Taki’s collection

Hey guys, Taki here, : ).

I really don’t know what to put here so I guess I’ll start off with an introduction?

Well, I’ve been a S♥NE since… the Gee days? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s around that time.

As far as collecting things, it’s not that big, I can’t even compare it to other members on the soshicatalogue team. T_T.

But my collection will continue to grow as time passes by. ^_^ (I’m always dirt poor so it’ll grow SLOWLY, but it’ll surely grow.)

I guess I’ll start off with the posters I have, I only have two, but I love them to death.

Next off is basically the rest of my collection (I think my collection is pretty pathetic based on it’s size, haha)

CD’s, Star Cards, Photocards, and the Thsutleo Photobook.

I chose to keep the Thsutleo Photobook in the bubble wrap because I don’t want it to get damaged.

There will be more to come. : )

2 Responses to Taki’s collection

  1. Stellastarstar says:

    Where can u get the thsut leo photobook? 🙂

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