Which shop’s most reliable? Trustworthy? Our Say.

Physical Stores

Everysing (Taiwan)
Address: No.34, 36, Xuchang St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Mystar (Malaysia) 
Mystar is located on the 5th floor of the Berjaya Times Square shopping centre in Malaysia. It’s right at the going up escalator on the KL Monorail Station side of the shopping centre.

It is run by a family and the store is usually kept by the portly, boisterous, and cool grandmother who is very much up-to-date with the latest k-pop (Not just merchandise) news. The clientèle includes the likes of Cassies, ELFs, SONEs, Triple Ss, VIPs, Hottests, and many more fanclubs that I can’t name. And not all of them are even Malaysian. Make no mistake, this small shop has had customers come from all corners of Malaysia, Thailand, and even Japan as the shopkeeper would tell you.

It sells anything and everything to do with all k-pop idols, including the non-SM produced items you sometimes see on the catalogue. Most of their carried merchandise comprise of items such as these as we all know that there are only so many “official” items that SME produces.  That doesn’t mean that they do not carry official products or “original” albums, though. It’s just that the amount of small, cheap, and perhaps lesser quality merchandise produced by subcontractors (They aren’t illegally produced, at least the Korean ones aren’t) far outnumber the official products (They have to, right?). As for official Entertainment company stuff, whatever they don’t have (Usually only applies to “hot cakes” and perhaps out of print items), they can order for you.

One additional thing to note is that they have methods of procuring autographed items and not just of SNSD. Expect to pay a premium for them, usually 1.5x to 2x of standard, unautographed price. And as the aunty will tell you, they do not have any methods to verify whether they are authentic or not. All they have is the word of their supplier Oppa (Yeah, I know, a grandmother calling someone Oppa XD) who swears by them. Even so, the autographs do appear authentic and as I have said many times before, even if they aren’t, at least they are well forged. =P

On the matter of Mystar prices, they aren’t necessarily the cheapest that you can find in Malaysia. However, many times, their prices are at least better than Yesasia and their albums always come with a free poster at no extra charge, unlike Yesasia. The good thing about physical stores like this is that you get to fondle examine the merchandise before paying your cash, even going so far as to exchange on the spot if your copy happens to have some shipping deformities (Well, if you ask nicely, anyway), something that regular Web customers would agree with me is always worth the extra dollar or ten you pay. The staff are always helpful and the aunty always has a good yarn to spin,  even spazzing with you if you want to. And if you spend RM100 on a single receipt (This is easy, btw) at the shop, you get a discount card that usually means 5% off of future album and non-poster purchases. Not much, but worth a mention, I guess.

— owa1985

Rong Bao Tong (Sydney, Australia)
This shop is located in Chinatown and recently started selling K-Pop merchandise late last year/this year. It is easy to find because the front window has recently released K-Pop posters stuck all over it and they usually play Korean music videos on their TV screens.

It sells official and unofficial posters. Unofficial posters are printed on photo paper and are A3 for $5 each. You can also pre-order albums from this shop. It doesn’t only stock K-Pop albums/singles but concert goods, photobooks and other related official goods. The quality of service varies depending on who is running the shop on the day. However, be careful because they also sell pirated items and sometimes they overprice things. The shop also stocks items including those related to Chinese music from Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

You can become a VIP customer too if you purchase over a certain amount of $ (not sure what the amount is). VIP customers receive discounts.

I do not purchase items from this store that often anymore. Personally, I do not like their service quality. In most of my experience, the staff are not very nice though recently the newer staff seem friendly. However, a good thing is that they offer pre-orders from albums and that’s how I ordered Taeyang’s Deluxe Limited Edition SOLAR Album. This was convenient because I didn’t have to hunt all over the Internet to get a copy of the album. I guess it’s worth visiting if you’re in Sydney because the shop stocks quite a lot of K-Pop merch and you can look at all the pretty posters. 😀

— iced_tea

Comics Connection (Singapore)
Comics Connection is located in many malls in Singapore, namely Plaza Singapura, Hougang Mall, Kovan City, White Sands Shopping Centre, ILUMA and Junction 8.

The products that are sold not only cater to Kpop fans, they also sell goods that accommodate Jpop fans and Taiwanese-pop fans. They also sell anime-related goods like manga and many others.

However, the outlets do not sell albums, so if you want to buy them, I suggest you try HMV or Popular (but take note that HMV takes some time to get the album in as they usually sell the Taiwan version. Popular sells the Korean version but you have to wait around a month before it’s available).  You’ll be able to find many unofficial merchandise related to Kpop idols. The amount of Kpop goodies they are carrying now has skyrocketed compared to last year because of the recent Hallyu wave that hit the city.

