TangParadise 2013 Calendar & 2nd DVD

Yet another release from Tangpa! This time they’re releasing the 2013 calendar & their 2nd DVD simultaneously.


Desk Calendar Details:

– 15 x 23cm (vertical)
– 30 pages
– Includes unpublished photos

DVD Details:

– 2 Discs
– Digipack
– Contains fancams from The Boys & Twinkle period
– Only playable on PC

Special gifts:

  • Character card
  • Hot pack (Hand warmer)
  • Post-it notes
  • Bonus DVD for those who make payment during the prepayment period

Special gifts are subjected to change depending on the admin.

*Take note that the calendar & DVD are sold as a set and Tangpa will not be selling the DVD nor calendar individually.

Wall Calendar Details:

– 29.7 x 42cm (vertical)
– 13 pages
– Includes unpublished photos

The photos in the wall calendar are different from those in the desk calendar.

*Only those who purchase the calendar & DVD set (as stated above) can purchase the wall calendar, and only one wall calendar can be purchased with each desk calendar & DVD set purchased. (i.e. if you purchase 2 desk calendar & DVD sets, you can choose to purchase either one or two wall calendars.)

Price of wall calendar (without shipping) : USD$15

Ordering/Payment Period:

1st October 2012 – 31st October 2012
Prepayment Period: 1st October 2012 – 10th October 2012

Shipping Period: To be announced

Shipping Details:

Please contact the admin about overseas shipping first by writing on the Q&A board. Write down your country, how many sets you wish to purchase, as well as your mode of payment (bank deposit or paypal).

Payment Method:

Bank Deposit

Bank Name : Industrial Bank of Korea
Account Number : 390-045794-01-012
Account Name : 탱파굿즈 (TangParadise)
Beneficiary Address : MBE #256, S-5, Coexmall, 159, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (ZIP:135-090)



*Please check ‘Personal Payments’ & ‘Others’ during payment via paypal. You will have to pay any extra fees incurred.

After sending payment, write on the Overseas Board with the following form filled up:

– Depositor name :
– Amount of deposit / number of sets :
– How to deposit (bank or paypal) / payment date :
– Name (Receiver) :
– Country :
– Zip code :
– Address :
– Contact (mobile phone) :
– E-mail address :

Once the admin has verified your payment, your post will be moved to another board.

Non-members of TangParadise may also purchase the calendar & DVD sets.
No refunds or returns will be entertained, so think carefully before you place an order.

TangPa will not be responsible for any errors on your part (e.g. wrong shipping information, depositing the wrong amount).
Any problems with regards to the shipping process should be directed to the shipping company.

How an order may be placed in brief:
1. Write on the Q&A board with your country, intended sets of purchase and payment method. Wait for the admin to reply you with the total amount payable.
2. Send payment via Paypal or bank deposit. (If you choose to make payment via paypal, you will have to pay any extra fees incurred)
3. Write on the Overseas board with the following form filled up.



DVD Preview

Images are subjected to change.

Source: TangParadise
Author: IAMSunshiner
Published: September 26th, 2012

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

8 Responses to TangParadise 2013 Calendar & 2nd DVD

  1. shiw says:

    WithUS-Sone Bulk Order for US/Canada/Mexico! I always do bulk orders with them for fansite goods 🙂 It usually saves me from $15-$20 than if I order by myself. Gogogo!

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  3. [SINGAPORE ONLY] Pre-order the Tangpa 2013 Taeyeon Calendars & 2nd DVD Set With Early Bird Gift here!


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  6. faq diss says:

    tangpa has great products. only problem you get them almost a year later after ordering. I’ll sit this one out and if I see it on ebay I’ll buy it. Probably lot more but I’m tired of her delays.

  7. Christopher says:

    For me i will buy directly from ebay when is available, the price will be a little slightly higher but not to the extend of 2x more. I always received the items which i ordered from ebay within 4 – 5 days using ems.

    Who knows how long do you need to wait after u made the payment to Tangpa, the 1st dvd & the 1st Photobook mass order is a failure in my opinion, super slow in communication / lack of updates / frequent delays from the Tangpa Admin side.

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