Tang Paradise 1st DVD -「Paradise in Taeyeon」

Note: We are still trying to clarify a few points with the project organisers, in particularly with regards to the payment currency and fee. –darkrad

Update #2 [082211]: The 4.9% paypal fee is back. However, this time it’s incorporated into the EMS price that Tangpa is setting. We’ll try chase that up again. –darkrad
Update #1 [081711]: The 4.9% paypal fee has been removed. Select “Personal Payments” in Paypal.

BATTER UP. HELLSICA THROWS A FLAMING PITCH! TAENGO HITS! Whoooosh~ and here comes another Taeyeon project, this time from Tangpa (Tang Paradise). The project is titled 「Paradise in Taeyeon」 and consists of a wide collection of fancams, bundled of course, with some extra goodies.

DVD Details:
-2DISC / a Quality DVD Case
-Live performance, editing, non-uploaded videos
-Only playable on a computer

Preview: http://tangpa.com/PiT_Preview

Payment/Ordering Period: August 17, 2011 – September 30, 2011

Shipping Period: October 4, 2011

Price (excluding shipping): ₩30,900 per set.

If ordering more than 5 sets, write down your country + quantity and you will be notified of the price.

Shipping Price: Please write down your country + quantity in the Q&A board. Tangpa will tell you the EMS rate.

Tangpa has given us their EMS chart but we were told that they do not wish to  publicize it. However, we were given permission to use it for informational purposes to answer your questions on EMS rates~ ^^ –CookyAjuuma

Weight: ~1kg

Special Gifts:

  1. Orders made from August 17th to August 23rd will receive a “non-uploaded videos+α”
  2. All orders will receive (subject to change):
    ♦Cellphone cleaner
    ♦Mouse Pad
    ♦Electromagnetic waves blocking sticker
    ♦Character Memo paper
    ♦Printed Photo

Payment Method:

You may pay in either Korean won or USD.

    1. Bank: Industrial Bank of Korea (Kiup bank) 1989-0309-012 탱파굿즈
    2. Paypal: tangpa.goods@gmail.com  // [Select “Personal Payments”]

Order Form: Please send in the payment before submitting the form.

Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date :
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit :
Quantity of your order :
Your PayPal account e-mail address :
Phone number (Cell phone) :

입금자명 : Name of payer:
입금금액 / 신청수량 : Amount of your payment / quantity of DVD:
입금은행 / 입금날짜 : Name of the bank/bank account you paid with / date of deposit:
이름 (받으실 분) : Name (receiver of the DVD):
주소 (우편번호 포함) : Address + Zip Code:
연락처 (휴대폰) : Cell phone number:
e-mail 주소 : e-mail address:

1. Submit form on the ‘Overseas’ page here: http://tangpa.com/PiT_Overseas
2. Press the ‘write’ button. Fill in the relevant details at the top. Make sure you tick/check the ‘secret’ box if present, otherwise your info will be public on the web.
3. Copy and paste the form above in the writing box and fill in the appropriate details.
4. Press the ‘Submit’ button to post your form.

Notes: For the ‘name’ and ‘pass’ sections, it matters not what you put there. However, if you wish to check your post again after you’ve submitted it, choose a password you will remember.

*Note:  Your post will be moved to another board once your payment has been confirmed.

Contact: @TangParadise  (Twitter) // Submit questions: http://tangpa.com/PiT_QnA

How an order may be placed in brief:

    1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many DVD sets you want to purchase
      ♦Send payment via Paypal: (DVD cost + shipping fee) = total
      ♦Send payment via Bank: (DVD cost + shipping fee) = total
    2. Submit the completed order form on the ‘Overseas’ page: http://tangpa.com/PiT_Overseas

Tang Paradise 1st DVD 「Paradise in Taeyeon」

Source: http://tangpa.com/1000514
Image Credits: tangpa, SoShiCatalogue
Author: darkrad & CookyAjuuma
Published: 17th August 2011
Last Updated: 17th August 2011

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

46 Responses to Tang Paradise 1st DVD -「Paradise in Taeyeon」

  1. Kaizen Ng says:

    So, how do we know our shipping cost? Please advise. My email is andyng90@gmail.com. Thanks!

  2. vanho says:

    so in the send money page in paypal, which one i should choose, online purchase or personal payment?

  3. Taeyeonani says:

    oh! I’m so glad I found this site and this page! I love taeyeon and gotta have this! Just in time for my bday! woot!