The goods they sell comprise of (from what I can remember) are: Poker cards, ez-link stickers, phone charms, name tags, socks, desk/wall clocks, laminated ez-link-sized photos, files, pens, notebooks, official and unofficial posters, calendars and many more.

I’m not very sure, but I think you can apply to be a member if you spend a specific amount of money in one receipt and if you are a member, you get a discount whenever you buy products from them. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

When I went back to Singapore during my summer holidays, I took the time to visit the outlet in Plaza Singapura. It was quite big; it was twice ~ thrice as large as the one in Junction 8. From my experience, the service there is really good. Whenever I wanted to see a product inside a cabinet (which happened a lot), the staff would open it for me without a sign of irritation. Also, I spent around $300 that day and after the staff scanned the items, he gave me a 5% discount (which I gladly accepted, lol) and I was very thankful for that. The only thing that I didn’t like was how they sold unofficial products instead of official ones, which meant that the $300 I spent doesn’t benefit my idol. D:

Edit (1 April 2011);
PS. Their products are madly overpriced, some people even call them cons. Well, I have to agree. The last time I went back to Singapore, I bought two ‘Oh!’ files (Jessica’s and Tiffany’s) for SGD 25.99. However, I recently patronized a shop here in Hong Kong and it sold for only HKD 15+ which is around SGD 3.00. So yeah, I advise you guys to not buy from them unless you have no choice.

– ityp

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144 Responses to Which shop’s most reliable? Trustworthy? Our Say.

  1. elizabeth says:

    For those living in Perth Western Australia, k-pop goods are sold at:
    Morning Glory, Carillion City, CBD

    I’ve seen the photobook, soshi’s albums, socks and unofficial keyrings and badges here. The albums are overpriced (rdr was $40), the photobook was $99, which is reasonable because it’s the same price on yesasia.
    The staff there are friendly, one day I had a chat with one about snsd and she thought I was weird “because usually only boys like girls generation.” hahaha

    I haven’t purchased snsd goods from morning glory but am a frequent visitor and buy hello kitty stationary and stickers and cute phone charms from here.
    The k-pop stuff is only a recent addition and they have only just installed a tv that plays mv’s and dedicated a corner of the store to albums, posters etc. I’m so glad Morning Glory has begun focusing on k-pop and think west australias should give it a visit.

  2. kong says:

    hi! wanted to ask if any posters such as the snsd smtown poster is bought from dvdheaven will it be sent in a mailing tube?

  3. kong says:

    Hi i wanted to ask i have bought things from dvdheaven and have already paid for the item but the ZIP code is wrong is there anyway to solve this.i have already sent the webmaster a mail but i am afraid that he will missed it

  4. na says:

    may i ask if u kno of any shops in sg besides comix connection?tnx

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hello na,

      It depends on the nature of the collectibles you’re looking for:
      – Comics Connection excels at its unofficial collectibles
      popkartsg@Suntec for unofficial posters
      Toyoutpost@Plaza Sing for official SM, Everysing and SPAO merchandise
      – Kinokuniya for Soshi’s Japanese, Korean magazines

      Hopefully you’ll find the items you’re looking for(:

  5. kpoplover says:

    do you know any website selling authentic beyond 9 hoodies ?

  6. Lia says:

    how about gmarket?

  7. WoShiProDevils says:

    Wad about master-bestshopkorea? any review?

  8. JaMiH says:

    I would just like to warn fellow SONES regarding EBay Seller “limited_logos_mania”

    Its been more than a month and his items haven’t arrived yet. He is not responding to the messages and the EBay Case as well.

    There were several instances as well from other Soshified members who do not approve him as a seller. So I suggest that you stay away from his store if you don’t want any headaches.

  9. pip says:

    can someone explain to me how to order from soshigoods?^^

  10. Teiji says:

    Thank you for the reviews!!! These will definitely help me make a better and more intelligent online purchases. 🙂

  11. Stellastarstar says:

    Does Mystar have their website?

    And thanks for ur reviews!!!

  12. Becca says:

    Hi Sones! I’m a new-ish English SNSD fan and I was wondering if anyone knows of any physical stores in the UK that sell K-Pop merchandise? I’m happy to buy online, but I’d love to support these shops and visit them if they exist! I’m guessing any that might exist would be in London; would be cool to do some K-Pop browsing next time I’m in the city!

