Star Card Season 2.5 Guide and Review

So to start this off since I’ve already got my Season 2.5 Cards

The sets and parks are the same as for Season 1 and 2, where each set has 15 packs, and each pack has 5 collection cards and 1 bingo card.

And so with 153 cards to collect…
In each pack there are:
4 x Base/Regular cards (109-144)
1 x “Rare” card (001-108 & 145-153)
1 x Bingo card

Based on what I’ve got, in each set you can expect to find (assuming that you don’t get any of the actual autographed cards):
60 x Base/Regular cards
7 x Foil cards
4 x Holo cards
3 x Matt cards
1 x Micro cards

Breaking that down further, of the foil cards, on average, 3 will be the foil autograph cards, 4 the Gee foil cards. So you’ll be looking at getting at least 3 sets to get a full collection of the foil autograph cards. For the matte cards, you can expect roughly a 50/50 split in the number for each type (Oh! Lyrics bg and ‘Selca’) in a set and probably get a minimum of 6 sets to get the all 18 matte cards.

The foil cards are include the printed autographed cards (001-009) and the Gee calendar and Gee individual cards from Season 2. There aren’t any differences between the Gee cards, except that the colours in Season 2.5 seem a little paler as the card itself has less of a shine to it due to a matte finish.

The micro cards are exactly the same as in Season 2. The holo cards are no different in the pictures used, merely instead of checks (037-087 & 100-108) and foils (064-075) they are holos.

As for the matte cards, in terms of thickness, they don’t feel any different. The pictures of the girls appear to be slightly raised and have more of a glossy finish to them as opposed to the background which is what I’d consider to be matte (non glossy finish).

And in comparing the three seasons so far, I still reckon that Season 1 has been the most satisfying, and that Season 2.5 is the true Season 2 especially with the base cards looking THAT much better.

Foil Autograph Cards (001-009) – Front and Back

Matte #1 (010-018) – Front and Back

Matte #2 (019-027) – Front and Back

RDR Micro (028-036), Oh! Individual Holos (037-045), Oh! Cheerleader Holos (046-054), SPAO Holos (055-063) – Front

Oh! Pair/Group Holos (064-075), Gee 2010 Calendar Foils (076-087), Gee Individual Foils (088-099) – Front

Oh! Cartoon Holos (100-108) – Front (the card isn’t actually blue, it’s just how it showed up with a scanner, the background is silver and holographic)

Base Cards #1 (109-117) – Front and Back

Base Cards #2 (118-126) – Front and Back

Base Cards #3 (127-135) – Front and Back

Base Cards #4 (136-144) – Front and Back

Full Season 2.5 Card Breakdown

Author: darkrad

Published: 17th November 2010

33 Responses to Star Card Season 2.5 Guide and Review

  1. addy_ami says:

    thank you for this!!
    really helpful

    so since there’re only 36 variations of base cards and we will get 60 base cards in a set so it will be most likely to complete it by just buying 1 set only right??

    I’m totally agree with you.. season 1 is the most satisfying and worth to pay for..
    SM is cheap so I dont think they will be making another season like season 1 again..
    even this one also they repeat like almost every rare cards from season 2..
    SM is super cheap

  2. pubsquash says:

    This is a very nice guide. If you don’t mind, I’d like to quote and credit you on SSF for the Season 2.5 trading card thread.

  3. you have the BEST reviews/breakdowns. thanks so much for figuring this out on behalf of us lazier s♥nes ^^

  4. elizabeth says:

    thanks for this guide. there’s always really helpful! 🙂 what would i do without soshicatalogue heheh

  5. Azzuri says:

    Thanks for your guide, can’t wait for open SS2.5 ^^

    Would you mind if I share this photo in SSFC the webboard in Thailand ?

    PS. Could I ask for the scan file of this card without Credit ? 🙂

  6. hihi says:

    OMG what a nice guide ! The new concept cards are great ! Definitely better looking than season 2 . Thanks darkrad !

  7. Maverick says:

    @Azzuri Please give credits to the author.Thank you. 🙂

  8. gui says:

    how many sets did u buy to have all those cards? :),

    nice guide^^.


  9. flinton kwon says:

    hey jus asking, is there duplicates for the signature cards?(:

    • flinton kwon says:

      for the real autographed not the printed one~~(:

      • neng says:

        doubt so =( so far those that has been taken are sica, seohyun, sooyoung, sunny, yoona, yuri
        and the 1st pressing is already out of stock so its quite obvious theres only 1 each
        the last 3 hyoyeon taeng and fany are either already taken and not revealed or its floating somewhere within the last few packs

        • neng says:

          and i bought 17 sets last week because i wanna get taengoo =((((( still waiting for it to be shipped

        • tom885 says:


          There are duplicates of the signature/autograph cards, but I don’t know exactly how many cards there are for each girl … so far I’ve seen 4 Seohyun’s, 3 Tiffany’s, 2 Taeyeon’s, 2 Sooyoung’s, and 2 Hyoyeon’s autograph cards floating around in different websites/forums

          I think SM (or Daewon Media) will release another batch of the 2.5 Star Cards (due to the fire incident in the factory), and I’m sure they’ll get the girls to sign more cards ^^

          • neng says:

            where are you from? which website forum did you see?

