Everysing – 훗 (Hoot) Life-size Scroll Poster (9 pcs)

Update #1[110711]: Old Tom is selling posters at $43 + shipping. Contact info in the comments below.

Release Date: July 18, 2011

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Distributed by Eversing (SM Entertainment Goods) Store in Taipei, Taiwan
-Exclusive item, only available at the Taipei Store
-Printed on fabric-like material, thicker than paper
-Same image printed on both sides
-Has a metal bar at the end for hanging purposes
-Size: 180 cm x 75 cm

Recommended Retail Price (RRP):
TWD $990 (~USD $34.43)

AvexTaiwan: TWD $990 (~USD $34.43)

Image credits: SM Entertainment, Tom, Tetsuya@SONEms.net,
Many thanks to Old Tom for the information!

58 Responses to Everysing – 훗 (Hoot) Life-size Scroll Poster (9 pcs)

  1. Z3R0 says:

    Jealous of those living in Taiwan. Someone tell me how I can get one of these!
    Practically a life-size poster of each of the girls!

  2. Old Tom says:

    I sell it at $43 + shipping.
    Add my msn, we can talk^^

  3. B. says:

    If it’s Genie poster, i would definitely buy it >.<

  4. GoHaraGo says:

    Belows the link for all 9 member posters on Avex TW website.


    But my question is if Avex ships internationally.

    • GoHaraGo says:

      Nvm, tried to register an acc but they only had a dropdown list for your address and you also need some citizenship id # >.<

  5. Old Tom says:

    As always, if you find cheap then I would say buy from them.
    I am charging more this time because:
    Buying and take it home:
    1. Take me 1 hour round trip to go to the SM store by walking. I do not have a car or motorcycle.
    2. Each poster weight in about 0.8 kg. Each time I can only get 6 and carry by hand.
    1. Each poster I am taking out the box and bubble wrap it.
    2. Then I wrap the outside boxes with bubble wrap again. It multiple boxes I will stack them then wrap.
    3. Packing materials cost money too.
    Sending it:
    1. Take me 40 minute round trip to go to the post office.
    2. If it is heavy then I have to take a Taxi to go to the post office, which cost about $7USD.

  6. GoHaraGo says:

    Just received a bunch I ordered from Old Tom. Everything was neatly packed, very heavy in bubble wrap. Definatley one of the best SNSD merchandise i’ve ever bought. It’s HUGEEEEEEEE^^

  7. george says:

    is the posters still available?

  8. George Lew says:

    tom,i emailed you…hope u can reply asap..thanks

  9. Nigel says:

    when will this be available till?

  10. Travis Vo says:

    Can you ship to US?

  11. I bought one when i was in taiwan this summer and let’s say it’s really worth it!! I’m 6’2 and like wow is the length of the poster awesome.

  12. Jojo162 says:

    Is this still available?

  13. What location is the store at in taiwan ?

  14. gerald says:

    old tom i am interested in buying all 9 poster…

  15. gerald says:

    oldtom hihi…i am intersted in buying this complete set of nine poster one shot.and maybe perharps others things…i have already sent u a email…if u do not received it..please check junk mail….thks..hope to see your reply asap..thks…if u got facebook,dun mind adding me? so we can discuss … or u can sms at 98272827 ….

  16. alan says:

    hi oldtom.. im interested in buying them as well.. email is alan3074@gmail.com please asap

  17. Zhe Jie says:

    still have? i live in singapore

    i want tae:D

  18. Xris says:

    hey oldtom, i sent u any email already but any please contact me please i would like to get a few posters, also if u are @ the store, check if they have the pillow cases as well.

    email: christophervuu@gmail.com

  19. yashoo says:

    hey oldtom , do you still have the taeyeon one ? if so i’d like to buy onee

  20. gerald says:

    hi tom..i do not receive any contact from u leh…my FB is gerald81@live.com..or u can email me at gerald81@starhub.net.sg and i got email u, did u received ? if not please check your junk mail..etc…

  21. gerald says:

    oldtom hihi…i am intersted in buying this complete set of nine poster one shot.and maybe perharps others things…i have already sent u a email…if u do not received it..please check junk mail….thks..hope to see your reply asap..thks…if u got facebook,dun mind adding me? so we can discuss … or u can sms at +6598272827 ….i am from singapore..

  22. gerald says:

    tom what yours FB email ? i add u in my FB….then we can discuss about the items u selling…

  23. JingYi says:

    Hey Tom I dropped you an email. 🙂 hope you can reply to it. Thanks.


  24. Christian says:

    Hi Oldtom. I would like to buy a Taeyeon and a Yuri poster. Please contact me on the email below.


  25. pngjm says:

    hi oldtom,
    I email you regarding the item yesterday
    Are you still taking order?

  26. Kemikal says:

    Hi oldtom!
    I sent you an email a few days ago, hope you can answer 🙂
    Thank you!

  27. Daniel says:

    Hi i would like to purchase the Jessica poster

  28. Leonard says:

    Hi Old Tom!

    I’ve just sent you an email request. Hope to get your reply soon under my email below. Thanks!


  29. george y. says:

    Hi, I’m selling all my SNSD things since I’m in need of the money XD

    I have two wall scrolls of each member with the exception of Yoona where I have three. None of them have been taken out of their boxes, so are in perfect condition. The box itself has some wear, but are still in great condition 🙂
    $85 each (this includes shipping fees) if you live in the US.
    International buyers have to pay additional shipping fees.
    For every member you buy, I will decrease the price per member by $5.
    So two scrolls = $150, three scrolls = $220.

    ***First come first serve!! I will ship in according to payments received, basically the payment that comes first I will ship out. If you do not follow through with your reservation, I will sell your order.

    If you are interested, please email georgeyang88@yahoo.com.
    I only take concealed cash as I do not have a PP and would rather not deal with tax fees associated with bank accounts (so no checks/transfers). I want clean transactions 🙂
    If you cannot pay with CC, please do not email me unless you really do have another alternative.

    Thank you. I’m also selling my SNSD albums, so please ask if you have questions about that as well.

  30. george y. says:

    Sorry if this is unrelated, but I couldn’t find the item on soshicatalogue to comment on 🙂

    I’m also selling my three Beyond 9 sweaters (2 green, 1 pink) and New Beginning of Girls’ Generation (out of print, includes lightstick, passport case, and the invitation to Japan Showcase even though it’s already over).

    Each Beyond 9 sweater — $100 w/ $10 shipping
    New Beginning of Girls’ Generation — $120 w/ $5 shipping
    **International buyers have to pay additional fees.

    I have other SNSD items, but I’m selling the rare items first.
    Please contact me if you are interested. Same details apply as above.

  31. Janice Zhan says:

    please let me know if anybody is selling this! i’m interested in a taeyeon one 🙂

  32. Sophie says:

    Sorry, really late but, do you have Seohyun, My birthday is August 12th and I really want to get one???

  33. noir0083 says:

    Is there a Jessica Poster available?

  34. Janice Zhan says:

    i just got my poster from george (taeyeon) and it is so huge and hq! it came fast, and the box was in mostly good condition. excited to hang this on my wall ^^

  35. Brian says:

    is there a tiffany poster available?

  36. eko says:

    hi george, do u have any posters more?

  37. Ryan Musard says:

    Are these still available to buy?

  38. Ryan says:

    is there a Sunny poster available?

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