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hi Becca. Your request’s tweeted =)

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you 🙂 I’m definitely going to visit Seoul when I graduate, but that’s not for two years yet. I know SNSD will be even bigger though by then! 😀

        At the moment, I have a Soshi Catalogue and Soshi Goods addiction :p thank you so much for this wonderful, comprehensive site! I love it ❤

  13. Rebecca says:

    Is uniqueurlife really legit? I see him selling so many signed posters for high prices…how do we know they are real? Where would he have got so many from?

    And he’s selling ‘Tiffany’s’ make-up compact, signed by her, but without any proof…can you really trust this seller? I’m just very sceptical of him.

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      It’s beyond our say to censure an auto’s authenticity. In your case, the scepticism is healthy, so it doesn’t disfavor you to trust it [your scepticism] implicitly

  14. Hey~ I wanna ask if there are physical shops on Hong Kong? thanks^^

  15. ke85pop says:

    Hello. Do you have any reviews or experiences with http://www.kpoptown.com? They have an ebay shop as well, but the ebay shop is a bit more expensive, so I would prefer from their own website, I’m just not sure if they are trustworthy…

  16. by says:

    hi, i just want to know if soshigoods.com is legit? no other transactions after the purchase? thanks

  17. GoHaraGo says:

    Just a warning for people thinking of purchasing autographed products off ebay.

    2 users from malaysia/china (jswpanda, janes678s) are selling really really cheap autographed snsd stuff in masses. Some of the listings for example would have more than 1 in stock. (Lots of people are falling for it sadly, dont fall for it even though they have 99%+ rating)

    They also carry autographed new products (SNSD 1st japanese limited 1st press ed, mr taxi poster, etc) which seems impossibile since the girls have such a busy schedule (japan tour, then paris, then back to japan). Also makes no sense since im assuming the girls DID NOT even visit china/malaysia. In addition a korean freind told me specifically and i quote him ” most companies try not to let fans approach singers with posters to be signed”

    I would be very careful before purchasing autographed snsd items online. In my opinion only a select few ebay sellers(south korean) carry so called legit merchandise. If you were to absolutley buy one online, i would vouch for happybuykorea/uniqueurlife, and a few others. (Seems like the only trusted sellers atm) I’ve personally bought 2 posters from them and i’m pretty satisfied with them. (They cost alot so I tried to cut down the price but no luck which gave me another reason to trust them)

    Just a few last words. PROMO Cds would be considered the most legit items as only a few hundred are distributed. Who in their right mind would try to forge 9 signatures on something already so rare:P

    So before you consider buying an autographed item, ask around, get to know the seller, ask freinds who can help you compare signatures, and definatley don’t rush an expensive purchase. (Always best to get them in person ^^)

    Edit: Just one last thing i forgot to say. For the chinese seller, most of the korean characters on his items seem like poorly written korean with a chinese writing style to it. Even though it’s in korean it looks like chinese strokes if you know what i mean.

    • ke85pop says:

      I know getting autographs in person would be best, but unfortunately I’m stuck in my own country for the moment (and the next two years), so that’s impossible for me. I really want to get autographed goods from SNSD and two boygroups and the only seller on ebay offering the ones I want is “jace0337” (http://myworld.ebay.at/jace0337/). There are autographed PROMO cds in his/her shop, so that should be very likely to be real. But then I noticed that a two autographed PROMO cds (with the hologram for PROMO cds and everything) got sold and a few days later they turned up again. (The autographes looked slightly different from the ones being sold, so they are not the same as those being sold before.) One seller having two PROMO cds with real autographs… Isn’t that unlikely? I have noone else to ask, so could you maybe help me compare the autographs of the SNSD autographes and the FT Island autographes the seller offers? Please!

    • robin says:

      happybuykorea,uniqueurlife…There are so many kinds of autograph stuff.
      Think carefully before making a buy.

    • beesk says:

      you mentioned that ” most companies try not to let fans approach singers with posters to be signed” …. so why do you still buy 2 posters from happybuykorea/uniqueurlife?

  18. Yoscie says:

    Hi all SONES!! 😀
    Wanna ask does anyone knows whether the physical CD store named ‘TX’ in singapore is selling the real SNSD season 1 star card? cos they are selling each pack for SGD19.90… it is mostly in korean,has a small SM entertainment logo printed at the back of the pack, and has a few other stuff (i cant tell wat they are from outside) in the pack too… Hmmm, cos they have many outlets all over sg and usually sell official korean, taiwanese, hongkong, japan movies and drama CD and DVD. And they started selling non-official kpop CDs and DVDs around one year ago and SJ and SNSD starcards like this year(?)… So i m not sure whether its the real one or the duplicate:X er, does anyone here know? pls reply to this comment if you do! thank you v much! ^^

  19. Rebecca says:

    Anyone have experience with http://www.kfreeshipping.com/ (also http://www.secretkorean.com)?

