Review: 1st Photobook – 少女 Girl in Tokyo

Note: Click to enlarge the images

OHMAGAWD!A REVIEW?!?! YUPP. Before I start my long rant brief overview of the photobook, I’d like to point out a few things. This photobook costs around $35 USD in Korea but will cost much more for international fans due to shipping. WHY?! Well, it weights around 3.5kg with a dimension of 15in x 11.5in x 2in. Much of this weight is due to the HUGE box SM Entertainment decided to package the photobook in… BUT! Before we all start pointing our fingers at SME *points*, please consider that the box is indeed “Gorjess” so.. *High5 SME!*


Front                                                                             Back

The characters “少女” meaning ‘Girl’ are in shiny silver lettering.

What inside the treasure box?

Pull the pink ribbon upward to get the photobook out safely.
Try NOT to flip it upside down and hope that the book will fall out safely like I did.. ~_~ kekeke.. -fail-
After that, you will find the included DVD at the bottom of the box.
The photobook is 13in x 9 1/4in x 1 1/4in

Front                                                                            Back


Flipping the cover page over, you are welcomed with the characters “少女” again ^^
The cover page is actually a folded page which you can open..
(there will be several of these folded pages throughout the book)


click to enlarge

The whole photobook is absolutely gorgeous! Usually, there’s 1 or 2 of the girls that make me go “o_O”
but here, all 9 girls look amazing.. If you have the extra cash, this is a MUST buy item for any S♥NE!


The DVD comes in a completely sealed plastic sleeve and would require you to cut it in order to get the DVD out
(DAMN U SM!) However.. instead of cutting the edge, I would recommend you to make the cut 1 inch into the sleeve. This is so that the DVD won’t slide/fall out when inserted in the case.

1. Draw the line with a pencil or ink/gel pen as the marks will be easier to remove.
2. Proceed and make a cut where the mark is with a switch blade, knife, etc.

It should look like this when you’re done:

If you don’t want do this, you can also store the DVD inside a case.
A K-Sone from Tangpa has been kind enough to make and share DVD covers ^^

(click to enlarge)
Note: Depending on your printer, you may have to re-size the covers when printing them out. If printing on a letter sized paper, try to fit as much of the picture as you can without anything getting cut off.

You will need a scissor, the printed cover(s), and a transparent DVD case which can be bought from most computer/hardware/office supply stores.

If you want, you can also use both covers: 1 on the outside, 1 on the inside


39 Responses to Review: 1st Photobook – 少女 Girl in Tokyo

  1. Elena says:

    Thank you really much for writing this review!
    I actually scrolled down the page to avoid the spoiler pictures, as my photobook is still on its way home, lol. But I really appreciated the nice suggestion for the DVD to get a better look!
    Keep up the good work! :DD

    • teeheex33 says:

      Hello there! thanks for reading ^^ glad u liked the DVD suggestions 🙂
      I hope ur book finds its way to u soon! CHEERS!

  2. wendyy22 says:

    Hey Tiff, I really like the suggestion on how to store the DVD! Can’t wait for mine. I avoided the spoiler pics too heh
    Awesome work 🙂

  3. iheartsica says:

    Where you get the empty DVD case from? ):

  4. Brandon says:


    • owa1985 says:

      LOL! The box itself can be bought at most computer hardware stores. The paper itself is printed.

    • teeheex33 says:

      You can purchase the DVD case at computer hardware stores,
      you have to print the DVD cover yourself.. i included them above, just click on it to enlarge the image, then print.. hope that helps ^^ CHEERS~

  5. omg that DVD case is a SUPER CUTE idea. thank you so much!

    and yes, the photobook is MARVELOUS

  6. I posted this over at SSF, and i wanted to post this here too because i believe that this is a VERY IMPORTANT WARNING that everyone must read!


    trust me, I am extremely OCD, most ESPECIALLY when it comes to my soshi merchandise– so this was in NO WAY due to my rough-handling or carelessness. Note, this has nothing to do with where i ordered the book ( as I suspect it was a Manufacturer’s DEFAULT.

    anyways, not only did they pages fall out– they were the yoonhyun basketball/gym photos of all things which made me VERY SAD. I’m going ahead and selling mine on amazon… and I had to dish out ANOTHER $80USD and order a new one from ebay today.

