Team Adonis 1st Photo Book

Update #1: EMS fees have changed. You must contact Teamadonis if you want to know the EMS fee. Also payment deadline has been extended to the 31st January 2012.

The first fan project set for 2012 – Team Adonis 1st Photo Book! Team Adonis takes amazing photos of all 9 girls, so this might be another amazing Photo Book to get!! ^^


Photo Book Details:
-Soft Cover
-Contains pictures of all 9 girls. More than half the photos that will be included are unseen.
-Size: B5 (25 cm x 17.6 cm)
-Approx. 250-300 pgs
-Special Gift: Postcard Secret

Price (excluding shipping): USD $28/book

Payment/Ordering Period: 1st January 2012 – 31stJanuary 2012

Shipping Period: To be announced

Shipping Details:
-If you want to order more than 4 Photo Books, please contact Team Adonis. Contact details are below.
-If you want to know the EMS fee, please contact Teamadonis via email.

Payment: Paypal (
-Select Personal Payment and Others. You must pay any fees that appear.

Contact Information: E-Mail, Twitter (@teamadoniscom)

Source: Team Adonis
Author: tom885, iced_tea
Published: January 3rd, 2012
Last updated: January 20th, 2012

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

23 Responses to Team Adonis 1st Photo Book

  1. kpop rocks says:

    250-300 pages? wow!
    gonna have to wait.. broke over the holidays

  2. pip says:

    the dateline supposed to be 30th jan right?please update

  3. abstea says:

    Please help, I had sent a payment to them, will they reply me with a confirmation email?

  4. ervin says:

    Has anyone received a confirmation e-mail?

    I have sent 2 e-mails and contacted them through twitter already.

  5. yw says:

    have there been any new updates or announcement?
    I am getting worried

    • Christopher says:

      you better be worried cause no one seems to be able to get a reply from them, i will be making a police report soon on this thing, no update on the delivery date .. no email reply from them and yet they can still tweet on tweeter and post on facebook. I have a feeling that is might be a scam to cheat our money.

  6. golux9 says:

    Team Adonis updated the site today:
    I don’t understand Korean, but according to google translate they said that for some reason they were unable to ship earlier and that you need to check your order information and send them the correct address. Hope it helps ^^

  7. tososhi says:

    The translation actually says that they’ve received mail about changing address and shipping (or something) and they’re trying to ship them all together but there have been some problems so they haven’t shipped them out yet. Hope they ship out soon, though ):

  8. dang3r21 says:

    Anyone gotten their book yet?

  9. Ervin says:

    Haven’t got it yet. Still kept on sending e-mails but still no reply.

  10. Mememe says:

    I have gotten mine a little while ago and I live in Europe 🙂
    It’s really great and I’m glad I bought it

  11. Christopher says:

    Anyone from Singapore received the photobook already?

  12. Christopher says:

    There is this internet articles about Teamadonis photobook being a scam.

    Read it over at

    • Ervin says:

      Hey Christopher,

      Thats an old article back when there was no news from teamadonis.

      I’m sure there is just an misunderstanding here as pics of the photobook were released by him and some have received it.

      But i also see that without any clear line of communication, we won’t be able to clear things up with Teamadonis. Maybe SoshiCatalogue Staff can help us here?

      Also from Asia btw.

      • Christopher says:

        I have been emailing them and tweeting them till now there is no reply from them at all.
        They have not been replying back so they cannot blame us for doubting them.

  13. plai27 says:

    my friends at Korea already got all products they ordered since last month…BUT I’M NOT GETTING THEM YET. and they no reply back to me TT_TT

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