    Just wondering if it’s legitimate.

  20. Sheryl says:

    The price at soshigoods is in what dollars?

  21. Tara.Xue says:

    hi, I want to know is there any shops in UK London that sells kpop stuff? or any reliable online stores?

  22. Superman says:

    Hi. I found a new online shop: http://kpopmart.com/
    It look like a mix of dvdheaven.com and Yesasia and is for most products cheaper. But I don’t know how reliable the service is and what you have to pay for delivery. Perhaps, If you soshicatalogue could review this shop sometime.

  23. kronex says:

    Hi, Not sure how old this post is but I seem to have stumbled on it and have a question to ask…
    You know any shops in SG which sells Jessica Jung posters?
    Couldn’t seem to find individual posters… Anyway, I thank you in advance 😀

  24. xxcarolxx says:

    Hi I was wondering which sellers on ebay or any other website that would be reliable for authentic autograph stuff of SNSD? I am trying to get something for my friends bday.

    • tom885 says:

      If you are looking for authentic autograph goods, I will only suggest Autograph Star cards and the Star Card Bingo Event items (with a picture of the member signing the item). There are so many kinds of autograph stuff on ebay (Posters, albums, even Gucci Bag), and it is very hard to determine if they are really signed by the girls.

      The Star Cards is an official SM item, and the Bingo Event goods does include a picture of the girls signing the good, so we can be 100% sure that it is authentic.

      Hope that helps ^^

  25. kronex says:

    Hi again, I would just like to ask you the chances of buying an authentic autograph poster of Jessica in Korea. Is there a possibility? If there is, what are the chances… Thanks! :p

    • kronex says:

      Also, I am probably going to Korea this holiday… Can you tell me what shops sell SNSD posters? Thanks To You! 😀

  26. poopbrick says:

    Stay away from a facebook user called “KPop Town”. She’s from vancouver canada I think and she has been scamming people selling fake snsd and other kpop idol autographs @ very very low prices.


    I don’t know why her 3300+ freinds fall for her lame excuse “my relatives work in broadcasting stations”. The autographs look nothing like the real thing. Not 1 bit close.

    It’s still 4-5 days till the Mr.Taxi Repackage release and she is already taking preorders for signed Cds+Posters with the option to add personal messages like “to ____”

    It’s sad to see her and other people (on ebay) benefiting tremendously off this and I think SM should focus some of their attention on this black market business.

  27. K says:

    Have you ever heard of catchopcd on ebay? I heard it from the same people as no-back-order amazon and many people recommended no-back-order.

  28. K says:

    and catchopcd from ebay has a website called catchopcd.com . To confirm about it, I asked no-back-order on amazon and they said that catchopcd.com was one of their websites.

  29. Carol says:

    anyone heard of special_mall on ebay? is the autographs authentic?

    • GeeGee says:

      Special_mall and those other shops with less than 100 feedback have the same shop layout which made me wonder how? and the jesica signed wallet photo from them was recently sold for $39 was relist the next day by a different shop. They were exactly the same but different colour pens.
      I wanted to buy an autograph tiffany from him/her too but i realized it was the same as the other seller who recently just sold it. Usually i compare their signatures but tiffany is one of the members who change her signature the most >< also, some of Yoona's signature on ebay dont even look legit.

    • hey! i recently won a bid from shop_wif_u for a hyo autographed mr.taxi repackaged photocard at USD 18. it has the exact layout as special_mall.

      i compared the so-called hand sign autograph signature with the printed one at the back of the photocard a million times. it looked nothing similar because hyo normally signs with a big heart, with 2 curly lines on top, making it look like a face. but the so-called hand sign one had a small heart. but i still decided to bid for it since the account’s located in south korea and the person has about 50 + positive feedback. what’s more the signature of the other members that the person listed looked similar to the printed one. only hyo’s one was different. so i thought maybe hyo changed her signature or she just didnt feel like signing the normal signature cause there was no space or something. hahah omg me -.-

      it wasn’t until i won it that i started to get skeptical. i compared her signature with the autographed star cards. i even compared down to every stroke, and apparently the strokes were different. and then i checked up on the snsd autographed albums that the person was trying to sell. they stated they got the album signed on the 12 nov 2011 at a spao autograph session. sounds so believable right? but no, i checked soshified’s events calender, there wasn’t a spao autograph session on the 12th, only on the 25th. and then i went to check webcams, apparently the girls signed on white papers and not albums. and only hyo, sun, tae, yoong was there. so how the hell did they get all 9 members to sign on the albums? and so if the albums are forged, means the card i bought was forged too right? since there wasn’t a description on how they got the cards signed, so i emailed them will all the loopholes i found. and said i know you opened more than one account, selling the same items just signed with different pens. i demanded a refund unless they can specifically tell me how they got my card signed since there wasn’t any stated for the autographed cards, only the albums.

