Sunshine Village’s Sunny Caps Book

Update #4 [150711]: + Pics of LCD cleaners and bookmarks.
Update #3 [290611]: Details on how to post comment after payment has been added.
Update #2 [220611]: @IAMSunshiner and @iLuvSunny are co-organising a mass order for Singaporeans. Do contact them for more information.
Update #1 [190611]: Ordering period has been shortened to July 3rd.

Sunshine Village ( will be accepting orders for the production of their Sunny Caps book which will contain screen captures of almost every appearance of Sunny on shows aired on TV. They will be having a pre-order period in order to determine how many people are interested in definitely ordering a book. The more people that pre-order means the lower the final price will be. (Pre-ordering period has ended)

Only pre-order if you are absolutely sure you want to purchase a book. If you unsure, you can order the book later during the ordering period.

Fun fact: It’s been said that Sunshine Village gave one of these books to Sunny as a gift and she stayed up all night looking at it! ^^ 

Photo Book Details:

  • Includes screen captures of almost every appearance by Sunny from “Into The New World” days to “MR. TAXI” days.
  • every live stage from “Into The New World” to “MR. TAXI”
  • every variety show Sunny was a regular in: “Girls Go To School”, “MTV SNSD”, “Wonderful Outing”, “Hello Baby”, “Star Golden Bell”, “Horror Movie Factory” and “Invincible Youth”
  • every radio show Sunny appeared regularly on: “ChinChin”, “Chunji”, “Shimshimtapa”
  • “The M” (Sunshine Village states that most of us have not seen this show before)
  • Sunshine Village’s Gallery
  • + more

-Approximately 300 pages
-Size: B5

Price (including shipping): USD $65
♦Bulk ordering price will be cheaper. Please e-mail Sunshine Village for details. (

Payment Method (Paypal):

Payment Period: June 15th ~ July 3rd

Shipping Period: Sunshine Village plans to sent the books out after a week. However, the exact time will be determined after the payment period ends.

Order Form: Post the following on the ‘Capbook board‘ in “secret”(private) mode AFTER sending payment.

(1) Your name & paypal account name
(2) how many books you ordered
(3) how much you paid
(4) (paypal) email address
(5) Address

For those who face problems trying to post comments after payment, here is a guide.
(Note: click to enlarge image) 

  • Change the language to English.
  • At the Capsbook board, there will be a “write” option at the bottom right corner.
  • After you post your comment, be sure to check the “Secret” mode.
  • Submit your comment.

*Note: Your post will be deleted after Sunshine Village confirms your payment and you will be sent a confirmation   e-mail. If there is a problem, they will leave a comment on your post.

Contact E-mail:
*Note: Sunshine Village will not accept any ‘Caps book’ related questions on Twitter

Courtesy of Sunshine Village. Contents of the book can be viewed in Sunshine Village’s Gallery.

You will randomly receive 2 of the 3 LCD Cleaners (phone cleaner) and 2 bookmarks shown below. 

All private information will be removed after the sale of the books.

Sunshine Village’s Sunny Caps Book

Image Credits:
Author: iced_tea & CookyAjuuma
Published: 30th May 2011
Last Updated: 15th July 2011
Special thanks to GBGmuzic@Twitter for the tip!

11 Responses to Sunshine Village’s Sunny Caps Book

  1. cami says:

    Wanted to add that the caps book was originally given to Sunny for her bday, but has been decided to be made available for the public. Sunny received the book and spent the whole night looking at it until the sun came up. She said so herself in a UFO: ;{3

    Also, here is a link for the official info page on sunshine village:

    Thanks everyone! ;{3

  2. Simon says:

    I noticed the deadline for preorder already passed.

    But looking at this sentence:

    “Only pre-order if you are absolutely sure you want to purchase a book. If you unsure, you can order the book later during the ordering period.”

    There will be another ordering period? Anyone got information about this? I really hope to get this book.

  3. Salmon says:

    The pre-order is just “to determine how many people are interested in definitely ordering a book.”, so as to lower the final price. The actual ordering period isn’t out yet, you can order when the date is out. xD

  4. iamsunshiner says:

    Is anyone doing a bulk order for Singaporeans?

  5. Nicky says:

    I want this but i cant afford it…….

  6. Simon says:

    OMG I wanna order but I do not know how to post in the forum after sending my payment.

    Any help?

  7. iamsunshiner says:

    A guide has been added above! 🙂

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