Flying Petals「Capture Book」2011

Update #3 [060311]: ORDERING PERIOD IS NOW OVER AS OF MAY 12th 2011.

flying petals is back again with a new fan project! This time she will be printing a photobook featuring our Kid Leader, Taeyeon. Good news is that this photobook will be available to Korean and international S♥NES. Again, a special gift will be included, though what it is remains a secret.

Capture Book Details:
-Features photos taken during 2007-2011 from TV shows and fancams
-300 pgs
-Special gifts : sticker, pen, photos, and DVD (unknown) will be included

Price (excluding shipping): USD $32 per book

Payment/Ordering Period: 8th April – 12th May

Shipping Period: During May, after the ordering period has closed.

Shipping Details:
-Photobooks will be shipped via EMS
-If you want to buy more than 10 books, email letting her know where you live and how many books you want to buy.

Payment Method: Paypal (
-Check “Personal” for payment options and then “Others”.

Order Form: Kindly note that the order form is to be emailed to only after the PayPal payment has been completed and not before.

Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date (PayPal payment date):
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit (in USD):
Quantity of your order :
Your PayPal account e-mail address (specifically, the email address that is linked to PayPal):

Contact: (Email) // @flying_petals (Twitter)

How an order may be placed in brief:

1. The total amount payable for 1 set is USD $32 + shipping (varies according to location). For multiple sets, kindly contact flying_petals before conducting the payment.

2. Proceed with payment via PayPal.

3. Send an email to with the completed order form.


Flying Petals「Capture Book」

Image credits: (flying petals)
Author: iced_tea
Published: 8th April 2011

40 Responses to Flying Petals「Capture Book」2011

  1. Taeny_4ever says:

    Hi.. Had any1 receive their photobook? They are nt replying 2 email and tweet.. I should file a dispute on paypal..

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hi. Korean fansites normally do not address emails/tweets adequately (owing in part to the difference in languages). The earliest batch of shipment began May 27 and I reckon others ensued. Because it’s EMS, please give its delivery some grace till the end of this week. If fails, please let us know again and we’ll try to make contact (if it assures, the past projects of YBUJ & AAT had no known case of non-delivery, in as much as we’re aware of)

  2. Taeny_4ever says:

    I think they are not being responsible here.. before the order was closed. i ask if tracking would be provided since its EMS and they say they would provide it.. and i saw the tweet on 20th? that it was suppose to ship on 27th. so i email/tweet them my info asking for tracking code.. and they had yet to reply..

    I know that EMS should be safe.. but i cant possible stay @ home everyday to wait for the package..

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      unfortunately it is so. tracking number info isn’t often released. Flying Petals’ primary priority (as well as fansites et al) is ensuring a guaranteed delivery. To them, updating each shipment with its individual tracking is a secondary service they can afford to promise & break the same. In paying for EMS, us buyers are paying for 3 things: speed, safety & tracking. That’s the norm expected with conventional sites as eBay, GMarket, CDJapan, the likes. Still, when we pay for EMS for fan projects as these, we’re merely paying for its speed & safety, minus tracking. The tracking component is something of an afterthought to them as they operate things pragmatically – just wishing to see parcels shipped expeditiously without its collateral administrative hassle.

      that said, the above’s more like an unspoken clause when transacting with KSones’ fansites. ‘least, it’s what I’ve come to expect from experiences. yea~ waiting s***, in any of its forms. if you aint home, try making things easier for the postman beforehand, like sticking up a written notice on the door/gate to highlight that no one’s home and kindly requesting the postman to drop the slip into the letterbox. if need be, could try sticking up another envelope on the door for him to deposit the slip into safely

  3. iperiodic says:

    To anyone concerned about shipping, on a normal basis tracking numbers will not be provided. But if your product happens to experience a delay in arrival or not delivered,then they can use the number to investigate.Not to worry flying petals is very reliable from the previous projects and he will deliver it right to your door in perfect condition alright!

  4. vannhi ly says:

    how do i send the money?

  5. arty says:

    i already got it!!!!!!!