          • munkii9 says:


            I, myself, got a signed Hyoyeon card, and if you said other got one too, then there should be duplicate autographed ones out there…and i’m pretty sure there are ^^ haha

          • tom885 says:

            @neng: I saw the cards in many forums & websites – SSF, Pretty Taiwan, ebay, etc.

            @munkii9: Congrats on getting a hyoyeon auto card!! ^^

            There are definitely more than one autograph card, but we don’t know how many per member (I think roughly 10-20)

            btw, I saw the Hyoyeon 2.5 auto card, did she sign the front of the card (w/the picture) instead of the back (where there is a big white space for them to sign)? ^^

          • munkii9 says:

            @tom885: yeah she did ^^ haha yeah i flipped it over and was like “oh..blank space” XD lol mhmm~ thanks btw 😀 i was really excited haha :]
            yeah there’s alot of ppl on ebay with auto cards :O but the bids are really really high :[

  10. Kourai says:

    I got a Hyoyeon signed card yesterday too so there are definitely several signed cards per girl. But I don’t think there are more than 10 per girl as I’ve seen too few of them on eBay. Usually, there are like 2-3 sellers that manage to get all the cards and sell them on eBay…this time, I’ve only seen like 3 or 4 of them ! Moreover, this is the first time there is only one kind of autographed cards so I guess they wanted to make them really hard to get !
    That’s why I was terribly shocked when finding my Hyo card hahaha (Hyo is my all-time favorite, that’s even better !). I’ve bought tons of sets from season 1 & 2 and never got any sign so I really thought I’d never manage to get one, especially seeing that the season 2.5 is out of print and no one is sellng autos on eBay!

    Also, I can confirm that Hyoyeon signed on the the front for all of her cards as she did it on mine too hahaha XD that girl really knows how to be unique ! But her sign isn’t hiding the pic so it doesn’t matter, looks good like this ^^

    • tom885 says:

      Wow, congrats on getting an autograph card, especially your favorite member’s auto card (and you also won the bingo prize as well)!! ^^

      I have to say that getting this season’s auto cards is extremely hard (compared to Season 1 & 2), since there is only one kind of auto card (as opposed to two variations in the previous seasons), and I think roughly each girl signed about 10-15 autograph cards (however we cannot confirm the exact number ><)

      I think it's pretty unique that Hyoyeon signed on the front of the card (that's the only auto card where you can see the picture of the girl & the autograph on the same side) ^^

      • Kourai says:

        Yeah, I’ve been really lucky with Star Cards lately and I’ve bought so many sets and spent so much money for the cards (I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more than 800USD so far…including all the seasons of course) that it makes me even happier that I got that signed card and Bingo prize ! And I’m doing the Bingo event once more as I do have a lot of Bingo cards, I’m not sue I’ll get something else but who knows ^^

        Also, I do like the fact that Hyo signed on the pic, I don’t really like that blank side on the card even if it’s easier for the girls to sign there. It would have been better if the auto cards didn’t have the blank space but 2 pics like for the previous seasons. I prefer seeing the autograph on a pic, as long as it’s not hiding the girl’s face, it looks better ^^.

        Anyways, thanks again for all the information you provide on Star Cards and Bingo events, it’s really helpful ^^
        And thanks for replying to every single question and sharing your experience with us, you’re really sweet ^^

        • tom885 says:

          I’ve spent about the same amount for the Star Cards as well (Season 1 – 5-6 sets, Season 2 – 16-18 sets, Season 3 – 7 sets). The Star Cards is definitely the most expensive SNSD collection for me (sometimes I have to control myself in buying that much ><), but if you are fortunate to get some rare cards (auto/piece cards), then you'll think it's worth it ^^

          I have to agree with you that I don't like this season's autograph design and it does look better when the autograph & picture are together on the same side (despite the autograph might be smaller compared to Season 2.5).

          I'm glad that you (and many other sone) found this website useful, and we'll work hard in providing the latest & accurate information about Soshi Merchandise ^^

          Good luck in the 3rd round of the Bingo Event!

  11. Terence says:

    Can I complete Star Card Season 2.5 for just 1 set of it?

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      for better or worse, more than one’s needed

    • darkrad says:

      One set definitely won’t complete it. You’ll get close with the base cards, but if you’re aiming to complete everything but the actual autographed cards, you’ll need about 10-15 sets, and you’ll still have to trade cards to be able to finish it.

  12. seohyunbiased says:

    hello. just wanna ask if you know any online shop where i can buy whole set? thanks! :))

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