KC’s Soshi Office

Step inside to KC’s office/room filled with all things SNSD.

KC’s collection undoubtedly inspired many SONEs out there to start their own Soshi collection. It is probably envied by many, many SONEs too. Eventually, his collection eventually led to the idea of Soshi Catalogue.

Hopefully we’ll be able to update this soon with new photos for 2011!

Many thanks to KC for giving us permission to share these photos on Soshi Catalogue!

9 Responses to KC’s Soshi Office

  1. i dream of the day i get to have a room like this 😀

  2. Kenneth says:

    My Goodness 😀 ! That is one AMAZING Soshi collection 😉 !!! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us SONEs, KC 🙂 😀 😀 !

  3. Amy says:

    Oh how i love his room. he must be living in heaven everyday

  4. kim hyoyeon says:

    i like hyoyeon….muahh and also so nyuh shi dae….

  5. kim hyoyeon says:

    someday i will have this room…kekekeke

  6. Cyeon says:

    Daebak o.O

  7. SoneShidae ! ChocoCola~ says:

    I don’t wanna live in that situation,well,I was scared to ruin the composition in the room just by stepped there… xD

  8. ankgi yoonadict87 says:

    omg i can’t speak anything.

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