  6. vicjun says:

    im still waiting for mine :(. hopefully this coming monday

  7. WoShiPro says:

    Hmm had any SG Sone ordered and receive their photobook? I had order 10photobook for friends and me.. paid early may. But still had not receive any photobook… while

    another friend of mine order 20 and only receive 10photobook… Had email them countless times but they did not even reply even once..

    Could anyone help me to contact them?

    • WoShiPro says:

      Any help? their last update on twitter show Book will start shipping on 27th and its gonna be 2weeks soon…

      • iamsunshiner says:

        Apparently no one has received their books yet. You can either email them, or continue to wait. I know of some who are planning to file a Paypal dispute claim, so that will be another alternative.

        • WoShiPro says:

          I send them via Paypal – Others and paypal cant process dispute that was fund transfer under Others…

          My friend had gotten the photobook but the wrong quantity. He ordered 20book but receive 10Photobooks only. I and Him tried emailing but no response… so I getting worry.. since i pay around $500+ for 10books..

          The above guy also said that he gotten his Book.. so…

  8. Old Tom says:

    We bought 160 books for Taiwan Sone and so far have not received any.
    Our email gets no response too.
    I guess we can only Patiently wait for it.
    I guess they finish sending it to all the Korean Fans already (first week after May 27th).
    Now they are starting to send to Oversea Fans (second week after May 27th).

    • :] i think they’ve just started to send to oversea fans.
      i’m from the USA. i received mines 2 days ago. just be

      • Old Tom says:

        That is what I thought too ^^
        It just tiresome for me to explain to others when they keep seeing books pop up on ebay or local Taiwan stores who got their books in Korea.

    • orcon says:

      I think you are correct as I just check the send date on the post is actually 04/06/2011.
      I am from New Zealand and I just received it yesterday.^^

  9. iperiodic says:

    Addressing to all! flyingpetals is highly trustable dont worry!
    As for the mistaken quantity of 10 instead of 20, I believe petals have done it to prevent your friend from being taxed! purchases above 400$ will be taxed based on the laws of the singapore government!

    hope tha helps! I have not recieved mine yet but lets all be patient!

  10. WoShiPro says:

    Disappointing.. Still had not receive Photobooks…

  11. kyjj says:

    Has flyingpetals always taken this long to ship stuff? :/

  12. WoShiPro says:

    Just receive an email from Flying petals..

    I do apologize for the delay in my response.

    I’m afraid there’d been a mistake in a shipping process.

    but, it was checked, your oreder has been shipped well.

    again, i’m very sorry about the inconvenience.

    thank you 🙂

  13. Hazel says:


    I’m from singapore and I just received mine today. So don’t worry for those who haven’t received, And it’s all in absolute good condition as well. So just be patient and wait it ~ ^^

  14. Old Tom says:

    I got my 160 books, and 4 out 5 gifts on Friday.
    I am missing 160 stickers.
    Not sure what to do now, since I have not gotten any reply from my emails.
    So I have 9 boxes of stuff setting there collecting dust and I cannot do anything…
    I also ordered 5 DVDs…. and it no where to be find…

  15. calvin says:

    Is it possible to get this still?

  16. Old Tom says:

    I am very disappointed by Flying Petals inefficiency.
    I ordered 160 books and was one of the last one to get it in Taiwan. They also forgot to pack any stickers for me. I send many email and finally got 1 reply say wait for few days, it has been 10 days since that email so far and still nothing. I also ordered 5 sets of DVD and still have not gotten it. I am not sure if other people’s book came bubble wrapped, my is not so some have gotten dented too. I just wish they would at least reply some I can tell people what is going on.

    • WoShiPro says:

      My came with bubble wrap but the corner also get dented…

      My friend had yet to receive his Photobook too..

  17. hahaha says:

    Anyone from singapore want to buy?
    i have an extra copy

  18. So now is only at $32 dollar?

  19. H*mst*r says:

    Is there any way I could buy a new set, preferably from flying petal? I tried to access their site, but it shows up all cracked, most likely because I don’t have Korean install on my computer.

    I searched on Ebay, and one seller is selling it for $79 which is ridiculous, and it only comes with the book -_-‘

    So if someone could reply to me regarding this, it would be very helpful. I really wish to buy this 🙂

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