Review: 1st Thsutleo Photobook: Love it it it it it it it ah!

Ah, so. Much has been said about this photobook and this is but another article proclaiming its awesomeness. I suppose I can make it a little more objective than other reviews, so we will break it down to a few criteria:

1. Size and Make
2. Print Quality
3. Photo Quality (Nice shots?)

1. Size and Make

Well, we all know how monstrous the So Nyuh photobook is, Thsutleo’s own photobook isn’t that much smaller and is much more comfortable to be held (and not have its spine bent and pages come off). The pages themselves are made of the same paper as the So Nyuh photobook, that is of very high quality 90-ish GSM matte paper. So, yeah, it can’t really get any better.

2. Print Quality

No pics here because I am saving them all for the next header. =P

But, as far as print quality goes, the printing is flawless. The blurriness you see on some of the pics are caused by the photographer, not due to any fault of the printer. So, yes, another perfect score here.

3. Photo Quality

You might have heard that there is a Jessica, Yoona, and Taengoo bias to the photographers or at least editors. You heard right. About 60% of the pics are comprised of shots with either one of the three in it. Hyo, Soo Young, and Sunny fans seem to have gotten the short end of the stick but don’t fret, what little you see of them are still pretty good candid shots of them.

Now that we got the potentially bad point out of the way, time for the good:

So yeah, they are all candid shots of the girls taken over the years by the fine gentlemen at You might recognise some or all of the pics in there. Yeah, they are probably part of the sets of photos that you can find on, except without the watermarks, of course.

In here is the pictorial history of So Nyuh Shi Dae (Well, mostly Jessica, Yoona, and Taeng, granted, but eh.) from their debut right up to around the time of their first solo concert in glorious hi-res. So hi-res that you can pick out the moles and blemishes on our girls’ faces. =P

If you asked me, I actually prefer the photos in here than in So Nyuh. =.=;

Also, there are no “wasted pages” like in the So Nyuh photobook. Even the back page has a photo:

You might be able to pick out the “No Scanning and Uploading” clause on the bottom right of the book. I think this is due to the fact that if you did, you would basically have Thsutleo’s photos without their watermark. And it’s harder to identify that you actually got the pics from a photobook due to the lack of a common theme like in So Nyuh. So, kids, no scanning, k?

And besides, you would just ruin the spine. You won’t want that, right?

Bottom Line

This is as good a photobook as you can hope for. USD 100 might be a little high for the going price nowadays, but it might be worth it. Maybe.

Lets hope Thsutleo releases another one in the future. Maybe one with a little more of our underrated (UNderrated? NEVAR!) trio. =P


Yes, owa1985 reads The Prince. And not for any literature study too. He wants to rule the world and he will start by… Bah, who’s he kidding?

6 Responses to Review: 1st Thsutleo Photobook: Love it it it it it it it ah!

  1. Aigooo says:

    Lol bro, i believe for 100USD is certainly a good price already since it so hard to find one with that price, update me if you manage to find one! ^^

  2. Aigooo says:

    Haha, that why i say for 100USD is kinda hard, and also i believe the 180USD is abit too high ><

  3. cwhearts says:

    @aigooo i’m selling mine for 110USD 🙂

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