      and all the person replied was “i refunded you the money”
      sounds guilty to me. so please don’t fall for their scam! seriously. i saw their past transaction history, and apparently there’s ppl that paid about 70 USD for snsd’s autographed album. well at least they were willing to refund me my money.

      and for those that bought items for them, i hope they never find out about this. it’s better that they believe it’s real for the rest of their lives. okay for this rant here. what a long comment, gosh.

      • CK1442 says:

        Have you told Ebay about this? cause they are still selling SNSD stuff. I bought my ones from special_mall

        I was more than a little suspicious when I noticed that all the Tiffany signitures were all missing the mini heart on the end but I let it slide because they were slagging off other shops who sold fake autographs and how they always provide info of where they got it from

        but after reading your comment I’m furious after realizing how much time and money I wasted on them. Please report them to Ebay so they don’t rif off any more people I’m sure the fact they refunded ur money without comment is admission enough

        and btw there were like another 30 SNSD autos on auction from special_mall atm
        about 10 were alleged Tiffany’s someone has to stop these people

        • Carol says:

          I saw that they had many SNSD autographs so I got even more suspicious about their authenticity. Jessica’s autographs are no where near her actual autograph because usually I see Jessica’s signature is all neat and nice but when I saw the ones in the persons shop it was like scribbles. special_mall and the other shops are the same layout and everything so I’m pretty sure its the same person. Also I checked their feedback and it seems like that person is just making multiple accounts to sell and give positive feedback to each account. Is Ebay going to do something about it, if I report them? because it’s like scamming people.

          • kronex says:

            Nah, I dun think ebay’s going to reply in the first place… They may take down a few but more will just come out D:

          • guys, i left a negative feedback on the person’s ebay account, saying “seller refunded $ as soon as i posed doubts to authenticity of autographs. guilty”

            i was kinda afraid the person would retaliate by giving me a negative feedback too. but who knows, the person actually tried to bribe me to revise the feedback! he/she is offering to pay me. this is 100% x a million times confirmed it’s a scam.

            i even emailed freaking ebay. but still no response.

            and hence i agree, it’s better for those who fell for the scam to never find out the truth. the truth will hurt man. and i hope whoever who’s considering to bid for one of the items will check up this page and realize the scam before it’s too late!

          • Carol says:

            That just proves that its a scam. I also hope the people who bought the items don’t find out, but if they find out is it possible for them to dispute it? I hope so, because people were bidding a whole lot for the albums. I doubt ebay is going to do anything about it though because it’s like the same with jswpanda who sells fake autographs and I’m pretty sure a lot of people has reported the seller for selling fakes but their account is still there and people are still buying them.

        • i tried reporting EVERY single autographed item they listed. but from the stream of newly listed items that keeps popping up everyday, i doubt ebay is doing anything about my reports. and everytime i see people bidding for the autograph items, i feel so bad for those people, but there’s nothing i can really do about it.

          i think the only way ebay will do something about this, like close down special_mall, is when there’s more than one people reporting them.

          so whoever who has had transactions with special_mall, do report and help bring down this scam!

          • kronex says:

            Yeah, the best thing to actually do for them is to not tell them its fake…
            Its better for them to believe its real and be happy instead of telling them its fake and shattering their heart… O… I pity the gullible sones as I was one of them before 😦

  30. hoppers says:

    anybody knows how to contact with jace0337 and grapemusic through email?since i’m not an ebay member, so hardly to communicate with them…tq y’ll!!!!

  31. kronex says:

    Hey can anyone give me a list of SNSD album and which one thats good?
    Wanna buy them! 😛
    Thanks! 😀

  32. higoukii says:

    Hi, I’m relatively new to SNSD merchandise. I wanted to know if anyone has info on the ebay seller eiqiwo. Thanks in advance!

  33. higoukii says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know about a good ebayer with posters + CD’s for anyone new like me.
    The eBay seller is “ajoutool”

    I just bought 4 (Japan 1st album ver. A+B, and the Boys ver. A and B) posters for 25 dollars + free shipping. Thats a good deal right?

