Seohyun The 1st DVD 「A Girl From Wonderland」

Update #2 [060311]: ORDERING PERIOD FOR INDIVIDUALS IS NOW OVER AS OF MAY 30th 2011. Group orders will proceed as normal until June 20th 2011.
Update #1 [270511]: Payment Period has been changed. Individual orders close 30.05.2011 and group orders close 20.06.2011.

We are reached the minimum quantities!!! Therefore, individual purchase will be closed by 3 days later (5/30/2011).
However, the group orders are going to proceed as scheduled.  So please excuse us and We really appreciated for your interests for Seo-Hyun and Girls’ Generation 😀

Note: In view of the slew of fanmade merchandise, do be mindful that there are some major SM Official merchandise to be anticipated as well. Albums, singles, Everysing & SPAO merchandise are invariably better avenues to express one’s support for the girls =)

And here we have yet another release upon us. I think that makes 3 out of 3 for this week… This project is run by, and just like the Taeyeon DVD by merong last year, it’s a collection of fancams on DVDs. Yep that’s more HD goodness.

2 x DVD discs of HD 1280 x 720 fancams focussing on Seohyun in a specially designed digipak case
NOTE: The DVDs will be playable only on the computer as the files are in wmvHD format.
Length: approx. 120 minutes

Special Gifts:
1. A cardcase with Seohyun’s character
2. 3 printed photo cards
3. A cellphone cleaner with seohyun’s character
4. A special bonus 1CD/DVD (seeking content clarification)

Price: USD $24
To avoid premium re-sale of the DVD, max. number each person can order is 10. However, if you are from a group/organisation and would like to order more than 20 sets you can contact the project organisers.

Total Price: DVD Price + Shipping Price

Weight of DVD set: 0.5kg

Shipping Prices:

Enquiries of EMS cost may be posted on’s Q&A board

Payment Period: Group orders – 2011/05/21 – 2011/06/20  //  Individual orders – 2011/05/21 – 2011/05/30

Therefore, you will not be able to order the book after the 20th June 2011. The DVD will be shipped out during July.

Payment Method:
– Payment can be made via Paypal (
– Check “Personal” for payment options and then “Others”.
– If you pay in Korean won, your order will not counted as an international order and you will not receive the bonus DVD.

Order Form:
Please send in the payment before emailing the form proper.

Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date :
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit :
Quantity of your order :
Your PayPal account e-mail address :

Contact (Questions): (Email) // @seohyunacom (Twitter)

So how do you place an order?
1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many DVD sets you want to buy using the table above.
2. Send payment via Paypal/bank transfer.
3. Send an email to with a completed order form.

DVD preview
Courtesy of seohyunacom@YouTube:

Seohyun The 1st DVD 「A Girl From Wonderland」

Video Credits: seohyunacom@YouTube
Author: darkrad
Published: 18th May 2011

3 Responses to Seohyun The 1st DVD 「A Girl From Wonderland」

  1. thankyou thank you thank you! honestly, i just love fancams. and korean fancammers are teh best. i’m glad it’s not just taengoo merchandise too. i’m hoping for something from thestephi or tiffanism soon! thank you!

  2. seobaby says:

    can i still buy :”<

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