Chin Chin Fanmade Booklet Special

UPDATE 2: Orders are now closed!

UPDATE 1: Hey guys, before you ask, the audio and bora will not be subtitled in English. However, the booklet containing the song titles and guest names will be in both Korean and English.

Hello everyone! We’ve gotten news of a SONE who is planning to make a Chin Chin Fanmade Booklet Special!

The Chin Chin Fanmade Booklet Special will include a booklet and 6 DVDs. The booklet will contain a list of guests and songs played each day and the DVDs will contain all audio, bora and pictures. _happyline (username on Twitter) is the creator of this project and intends to compile all Chin Chin information in this fanmade special.

In order for the project to proceed, 100 orders are required. Currently the price is USD $26 each (excluding shipping). However, this price may drop if more people order.

For pictures, more information and to express your interest in this project go to the site for this project!

Chin Chin Fanmade Booklet Special

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