yoonyul.com 2013 Calendar

Chinese fansite yoonyul.com presents their 2013 Calendar, full proceeds of which will be used to purchase birthday gifts for Yoona & Yuri.


Calendar Details:

– Desk calendar
– 21 x 15 cm
– 54 – 58 pages printed on both sides
– Weekly calendar
– Contains photos of Yoona & Yuri from 2010 to October 2012
– Includes unpublished photos

Special Gifts:

  • DVD containing unpublished videos
  • 2 card stickers
  • Cartoon sticker
  • Mousepad
  • Pen

Special Gifts for those who make payment before 20th October 2012:

  • 2 wallet-sized photos (6.2 x 8.5cm, unpublished photos)
  • 2 photos (12.7 x 17.8cm, unpublished photos)
  • Anti-radiation mobile phone sticker

Screen Capture/Screenshot albums of Yoona in Love Rain and Yuri in Fashion King will also be given randomly to 4 people who make payment before 20th October 2012. These albums have previously been gifted to Yoona & Yuri on Yoona’s birthday. These 4 people will each choose an album.

Price (excluding shipping): USD$17 per calendar

Ordering/Payment Period: 24th September 2012 – ?

Shipping Period: December 2012

Shipping Details:

If your country of residence is not listed in the above table, or if the amount of calendars you wish to purchase is more than listed on the table, please email yoonyul@126.com  to enquire about the total shipping costs.

Payment Method: Paypal (zinling_tam@hotmail.com)

Please select ‘Personal Payments’ when making the deposit. You will have to pay any extra fees incurred. 

After sending payment, either reply to the thread (if you are member) or send an email to the admin (yoonyul@126.com) with the following form filled up:

Email Title: ‘YoonYul Calendar Payment Information Confirmation’

  1. ID/Username:
  2. Country:
  3. Quantity ordered: (  )set
  4. Email account used to send paypal payments to zinling_tam@hotmail.com
  5. Amount of payment:
  6. Time of payment:
  7. ———–Personal information————-
  8. Real name:
  9. Contact number:
  10. Delivery address:
  11. Zip code:
  12. Notes:


Once the admins have verified your payment, they will either reply to your thread post or your email.

Details about delivery/shipping will be updated once the admins have shipped out the calendars.

Contact Details:

zinling_tam@hotmail.com (Payment) | yoonyul@126.com (EMS fees enquiry + order form) | @4yul / @sooyoona (Enquiries)

How an order may be placed in brief:
1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many calendars you wish to purchase using the table above.
2. Send payment via Paypal to zinling_tam@hotmail.com under ‘Personal Payments’. You will have to pay any extra fees incurred.
3. Submit order form via email to yoonyul@126.com or reply to the thread, using the above format.



Source: yoonyul.com
Author: IAMSunshiner
Published: September 30th, 2012

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

3 Responses to yoonyul.com 2013 Calendar

  1. wwaaahhhhhhh i forgot how much i love yoonyul~~~

  2. tcronazi says:

    yoonyul is reality ^^

  3. salsabila says:

    I love you SNSD , I love you TaTiSeo (TTS), I love you YoonYul

    “I’M SONE” Lovers

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