Review: 1st Mini Album – Gee

Hey guys! By request, I present to you.. *drum roll* GEE! ^^

Catalogue Post : here

If you’ve heard of the “Gee Fever” that (literally) shocked EVERYONE in Korea AND fans Worldwide, this is where it all began! The songs in this album are absolutely amazing with a mix of pop and ballads along with a gorgeous 44 page photo booklet. I mean, awesome songs and a 44 page photo booklet? What can go wrong, right?!

Front                                                                                          Back

01. Gee – 3:30
02. 힘내!(Way to go) – 03:04
03. Dear. Mom – 04:05
04. Destiny – 03:26
05. 힘들어 하는 연 인들을 위해(Let’s talk about LOVE) – 04:11

CD & Photo booklet:



owa1985 bumps in.


So. Song reviews:

1. Gee

What should I say about Gee? That it is my favouritest song ever (Notice I didn’t put favourite SNSD song)? That it’s addictive like crack? That it was number one on MuCore for 9 weeks (That’s 1 trophy for each of the girls! XD)?

I don’t think much needs to be spoken about the song that put our girls on the rocket to fame.

Not convinced? Watch the MV:

02. 힘내!(Way to go)

And here’s everyone’s favourite pep song. The actual lyrics sing about a girl’s companion who has been a good friend to her and she kinda (probably an understatement) likes him and wants him to love her, all sung in a very hopeful, happy, wholesome kind of way, of course.

Strange how most lyrics are Better than They Sound when summed up and distilled. lol

It’s a pretty good tune and the tone fits our girls’ concept of being all peppy and full of hope.

But personally, I don’t like it that much (and I don’t know why!). =(

03. Dear. Mom

It’s a good ballad.

It has beautiful, meaningful lyrics.

But, I feel a little bummed out. The lyrics are gender specific; As in, the song is a girl singing to her mother that she will be a good daughter and she will honour her mother’s love to her throughout the years under her care.

Well, not that I can sing it in key anyhow. =P

04. Destiny

This is still my least favourite song in SNSD’s repertoire.

The music might appeal to some, but IMO, it doesn’t really suit SNSD’s style and is, to be honest, quite annoying after the third time.

So, the lyrics deal with a girl (or a very ‘uke’ guy) who is planning to err… for lack of a better word, seduce a boy (or girl) into loving her (or him XD). So there’s stuff like:

Monday I’m going to go carefully to you too
Tuesday I’m going to love you like a pure child
For the remaining 5 days, I will whisper my love
Sunday and then Monday the two of us will be together

As you can see, it’s quite fluffy, but it’s sung in a rather fierce-like manner, so I am not sure how that’s going to work. >.>

05. 힘들어 하는 연 인들을 위해(Let’s talk about LOVE)

Ah, the song featured in the Forever 9 video.

That aside, this is a pretty catchy song with lyrics coming out of a relationship counselor.

The lyrics first speaks to the girl to allow the dude some space and accept him for the complicated creature that he is. Apparently he will then try harder on his own for her. Then the lyrics go on to tell the guy to remember how much he loves her and he should just embrace her and not give up “in the name of love”.

Sounds rather preachy, eh? Well, I think that while the lyrics have not enough time to elaborate, it does exhort the listener to “Seek to understand than be understood”. So, it gets some good marks from me there.


I find it funny that this mini album contains both my favourite and least favourite SNSD song.

But then, 3 good songs out of 5 ain’t bad, no?


One Response to Review: 1st Mini Album – Gee

  1. but but but…. i like song reviews!
    regardless, this is probably the best looking album of theirs, in my humble opinion. even now, when i look through the booklet, i realize that every shot is PERFECTION 😀

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