Cassandra’s Collection :D

Note: I’m going to like edit when my stuff comes in like in the 2-3 weeks XD

Im going to introduce myself, LOL. I’m Cassandra, from Singapore. And i’ve been a fan since likeerr genie days? I knew SNSD during their Kissing You days but never LIKED them till genie. Kind of regretted it since like i could have gotten ‘rare’ posters :C I started collecting things like on 3rd Feb ;D haha, and i’ve gone ebay-ing, soshigood-ing and more ^^ I place my SNSD stuff on my table, and some hidden in my walk-in-wardrobe where it’s safe~

First things first, (Albums, common ):) I keep them like on my shelves like how you display books. Going to get Baby Baby as soon as i get my allowance~

My cute little trom bear ❤ it’s adorable~ it sits on my table and 2 Miero N Beauty drinks. Taste like apple juice 😀 and my Goobne Diary & DSi Booklet THAT i treasure a lot ^^ love them to death man.

My Run Devil Run Individual Posters, and you can already see my biasness :X but i love SNSD as a whole though (: and of course, my Goobne Pink MUG XD pink ftw~ (i’m a girl, so im not gay , hehe)

My Yuri & Sica HQ Everysing Signed Photos , got them from CPH / and of course, my Goobne Bromride~

My legally blonde official rare photobook, my most treasured item ^w^ , i put inside some plastic folder ❤

Star Collection Set Season 1, Group cards & holos 😀

My Star Collection Set and extra regs 😀

My ALL 9 1st Asia concert keychain & bromride ; and posters 😀 (will post pics of them soon)

My ITNW concert 3D file & bromride~

My lovely photocards 😀 getting tiffany + sooyoung wb this 2-3 weeks ~

8 Responses to Cassandra’s Collection :D

  1. Yoonaloved says:

    Hey I’m from Singapore too . May I know where you buy the albums ? Because I do not like to buy albums from the stores here as I think they are the taiwan versions . May I know where to buy the Korean versions ? Do you order most of your collection online or do you buy them here ? And lastly , where you bought the miero drinks ?

  2. J Wong says:

    Hi, just wanna ask a random question. I might be getting soshi vita500 drinks. Should I leave the drinks in the packaging or just gulp down the drinks and carefully wash the bottle? O.o Lols, sorry for the randomness…

    • J Wong says:

      Or should I just keep the labels….

      • Kenneth says:

        I think you should just keep the labels 😉 . After all, the Vita500 bottles are made of glass and quite fragile in a sense. Keeping just the labels allows you to laminate them into a poster or bromide-like card for storage/display 😀 ! By the way, how did you manage to obtain the special Soshi Vita500 Energy drinks ? I thought they were not allowed to be sold outside of Korea (as the bottles are made of glass 😉 ). The drinks are nice though (tried the orange flavoured one). Just my 2 cents.

        • Tom in Taiwan says:

          If you really want the best taste… put it in the fridge and drink it cold.

          Taiwan sell it with drink inside.

  3. qiwei says:

    are u buying jessture photobk?

  4. killbill50 says:

    hi cassandra, i was wondering if you’ll sell any of your extra regs from season 1?

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