Team Adonis 2013 Calendars & 2nd Photobook ‘Fragrant Memories’

Team Adonis, a fansite for the girls as a whole, will be releasing their 2013 Calendars and 2nd photobook, ‘Fragrant Memories’! Proceeds will be used to support the girls’ activities.


Desk Calendar Details:

– Snow paper
– 230 x 150mm
– 26 pages
– All color

Wall Calendar Details:

– Snow paper
– 380 x 530mm
– All color

Photobook Details:

– A4 size
– Soft cover
– 150 pages

Special Gifts:

  • Fancam DVD
  • Mini photobook
  • Mini note
  • Postcard
  • Post-It notes
  • B4-sized mini poster
  • Photocard

Special gifts may be subjected to change without notice.

Price (excluding shipping): USD$35 per set

Ordering/Payment Period: 30th September 2012 – 20th November 2012

Shipping Period: Mid-December

Shipping Details:

Payment Method:

Bank Deposit

Bank Name : Industrial Bank of Korea
Account Number : 037-086894-01-015
Account Name : 팀아도니스 (teamadonis)


Guide from Team Adonis:

No refunds will be given for extra deposit.

After sending payment, send an email to the admin ( with the following form filled up:

E-mail Title “[2013]”

payment date :

payment way :

Payment amount :

name :

Deposit Bank :

number of sets :

phone number (Exit Code ** / Area Code / Local Number ###-####) :

Delivery Address:

memo :

Non-members of Team Adonis may also purchase the calendars & photobook.
No refunds will be entertained, so think carefully before you place an order.

Contact Details: (Payment/Enquiries) | ‘Q&A’ Board (Enquiries)

How an order may be placed in brief:
1. Calculate your shipping price according to how many calendars and/or photobooks you wish to purchase using the table above.
2. Send payment via Paypal to or via bank deposit. (total cost of calendars and/or photobooks + shipping) If you are making payment via Paypal, you will have to pay any extra fees incurred.
3. Submit order form via email to, using the above format.




Source: Team Adonis
Author: IAMSunshiner
Published: September 30th, 2012

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

15 Responses to Team Adonis 2013 Calendars & 2nd Photobook ‘Fragrant Memories’

  1. Raddy XD says:

    Lol, 2nd photobook? What the….? Just do calendar for now, dude. o_X”

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  3. Raddy XD says:

    I’m looking for people in US who’s interested to join a bulk order. Because WithUSSONE decides not to do one, I might consider opening up a bulk order. Minimum orders would be at least 5 (or more) including myself, so in total, I’d need 4 people to join me. Please contact me via Twitter @RaddyXD

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  5. Pingback: Currently on sale | Guide to Soshi Fansites Goods

  6. The pictures are broken – how much is the shipping per item to the different zones??

  7. abstea says:

    Anyone received the items yet? I am still waiting…..

  8. hp says:

    I haven’t got my order yet, anyone else still waiting for theirs?

  9. abstea says:

    Can someone who actually know what is happening to this project, kindly leave a message about when are we going to received this as I am don’t know korea and been waiting forever for this item to come out. Thanks

  10. thegreatjedi says:

    Everyone is still waiting for their orders? Me too..

  11. Christopher says:

    Heard that there is delay in the production

    Link: (The first sentence)

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