Flying Petals 110309 Support 「 ALL ABOUT TAEYEON 」

Update [20110410]: Flying petals tweeted on 29th March 2011 – “the items are in stock so if you missed the opportunity to get it, email me ‘”
Update [20110314]: Photos of CD, calendar, phone strap, mouse pad and actual birthday support project added. 
Update [20110131]:
Video preview of fancam CD embedded below. CD’s running time is approximately 50-60 minutes.
Update [20110130]: Price for each set is USD $50. Mass orders are more economical due to combined shipping cost savings.

It’s 38 days to our dear Taeyeon’s birthday and flying_petals is laying out a new project for S♥NES the world over to celebrate with her (박수 paksu (^o^). Project detail remains a secret (at least I’m the only one unaware of it ^^ though effort has already been initiated to raise funds for it. What this means is that flying_petals is going to produce a modest All About Taeyeon fanmade memorabilia set that comes with a sprinkling of freebies =)

All About Taeyeon memorabilia set:
1. A 2011 calendar
2. A phone strap
3. A fancam CD
-approx. 50-60 minutes running time
-subtitle not applicable as the fancams are mainly stagecams

Special Gifts:
1. A mousepad
2. Photo cards (means you may receive more than one)

Price (per set): USD $50 (shipping fee inclusive, no extra cost required)
-Proceeds of sale helps to support Taeyeon’s birthday project.
-For orders of multiple sets, please email your country info & exact quantity to beforehand to obtain the combined shipping cost.
-Bulk order’s the only conceivable way to substantially reduce the price for each set.
*If the price remains unaffordable but you retain the wish to support Taeyeon’s birthday project, you may still donate your desired amount to via PayPal. Any amount counts for much in Taeng’s eyes =)

Payment Period: 2011/01/26 ~ 2011/02/28 (order closes 8 days before Taeyeon’s birthday)

Commencement of Shipment: 2011/03/09

Payment Method: PayPal (

Order Form: Kindly note that the order form is to be emailed to only after the PayPal payment has been completed and not before

Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date (PayPal payment date):
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit (in USD):
Quantity of your order:
Your PayPal account e-mail address (specifically, the email address that is linked to PayPal):

Contact (Questions): (Email) // @flying_petals (Twitter)

How an order may be placed in brief:

1. The total amount payable for 1 set is USD $50. For multiple sets, kindly contact flying_petals before conducting the payment.

2. Proceed with payment via PayPal.

3. Send an email to with the completed order form.

Photos of memorabilia set and gifts:

Fancam CD preview, courtesy of flyingpetalsss@YouTube:

Birthday Project Support Photos:

Flying Petals 110309 Support 「 ALL ABOUT TAEYEON 」

Image Credits: (flying petals)
Video Credits: flyingpetalsss@YouTube
Author: ofpuddingsncucumbers
Published: 29th January 2011

33 Responses to Flying Petals 110309 Support 「 ALL ABOUT TAEYEON 」

  1. awwww i just got an e-mail from merong letting me know about this! thanks soshicat for getting in contact with flying petals :DDD
    omg what a NICE birthday surprise. not only do we get to support taengoo’s bday project, we get freebies as well?? AWESOME! i will definitely participate!! :DDD

  2. SSYY says:

    So if we ordered it, it would be 50$ + Shipping? or is shipping already included in the price?

  3. bei ning says:

    anyone from singapore wanna order together? like that we can save on shipping..
    my four friends are ordering together too:)
    contact me at

  4. just placed my order~~~ can’t wait to get the goodies! and i can’t wait to see what the actually bday project ends up being ^^

  5. Kenneth says:

    Just placed my order too 😀 ! This sounds like a very exciting project 😉 ! I’m sure dear Taeyeon will be well pleased with the end result 😀 !!!
    (Besides, what “swayed” me were the free goodies 😉 😀 !!!)

  6. Sone says:

    3 picture of All about Taeyeon

  7. J says:

    All the goods are shipped by ems=) they Juz posted on twitter

  8. Kenneth says:

    WOW 😀 !!! The Taeyeon set looks very NICE 😉 !!! EMS delivery, eh ? Well, I can’t wait to receive mine :). You what’s more heartening ? To actually see my gift to Taeyeon in the photo set above 😉 ! It’s the set of pink bag hangers, plus my card and the blue hand-crafted note to Taengoo 😀 . The designs on the bag hangers are a cubic zirconia butterfly and high heel shoe. I hope she puts the gifts to good use (or at least let Tiffany use it once in a while 😉 😀 !). Taeyeon JJANG !!!

  9. Sone says:

    Wad is the fansite doing… tweet them my email but no reply of tracking..

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Kindly try emailing flying petals as well. Twitter may not be their preferred platform

      • Sone says:

        already email them on 11/3 but no reply till date… they said it will ship on taeyeon birthday 9/3 and should not take more than a week to reach my country(SG)…

      • fredy says:

        i think all of delivery should have tracking number,
        i often send package to another country

  10. Kenneth says:

    My order just arrived on 21/3/2011. AWESOME stuff 😀 😀 😀 !!! The fancam DVD was very well made and surprisingly clear (inspite of the amateur nature of the recording) ;). Worth every cent of the total cost 🙂 ! Cheers !

  11. Wilson Tan says:

    How many photocards does each set has?

  12. Zzz says:

    Juz got it ytd! I bought this set for my sister’s birthday.the photocard they mean are actually 2 photos right?1 is those kind of normal photo another 1 looks like postcard. Haven watch the DVD yet…btw,the whole set don’t come with a box right?like in the pic.

  13. Joan Bong says:

    Can I still buy the Taeyeon’s birthday project things? cuz I duno this webpage before that ;(( and I reallyy LOVE Taeyeon so much<3 ❤ ❤ I'm collecting everythings of HER<3 Plsssss

    • iced_tea says:

      hello. you can email Flying Petals to see if she has any in stock because on the 29th March she tweeted “the items are in stock so if you missed the opportunity to get it, email me ‘”

  14. Joan Bong says:

    I already email u edi, pls do reply :))

  15. wantans says:

    im goin to support this site!! if its bout taeyeon =D

  16. vannhi ly says:

    are u still selling !

  17. foreversnsd says:

    is this still available??

  18. Kev Kim says:

    proud of flying petals

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