Innisfree – Post Cards & Stickers Set

Release Date: November 2010

Publisher: Innisfree (Korean skincare brand)

-November-only promotional item given for Innisfree purchases of more than 11000 won
-Released in a set of 5 post cards & 2 stickers
-Currently limited to 2000 sets
-Autographed reprints
-Size: 15 cm x 10.5 cm
*KAvenyou is giving out the complete set as a contest prize. The contest started December 8, 2010, Wednesday 10pm KST.

Price: USD ~$10-$20

USD $20.99/$11.99 shipping @ sonata_uk (listing has ended)
USD $12.00/$4.99 shipping @ planb0320 (4 pcs) (listing has ended)

Image credits: Tetsuya@SONEms

8 Responses to Innisfree – Post Cards & Stickers Set

  1. GGGAAAHHH why did listing have to end???? T____T

  2. is the 2nd picture in the last row a postcard??? (the one where yoong has her hair down, is smiling all pretty and holding the handkerchief in her hand)

    the other ebay seller ( does not have this image uploaded in their item description >_<

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      yap, according to SONEms’ Tetsuya, the said picture’s a postcard, and nope, I din know why both your Nov-30th-dated comments din pop up till today XD

  3. @_@ my comment disappeared~

    anywho, you guys state in the description that this is supposed to be a 7-piece set. yet the other seller ( only lists 2 postcards and 2 stickers >_<

    i hope sonata relists soon~

  4. hihi says:

    hey can anyone give me the links for the contest ?

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