    I know this might sound really crazy, but now i’m thinking you should look through the photobook WHILE IT’S STILL IN THE BOX. That way the binding will NEVER get creased and the glue should never get loose. I mistakenly was looking through the photobook on my desk and I think midway, the pages itself just got too heavy and I literally saw the binding crease right before my eyes. I though nothing of it at first, until I went back through the book to take some snapshots and 2 pages FELL OUT T_____T

    as much as we paid for these books, please keep in mind that in Korea, they only cost like $30-35USD. Technically speaking, for a book this size, that’s REALLY CHEAP, meaning production costs were probably kept to a minimum. I’m seriously mad at SM for delivering such BEAUTIFUL photos at such LOW QUALITY
    so please be EXTRA gentle and handle the book as if it’s a fragile old grandma. that way you won’t have to waste your money like me >_<

    • teeheex33 says:

      awww, thanks for the heads up ^^
      my book actually creased while I was flipping through it and taking pictures..
      but I guess it was partly my fault LOL (rough handling/multitasking) ><
      luckily, I bought 2 for back up hahahaha

  7. Jeti+TaeyeonSone says:

    Are you sure the books only cost 30-35US in korea? Because a friend of mine said that it was 60+ ><

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Thank you very much for the excellent write up 🙂

    Do you happen to know the correct size to print the DVD cover?

    • teeheex33 says:

      thanks for reading~
      I’m not exactly sure what size they were..but fitting as much of the picture on the paper without it getting cut off should do the job ^^ trail and error~

  9. koreanheartthrob says:

    @tiff LOL you have another 2 copies?! o_o
    I bought mine for $85 AUSD.
    So far the binding and everything seems to be in place and I open the book almost everyday :L
    Actually I think it’s pretty good quality, the photobook… or maybe I’m just a noob because this is the first photobook I’ve purchased :L
    It took me sometime to appreciate the photobook because at first, it was just dull to me. Now it’s one of my most prized possessions ^^

  10. Koya says:

    I can’t wait to have my copy of this!

  11. pip says:

    does anyone know where can i buy this?i know it’s late already.. 😦
    not e-bay/yesasia

  12. pip says:

    i already found a site which still takes the order^^
    about ur link, i cant read chinese so it’s quite difficult for me
    anyway THANKS 4 HELPING^^

    sone jjang!!

  13. SoShi_Gee says:

    I’m even later than pip… =.=”
    @ofpuddingsncucumbers… Do you know any individually-owned blogsites of Singapore?

  14. SoShi_Gee says:

    Thx for helping… Will be checking out your suggestions… ^^

  15. ty says:

    hey, may i ask whats the difference between the taiwan and korea version of this photobook? thanks ^^

  16. Jean says:

    Does anyone here know where I can still buy one now? Preferable Singapore-based blogshops. @ofpuddingsncucumbers: I checked the link you gave and it’s out of stock there. Does the amazon Japan one still have stock now though? It’s kinda confusing.
    @teeheex33: You said you have two more? Do you still have them and if you do, are any of them up for sale?

  17. Jean says:

    $200? I know it’s out of print already and I shouldn’t be expecting a low price, but this is way beyond my budget? Does anyone know of any other deals?

  18. GoHaraGo says:

    Arggh so mad at my self for not buying this when it came out. Seems like its going for over 150-200+ on ebay atm. Even the so called “used” photobooks are fetching for around 100:S

  19. welling says:

    are these still available to buy?

  20. Yoscie says:

    YEY! they are reprinting it!! Whoot!

  21. igotsoshified says:

    Just got mine today. Just curious, how will you know whether its the first press print or the reprint version?

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