SPC – Sweet Delight

Release Date: 13 October, 2010

Label: SPC Music, SM Entertainment

Distributor: Loen Entertainment

Catalogue #: N/A

-Sung by Jessica of SNSD
-Endorses SPC Corporation, a South Korean food company. Brands under it include Dunkin’ Donuts, Paris Baguette and Baskin Robbins.
-Only available as a digital single (consists of 6 tracks) on Korean music portal websites. Tracks are sold separately.
-The lyrics in the radio edits are slightly different, with “SPC” being taken out (Source: Soshified@Twitter)

Language: Korean

Length: 22:24

Naver Music (Guide to purchasing music from Naver Music)
Cyworld Music

01. Sweet Delight (Spc Ver.) – 03:19
02. Sweet Delight (Radio Edit) – 03:19
03. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (SPC ver.) – 04:09
04. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (Radio Edit) – 04:09
05. Sweet Delight (inst.) – 03:19
06. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (inst.) – 04:09

Bugs! is holding an event celebrating the digital release of Sweet Delight. Purchase 02. Sweet Delight (Radio Edit) and go in the draw to win a Sweet Delight Limited Edition CD. Event runs 13/10 – 26/10. 5 winners will be announced on 27/10.

Image credits: bugs.co.kr

2 Responses to SPC – Sweet Delight

  1. Stuba says:

    Where is web buy online

    • iced_tea says:

      You can buy it from Korean music portal sites. We’ve listed Bugs!, Naver and Melon in the post. To purchase from Naver, we’ve included a guide too 🙂

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