  34. kronex says:

    Hey! Thanks for your speedy reply! Can I know the difference between the originall version and the repakaged one? Which one will you recommend? The repakaged one looks pretty awesome but doesn’t look like it has the stuff like the boys… Love to hear your opinion! Thanks again!

  35. kronex says:

    Just checking: So all their albums will be: Girls Generation,Oh,The Boys,Baby Baby And Run devil run? Whats the meaning of extended plays? A in-depth explanation will be great… >.<

  36. kronex says:

    So… the 1 I’m buying Link:http://www.ebay.com/itm/SNSD-GIRLS-GENERATION-Run-Devil-Run-CD-w-POSTER-/170777978845?pt=Music_CDs&hash=item27c32927dd#ht_2780wt_1189
    is the korean run devil run album officially released by SM repackaged? I presume that all the limited editions have been sold out? Thanks and God Bless!

  37. SNSDDutchie says:

    OMG, I just bought Jessica’s “Almost” photobook (signed, 42 dollars) on Ebay from a seller named official_kpop. This shop uses the same store lay-out as special_mall. I’ve also bought the album Oh! which was signed by all nine girls for 31 dollars. I’ve also bought two signed photocards (Seohyun and Jessica) from special_mall. The orders have been sent already. Now I read the comments on this forum about special_mall and the fact that they’re selling fake autographs, what can I do?! I don’t care about Jessica’s photobook, because it’s still worth it as a rare item and I want to have it, but I definitely want my money back for the fake Oh! album and the photocards!! I’m a huge SNSD fan and I would really like to buy a REAL signed item. Anybody any suggestions where to shop on ebay or else on the web for authentic SNSD signed items (don’t care if its a CD, DVD, poster, card whatever)? Should I ask for money reimbursement?
    Kind regards, a huge SNSD fan from Holland!!!

    • kronex says:

      Yeah, you definitely should, you could point out the loop-holes to them and make them refund it to you… They most probably should, but I think thats the most you can do… If they say no, probably stop other sones from buying stuff from him again? >.< Anyway, why didn't you check the comments before buying the items?

      • SNSDDutchie says:

        Thanks for your reply. I will ask for a refund from this seller after I’ve received the products, because they were already sent. I will send the Oh! album back for sure, but the “Almost” photobook will be added to my SNSD collection despite the fake autograph. I would really like to obtain a real autograped SNSD product. I read a few recommendations on ebay sellers on this forum and from one of the recommended sellers my eye felt on this product:
        Is Tiffany’s (my favourite soshigirl, together with cute Sunny, hehe) autograph on this case real?

        • kronex says:

          Thats great! Tell me the result when you get it… Sorry, I dun specialize in signatures, not really sure if its authentic or not… Maybe someone else can help? Anyway, you may get scammed like last time so I strongly suggest that you dun and you get their signatures in person.
          Sorry but God Bless! 😀

          • af1993 says:

            i’ve never trust those sellers who sell autographed items..except synnara..
            do you think that it is easy to get the girls’ autograph?
            nah i dont think so..=.=

  38. Mi says:

    does anyone know if the online store kpopmart.com is reliable?

    • kronex says:

      Yeah, it should be, looks pretty decent…
      Also, I did a bit of research and they said they send a picture to ur email to prove its going to be shipped…
      Why not u buy from more obvious stores like ebay? >.<

  39. kronex says:

    Hey guys, its me again! So sorry for the constant dumb questions but here is a question I’ve asked last time and thx to the ppl who answered me…

    Can you name me all the snsd albums they’ve released?(PLEASE dun give me a link, i dun understand then post one >.<)
    The "Big" Albums they've released…
    Only Korean and Japanese full albums plz 😀
    Thanks guys, you've hv been a great help and in case anyone here lives in sg and has an official jessica notebook(gd condition not used) trade with my taeyeon notebook?
    THANKS ❤

    • golux9 says:

      Korean: Girls’ Generation, Baby Baby (repackage), Oh!, Run Devil Run (repackage), The Boys, Mr. Taxi (repackage).
      Japanese: Japan First Album, The Boys (repackage)
      That’s it 🙂

  40. xCloud_ says:

    Hey guys, this comment will probably get deleted because its not related but I really need your support! Here’s a Facebook fan page I’ve created for GG but its not really getting a lot of likes… D: Thanks so much sones ❤

  41. Jason says:

    I ordered SHINee cd and Big Bang Light sticks from a site called KpopMecca (www.kpopmecca.com) Shipping was prompt good pricing. What more can I ask lol
    I just saw this post and wrote my experience.
    Have a good day everyone!

