Guide To Purchasing On Naver Music

Have you ever wanted to buy a digital single (like Jessica’s Sweet Delight?!!) from a Korean portal music site but been overwhelmed by how complicated it seems? Well, leddytech/Edward (some of you may know him as Leddy, a mod on SSF) wrote a guide early this year on how to purchase music from the Naver Music website.

We found this a while ago but weren’t sure if we would be allowed to put it up on our site. But we’ve been given the green light from leddytech/Edward to post it! What a great time to share this with Tiffany’s solo ‘Ring’ for the drama Haru and G20’s theme song ‘Let’s Go’ to be released on the 15th October!

The guide is very easy to follow as screenshots accompany detailed step-by-step instructions. In addition to providing instructions on how to purchase music from Naver, it details how to sign up on the site, that is make an account. However, you will need a credit/debit card that works globally (i.e. Visa or MasterCard) to purchase on Naver Music. American Express is not accepted. Check out the guide in the link below:

Guide To Purchasing On Naver Music (English)

Once again, a big thanks to Edward for this guide!

Author: iced_tea

Published: 13th October 2010

9 Responses to Guide To Purchasing On Naver Music

  1. i still haven’t been able to receive that darn SMS. i’m from the US and it seems like fellow americans are also having trouble. I’ve asked around on SSF but not much luck has turned up.

    if anyone has been successful at getting the SMS and is from the US, please tell us here what exactly you did! thank you~

    gosh, if SM and mnet would just patch things up, my life would be so much easier~

    • darkrad says:

      hey, not sure if you’ve actually managed to get into naver yet, but i had the same issue as you in Australia but i tried a couple of times over the next few days and managed to get an sms through last night =D.

      so if it means anything keep trying (although i’m assuming you already knew that =\)

    • iced_tea says:

      i’ve tried myself too. i received an sms instantly.
      it seems like it varies though.

      so try what darkrad said 🙂

  2. valeria says:

    getting the sms for me is quick and im in the us i have problems with making a password anyone i try ends up saying “부적합한 비밀번호 재발급 답변입니다.” I’ve tried simple ones to complicated ones and no password will get me by.

  3. valeria says:

    ha, my problem has been fixed it was my security question that was the problem not the password itself.

  4. RagingXL says:

    Will you write a guide on how to buy SNSD’s Japanese music online? I have found it impossible for people outside of Japan to purchase songs from iTunes Japan, and it doesn’t appear that they have any sites like Melon or Naver where you can buy music online. Not everyone one can afford $20 singles so buying songs eletronically is the most affordable way to support the girls. Thanks.

  5. carol says:

    Hey thanks for the the english instructions but can people in the US buy the songs? I’ve tried clicking it and it says “Korea Only” did I do something wrong?

    • minmusic says:

      actually you didn’t. In most other countries its prohibited to buy Korean music now. i did this awhile ago and I tried other sites like Melon, Korean Soribada, Mnet, and Naver of course and recently its been prohibited to buy any music from them. :/ The only ppl I know who can get music still is Germany and thats just the few people I know from there. you could try Kpop.soribada, but Im not sure if they have SNSDs music available.

  6. ale says:

    can i still buy music from naver if i live in the US? or do they not allow it anymore…?? and the mp3 plans they have if i get the one of 12000won .. i can only get 150 songs??

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