Official? Unofficial?

Are these official? We’ve been asked that exact question countless times in recent months. Like many aspects of life, SoShi merchandise can be categorized into different departments, in our case, three. Official, unofficial, and fanmade.

Official goods are basically goods produced or distributed by the management companies our girls are officially signed under (SM Entertainment, Nayutawave Records, Avex Taiwan, Universal Music), endorsers, or those with full legal rights. This can be broken down further into retail (goods produced for sale) and promotional (goods produced for promotional purposes). These goods may include albums, magazines, posters, calendars, DVDs, food, electronics, and so on… Although we don’t know the exact details, our girls do receive monetary benefits from the sales/production of these goods.

With the rising popularity and success of Girls’ Generation worldwide, it is inevitable that the market will contain unofficial merchandises as well. These are goods produced by a third party and generally easy to tell apart from official goods due to the poor nature in its quality and design. These goods are in most cases, “cheap”, however, the tricky part is that sometimes the items may seem authentic. I’ve personally witnessed many fans purchase such goods with the mindset that they were purchasing official goods. Please be careful! The girls receive no benefits from the purchase of unofficial goods.

Although quite a controversial topic to many, fan projects have become quite popular and in demand over the past year with one popping out after another. As its name portrays, these are goods made by fans, S♥NES, and may even fit under the unofficial category.

As you can see from our “PROJECTS” page, fan projects are made quite well, some even on par with official goods. Of course, the most popular item seems to be photo books. As pricing goes, these goods are NOT cheap, especially for international fans due to shipping. As popular and in demand as these goods are, our girls receive no profit.

Sadly, the production of fanmade goods has also set forth a “controversial” topic. Are fan sites making a profit off of us? How do our girls feel having fans snap away on their expensive cameras all the time? Are the girls aware that this is happening?! Although, I’m personally a big fan of many fan projects as well, I can’t help but think of these questions myself at times. To be honest, if I saw any of the girls near me (in real life of course), I’d take out my camera and snap away without a second thought (Okay.. maybe after screaming, spazzing, waving, and yelling Iloveyous. *shrug* Hopefully, the girls are still there by the time I’m done :< ).

I shall end this somewhat long post with something.. pretty. ^^


Author: CookyAjuuma
Published: July 16, 2011
Last Updated: July 18, 2011

One Response to Official? Unofficial?

  1. Evan He says:

    Why can’t the fan projects give us a choice between airmail and ems instead of just offering ems? Wouldn’t airmail be a lot cheaper?

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