  42. Chae-RinLovesZelo says:

    Hi! I recently found two sites, named Kpop Heaven and Kpop Town. Now I’m not looking for autographed or anything, but I wanted to know which site is better or more reliable and some pros and cons would be nice~ My friend bought from Kpop Town, but all she bought was some jewelry. I’m considering a hat and some cosmetics and accessories. I thank in advance to anyone who will answer~ P.S. Thanks for posting this review section, SoShi Catalogue~!

  43. luftwaffes says:


    are jace0337 from ebay a trustworthy seller?

    i really love jace0337 shop, so complete when it come to snsd member photobook

    and i;m planning to bought some of the photobook from her in ebay 😀

  44. lolmayonnaise says:

    Yeah don’t buy from jswpanda….
    The comments kind of got me getting worried about the authenticity of my CDs, but thats what the seals on the covers are for right? I purchase the majority of my eBay stuff from pandoramusic, as they offer w/ postage the same as yeaasia do wo/ postage, but I get new releases from one of those pop-up sellers. When I buy multiple items or things like DVDs that cost more than $39 I use yeaasia as it seems more established and trustworthy.

  45. wingsy says:

    About uniqueurlife on ebay, I recommend sones to be a little suspicious about the authenticity of the autographs.

    I saw that they had a JYJ SKK Scandal autographed cd, and at first, I was really excited and wanted it to be true. However, after reading some of the comments here at soshicatalogue, I couldn’t determine for sure whether the autographs were real, so I decided to look up samples of Jaejoong’s autographs for fanclubs in the past (just because I know his handwriting the best out of everyone).

    Jaejoong’s handwriting/autograph in real life is really pretty, precise and always carefully done, and after comparing 5-6 samples from 2009 to 2012 with the autographed album on ebay, I’m 80-90% sure that the autograph on ebay is fake because it’s very sloppily done in regards to some points…for example, Jaejoong always autographs with certain curves ending in an upward direction, but uniqueurlife’s autograph on ebay lacks those very distinguishing characteristics/details. There are other details consistently in Jaejoong’s autographs that the one on ebay lacks.

    Of course, I can’t generalize this JYJ item to say that all of the signed soshi items of uniqueurlife are fake and maybe Jaejoong was having a terrible and off day when he signed that cd, but knowing my bias, I do think that the autograph is fake and I just want sones to be aware of this when they make the decision whether to purchase an expensive autograph from uniqueurlife off of ebay.

    In regards to other ebay sellers:

    grapemusiccd is a very reliable seller and the items arrive in good condition. i’ve bought several snsd albums from her (rdr, hoot…and jyj’s in heaven. tvxq’s kyhd), but i’ve found that i can generally get albums with posters for a cheaper price from other ebay sellers (because of lower shipping fees and album prices). also, shipping takes a while…even longer than from ebay sellers listed in korea.

    jace0337 is also a wonderful and very trustworthy seller. i bought one taeyeon photobook and one eunhyuk photobook from this seller and they arrived quickly, in excellent condition and with freebie socks. unfortunately, photobooks are really expensive (but less expensive than the jane___ seller on ebay).

    withus-sone.tumblr.com is also trustworthy though since she does preorders from the u.s., sometimes photobooks end up not sending certain extra goodies to international fans that they do to the korean fans. flying petals was kind enough to send out the missing goodies (though that meant i had to pay extra shipping for the missing items). team adonis i believe had a dvd that international fans just never got. also, since it’s based internationally, it probably will take longer than ordering from a korean seller on ebay. however, you can usually save USD $10-15 if you order from her.

  46. Jenna says:

    Hi! Is kpopheaven trustworthy? Do you prefer kpopheaven or kpoptown? && What’s the best kpop website to order? 🙂

  47. aRIssA says:

    Can anybody tell me whether these shops are reliable? http://rangeroux.wordpress.com/ and http://k2pop.com/index.php
    Rangeroux is located locally in SG, however I live in AUS, so has anyone had experience with overseas buying with them?

    • hazmatt_05 says:

      I’ve never heard of Rangeroux, but I was going to order from K2P before I saw the shipping/handling cost which was through the roof. Any of the other stores listed here are better, it’s best to stick to them 🙂

    • Sam says:

      DON’T BUY FROM RANGEROUX. I bought something from them, paid them 6 months ago and up till today, have not seen my goods. I sent them emails but they don’t bother to reply. So, I guess my money is gone for good!

  48. dee says:

    Silvercoldmetal on ebay is a really good seller and does quite a large range of kpop cd’s and posters.
    I’ve had two orders from them now (Big Bang’s Alive and SNSD’s RDR) and both got to me packaged very well and it was also quicker than yesasia (which took about a month and a half!!!!) and kpoptown! This is to the UK and they both got here within two weeks.

