Shining Smile 2nd Photobook

Shining Smile is back with another photo book project to support Tiffany!

Photo Book Details:

-Approximately 240 pages
-Size: A4
-Gifts: Fancam CD, mouse pad, pencil, photo cards, poster (size: A2), mini notebook. Gifts subject to changes.

Price (excluding shipping): USD $31 per book

Payment/Ordering Period: 14th April 2012 – 16th June 2012

Shipping Period: End of June

Shipping Details:
-If you wish to order more than 12 books, send an email to ‘’, and include in your email your address and how many books you would like to order.

Payment Method: PayPal (
-Check “Personal” for payment options and then “Others”. If there is a Paypal fee, you must pay it.

Order Form: Please send in the payment before submitting the form.

Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date :
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit :
Quantity of your order :
Cellphone number :
Your PayPal account e-mail address :

Submit the order form at

Contact: (Email) // @shining_smile_ (Twitter)

Preview pictures:

Shining Smile 2nd Photo Book

Image Credits: //
Author: golux9
Published: 23rd April 2012
Last Updated: 7th June 2012

5 Responses to Shining Smile 2nd Photobook

  1. omg i almost stopped checking here because i thought no one was updating~~~ it’s so hard to keep up with all the fansites on my own! thanks for alerting us about this one!! i’ve been itching for another photobook these days.. but gosh i forgot how ugly the shipping fees were T_____T

  2. Christopher says:

    Shipment for abroad will be started from July due to some delay

    Shining Smile’s Twitter:!/shining_smile_

  3. Christopher says:

    Hello. We’re shining smile. shipping of 2nd photobook is the third in july. thank you for your understanding.

    Shining Smile’s Twitter:!/shining_smile_

  4. Our Shining Smile 2nd Photobooks arrived today!

  5. I still havn’t got mine. Anyone is the same?

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