  4. the all american amercian says:

    I ordered mine!! woot!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    You have the EMS rate chart? How much is shipping to the UK? I tried to go to the Q&A section but it wouldn’t load when I tried to post.

  6. just a little confused with my answer for the Q&A, but then i figured out that tangpa was charging 60USD for one set INCLUDING SHIPPING to the US. i flipped out a little at first because i had asked for the EMS fee, and i first thought the EMS fee alone was 60USD XDDDDD

    woohoo~ just placed my order! thanks soshicat for always helping us i-sones out! 😀

  7. reina94 says:

    may i ask?

    when is the date line for ordering it?

  8. Mr. Pimple says:

    My questions never get posted 😦
    Again, are we gonna get some kind of confirmation when the DVD’s are sent out? My money was already withdrawn. And Oct. 4 is so long away!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Have they started shipping out the items yet, if you know?

  10. Taeyeon's Husband says:

    Tangpa says they will try to ship no later then end of Nov. 😦 They are apologetic and offering refunds for those who do not want to wait any longer.

  11. taeyeon fan says:

    can’t believe it got delayed again….have to come back here to see if it was shipped yet….tangpa is really dropping the ball on this one

  12. Waiting for my Taeyeon DVD says:

    yeah.. something about losing everything and starting over I heard?! 😦 Hope there will be no more delays.. they should have not withdrawn the money until it was shipped. Oh well.. guess I’ll have to get the maxi single to hold me until then.

  13. oh i was starting to think that my package got lost– which is strange, because EMS never loses anything. but now i hear it’s delayed AGAIN >< *sigh*

  14. I want my Taengoo says:

    It’s almost the end of Nov. which Tangpa said will send no later. I hope send out soon! :(((

  15. Balli Balli! says:

    So are they done and sent it out yet? c’mon!!

  16. Still Waiting... says:

    so here’s and update from tangpa:

    Posted 12/6 from TangPa:


    I feel sorry to upload announcements again.

    Currently, most goods production has been completed, but one goods is still ongoing.
    I just waiting call for the production is completed.

    Invoice is already ready to done (who have recently changed the address; I am checking and changing the address.)
    If the last goods is arrive to me; I will shipping them as soon as possible.

    For much delayed; I will ship them all first, and then I will send email about the tracking number one day after the shipping is done.
    Please check the email one or two days after uploaded the shipping notice.

    I am very sorry to you guys to wait too long head.
    Now, will it be shipping soon. Please wait.

  17. When Will It Come??? says:


    배송 주소 변경하실 분들은 늦어도 12월 17일까지는 꼭! 게시판에 글 남겨주세요. If you want to change your shipping address please! write down in the board until Dec. 17.

  18. yw says:

    any news on this project?

  19. taeyeon fan says:

    got an email today that the dvd was sent out with a tracking number….so it’s coming….

    • snsd addict says:

      really? I didn’t receive any email 😦
      I contacted tangpa and she said should would be shipped dec. 17/18.
      I ordered in the 1 week so mine better come! already pissed.

      • taeyeon fan says:

        Yea I got this on 25th.


        The Tangparadise DVD was sent out.
        Please visit the board and the following EMS tracking number.
        EM ———- KR

        I am so apologies to you all about the production was delayed too much.

        Thank you.

  20. WTF says:

    aww.. mine hasn’t be mailed out yet and I was one of the first who ordered!?? dammit 😦

  21. Waahhhhh says:

    I still haven’t received my email from Tangpa and said it should be sent soon 😦
    I was also one of the first people to send in my order and other have gotten theirs before me? what the hell… it was bad enough I had to wait 2 months for it.

  22. I'm Pissed says:

    I haven’t gotten any email. I check everyday. They should ship in the order of by the date of purchased. It’s not fair for those who purchased last get theirs first. What a bad experience. This was supposed to be sent out in early Oct. and now I won’t get it until 2012? I should have just bought from ebay would have been faster.

  23. just got an e-mail from tangpa saying that my item has been shipped. goodness gracious 4 months later! but i’m sure it’ll be worth the wait ^^

  24. gee-9 says:

    paid aug22, got email dec25, got goods dec29
    well packed box
    they are coming…

  25. Finally says:

    I got my tangparadise bout a week ago. Glad nothing went wrong with the items sent.. I got everything and was packaged securely.

    I want to order the flying petals photobook now! Hope nothing goes wrong with production this time. Anyway.. love my taengoo fancams!!

  26. Andrea says:

    Hi, just want to check whether still can order the DVD or not?

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