  49. mooks says:

    anybody tried kpopheaven? they’re selling rare snsd posters, baby baby & itnw. was quite surprised actually. any response will be greatly appreciated~

  50. BooZhang says:

    Hi everyone. I want to get the dvd “All about girls generation paradise in phuket” (6dvd +photobook). However, it is out of stock on those website that I use to buy snsd cd. Can anyone tell me where I am still able to get it. Pleaseeee help me Sone~~~~

  51. koster says:

    Hi, I was wondering if uniqueurlife was reliable for buying autographed cds from…I’ve read comments before on how he’s the only reliable seller on ebay with actual authentic autographs, but just wanted to see your guys take on it, thanks!

    • Cass says:

      It doesn’t look it! If you read up the thread, a couple of other people have said how his autographs are sloppy and don’t look like the real ones

  52. Lexi says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a reliable autograph from Nu’est ?

    • Carol says:

      I am selling an autograph copy of Nu’est’s Action. My friend got it for me at Kcon while I went to get EXO-M’s autograph =p

  53. Vy Phan says:

    Has anyone known about this website? They sell lots of Kpop albums and stuff. http://superjuniorshop.com/

  54. melissa v says:

    anyone knows if kpopmecca is secure ?
    3 weeks ago I did an order there and I received an email of order confirmation. but i don’t received an email about shipping information or something … and i’m so worried about this … i spend $48 USD there …

  55. I have a few great eBay sellers I’d like to share for SNSD albums, posters, and member photocards/star cards. :3 I’ve dealt with them many times and they are really friendly. :3

    For albums/posters/cards: leegarion3167. Wonderful seller. They always pack things nice and secure. :3

    For photocards/star cards I have a few: susiataiji, siwonbiz, my5star, jewelryjaehoon, kshop4u, phuminvisions, eycho0916. I’ve dealt with all these sellers numerous times and never had a problem. Items always arrive sooner than expected (except during the holidays~), and are always in great condition.

    Thanks to these seller, I’m only 100 cards short of completing the SNSD star cards (season 1, 2, and 2.5). ^^ Happy collecting!! 😀

  56. Advice says:

    BEWARE OF ASIANDB! I’ve purchased around $500 on them, most of the is new Genie first press limited edition (well you know how expensive they are), but I’ve got opened stuff (with members with value that sell not much..). Moreover, I’ve ordered three but only two came.
    At first they say they’ll refund the one missing item but refuse the return of the two items.
    But then next, the seller is unresponsive.
    So yeah, I got to sell those stuff for a total of $200. What a total scam.

  57. beesk says:

    asiandb is just plain horrible! i ordered 8 magazines from them, and after one month, the status is still “searching”. Decided to cancel, and till now, practically no responses from them, mail after mail! Raising dispute with my credit card company.

  58. Michelle says:

    Anyone ever ordered from K2OP? (http://k2pop.com/index.php). Is it reliable?

  59. Mike says:


    Is this seller or item look legit ? Im a big SNSD fan and does anyone know any ebay shops with are reliable for signitures?

  60. haruhi suzumiya says:

    Thank you for this! I’d really appreciate a response. I’ve been trying and trying to convince my mom kpoptown is safe, but I use WOT (Web Of Trust) and there are no reviews, meaning it doesn’t have a good safety rating. I know a lot of people have used it and are satisfied, but could you give me confirmation? Who’s used it a lot and have you been satisfied? Are you 100% sure it’s not a scam? Thank you for all of the sight suggestions though ^^ I’m really glad I’ve found this!

    • Raihan says:

      Hi Haruhi Suzumiya. For the first time, I just purchased Snsd Holiday photobook from Kpoptown and I can say it’s quite reliable and provide a good service. As for my first experience, it’s not scam at all. The packaging was good and they will email you the pictures of the parcel and our item being wrapped with bubble.

      Hope this helps you.

  61. ben says:

    Hello I’d really like some help if possible I know this is called soshicatalogue but you guys seem to be pretty informed on autographed items in general, I want to purchase the bob girls promo cd from this seller: mojosajo on ebay and the thing is I really dont care about the autograph I just want the cd to be honest but I want to know if the price he is offering im guessing based on the fact its autographed is a legit price does anyone have any experience with him? Again sorry I know this is soshi but you guys seem like you can help:)

  62. Does anyone know if this is legitimate? As in, has anyone dealt or have knowledge of the seller and if so, are the autographs actual autographs or just copies?

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