1. How much is EMS fee for 20 books to Taiwan (Zone1)?

            2. How much is EMS fee for 80 books to Taiwan (Zone1)?

  8. Amy says:

    Just asking, is there going to be a Yoona photobook? 🙂

  9. J Wong says:

    Anyone knows if the pictures will be all fantaken or screen caps will be included? Thanks!

  10. Jean says:

    Do y’all think this is worth it? I mean, Shining Smile has some pretty amazing photos for the Hoot and later performances, but I’m not sure about the earlier ones.

    • iamsunshiner says:

      You can check out , their official site. But I’m pretty sure they’re good ones, Shining Smile is rather reputable when it comes to taking Fany’s photos :>

      • Jean says:

        Yeah, I thought their photos were like, really professional and capture Tiffany at her best. But I saw their earlier photos and true, they were high quality and still pretty, but not very… outstanding? I’m so torn as to whether I should buy it! Like the sample photos, the two photos at the top from the more recent SNSD performances are really beautiful, but the bottom two are rather normal. Will there be a second round of ordering?

        • iamsunshiner says:

          I’m not sure if there will be a second round. But chances are they won’t, and you’ll have to wait for quite some time before they publish another photobook…

  11. kareen says:

    I was contemplating whether to purchase or not until the AASNSD DVD came out so i chose that instead since it benefits the girl vs. fanmade projects. I’m not liking the sample photos they showed us though, doesn’t seem that great, but their site do have a lot of HQ great photos though…still not sure if i want to buy it ^^

  12. Danger21 says:

    May I know when will they start shipping?

    • iced_tea says:

      i just died when i heard there’s a mini poster being included. *o*
      i can’t wait until this arrives. it’s going to be one of my favourite soshi things hehe

  13. gee-9 says:

    our overseas order arrived! mini-poster, pics, pen, etc included.

  14. waver says:

    also just picked up mine today from post office….I’m in US.
    The mini-poster is like 10.25×7.25 inch….

  15. Danger21 says:

    Anyone from singapore received it

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