1st Goods “2012 Weekly Calendar”

안녕하세요, 소원! Hello there fellow SONEs!

I haven’t written a project post in a while, so it feels somewhat unfamiliar. Anyways will be taking orders for their 2012 desk calendar which will feature photos taken by the fan site. Here are the details!


Calendar Details:
-Desk calendar
-Size: 24 cm x 16 cm
-65 full colour pages
-This is a weekly calendar so each page will feature one photo and one week of the year
-Special Gifts: special fancam DVD, 5 printed photo cards, mini poster, pictures taken by

Price (excluding shipping): USD $20 per calendar

Payment/Ordering Period: 26th September 2011 – 22nd October 2011

Shipping Period: during early November 2011

Shipping Details:
-If you wish to order more than 20 books, please contact Deeryoona including your name and organisation/group name.
-If you have any uncertainties regarding Zone or shipping total, contact Deeryoona via twitter/email (contact details at the end).

Zone 1
– Taiwan, Macao, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mongol

-Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brunei, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan

Zone 3
-North America: Canada
-Western Europe: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Norway Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, etc.
-Eastern Europe: Russia, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, (former) the Soviet Union
-Middle East: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria etc.
-Oceania: New Zealand, Papa New Guinea, Guam, Saipan
-Asia : Afghanistan

Payment Method: Paypal (
-Check “Personal” for payment options and then “Others”. If there is a Paypal fee, you must pay it.

Order Form: Send this form AFTER payment as an email to A reply will be sent once the order has been confirmed.

Subject of Email: payment complete

Description – Name:
Possible contact number:
Deposit name:
Remitted country:

Contact Details: (Email) // @deeryoonacom (Twitter)

How an order may be placed in brief:
1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many calendars you want to buy using the table above.
2. Send payment via Paypal. (total costs of calendars + shipping)
3. Email the completed order form to and wait for a reply.

Author: iced_tea
Published: September 22, 2011
Last Updated: September 22, 2011

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4 Responses to 1st Goods “2012 Weekly Calendar”

  1. vanho says:

    They have update the charges of the EMS fee

  2. yoonyul says:

    Hi is the Photobook and calendar still available for pre-order

  3. yoonyul says:

    but it’s still available for order right? so there are still copies of it for sale?

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