It seems like this summer is definitely turning out to be a “hot summer” with the announcement of a new SoShi fan project! This time, by a Chinese Jessica fansite, JessicaChina.net, also known as Dear Jessica or simply DRJC.

It has been announced that only 200 sets will be sold and orders for individual items will be rejected. International orders are currently in the red light zone as DRJC is unsure of how overseas fans will sent their payment. However, they promise to think of a method, although there is no guarantee. Do stay tune for updates! ^^

The summer goods bundle includes:

1. JessiCat Doll
2. Jessica Fan
3. Jessica Elastic Band
4. Jessica Card Stickers (can be used on the back of bank cards, debit cards, bus cards, etc.)

Price: 65RMB (~USD $10.11) excluding shipping fee

Order Form: http://www.jessicachina.net/viewthread.php?tid=25295&extra=page=1

Translation of text in the photo below:

DRJC 2011 Displays

2011 Summer Peripherals: Dolls
Height of doll is 20cm

Using a cute Farm Girl’s as an inspiration, we produced a cute SicaCat Doll, which is filled with quality cotton, and has a soft touch. The jacket of SicaCat is produced with wool, and brings about a comfortable feel to it. Also, it is made convenient to hang on the buttons of bags (etc.), it is fashionable and cute. DRJC’s Summer special recommendation-SicaCat Doll

2011 Summer Peripherals: Fan
Pulchritudinous Jessica,seductive eyes, in the hot summer, regardless of gender, you can use this fan, and look at a smiling Jessica. Can you feel the summer blessings from Jessica? DRJC Summer display- Fan

2011 Summer Peripherals: Wristbands
(beside the two arrows point up and down it says draft wristband and actual product)
An eye-catching bright yellow Dear Jessica wristband. Let DRJC accompany you in the basketball court, soccer court, on the streets and alleys this summer~DRJC Summer display- Wristband

2011 Summer Peripherals: Sticker
The final product of DRJC’s meticulous photoshopping,it can be used to be pasted at any types of ATM/Credit cards and transportation passes. Everytime your card is taken out it’s the special beauty, Jessica~ DRJC’s Gift-Jessica Sticker

Translated by iperiodic@SoShiCatalogue.com

Source: DRJC_China@twitter
Image Credits: DRJC
Translation Credits: iperiodic@SoShiCatalogue.com
Author: CookyAjuuma
Published: July 16, 2011
Last Updated: July 18, 2011

5 Responses to DRJC 2011 SUMMER GOODS

  1. omfg that doll is ADORABLE and that fan.. that is my FAVE pic of sica. of all the fan projects, this seems to be the most affordable. keeke thanks for always keeping us up-to-date!!

  2. mrlovesun says:

    when is close order ?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Not even that big of a Jessica fan (I love all of the girls, but she’s not one of my biases) but I really want to buy this! So cute and affordable 🙂 I want them to open up orders to international Sones. Any idea if they will? We could pay by Paypal…

    • CookyAjuuma says:

      Yeah! I love the cat too ~O~

      I talked to them.. ^^ there’s still about 40 sets left but they’re currently not shipping international because EMS costs more than the bundle itself. I did recommend them to use other shipping methods which they said they will look into 🙂

  4. inukazeltz says:

    Is this still available? 😦 I just discovered it now.

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