Storing Your Star Cards

Hi everyone! We’re recovering yet another one of KC’s posts on Star Cards.

This time, this post details how to present your star cards in a pretty binder. 🙂 You can buy the card holder sheets mentioned in the guide at places such as trading cards/games stores, office supplies stores and any store that sells folder-related items. However, with many creative SONEs out there, we’re sure that they are other cool ways to store your star cards. So feel free to share how you keep your star cards! ^^

All credits go to KC! Please credit him if you intend to use this outside of SoShi Catalogue.

hey all. i’ve had tons of inquiries lately about how exactly i am storing my SNSD Star Card Collection. i thought it’d be easier to simply make a photo entry instead of explaining it a hundred times heh

so first step is very simple: go out and buy yourself about 20 sheets of clear card holders… try to find sheets as clear as possible as it will really help in the final presentation of your collection… for a binder, anything will do but try to find one with a clear cover…. ring size, no need to go beyond a 2 inch ring, you won’t have that many sheets in there even if you complete the entire collection

so once you have your binder ready to go, find a spare SNSD poster, photo or fav set of Star Cards and be creative! the more work you put into your binder, the nicer it will look…. i didn’t have much time so i simply took an extra Star Cards poster I had lying around, cut it up and added a few rare foil cards for finish… looks pretty nice rite? kekeke ^^

feel free to decorate the inside of your binder as well for extra effect heh:

so once your binder is all done, you’re ready to get your cards ready…. now, the reason i recommend having 2 copies of each card is so you can do the following… fill up two sheets identical of each set of cards like the below pics… when flipping through your final binder, you will be able to see both the fronts and backs simultaneously which is pretty nice….

anyway, after all that fun work, your binder is now done! your cards are safe and the packaging looks great! hope this was helpful in some way, good luck on making your own SNSD Star Cards binder! lol, daekbak!!! ^^

— by KC

6 Responses to Storing Your Star Cards

  1. Lia says:

    hello~ do u know where i can buy the binder?

    • tom885 says:

      Hi Lia,

      I think you should be able to find a similar binder in your local stationary stores (just look for a plain clear-cover binder w/ 2-inch ring)

      Hope that helps! ^^

  2. guish says:

    what is the size of the pages/ cards inside?
    i mean the plastic where you will insert the cards?

  3. soosica says:

    where do you get “20 sheets of clear card holders”. i cant seem to find any of those 3×3 ones

  4. GoHaraGo says:

    Dumped out my pokemon/yugioh/magic cards binder just for the girls >.<

    Got to say the binder above looks very very visually appealin. ^^

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