Crafts4Change Charity T-Shirt

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Crafts4Change has opened their SNSD Charity Project and we encourage everyone to get involved as it is for a great cause. According to their website: “Crafts4Change is a nonprofit volunteer organization whose goal is to support children both locally and internationally by engaging in creative activities.”

Purpose: Crafts4Change’s mission is to promote international diversity and connection through the marketing of SNSD shirts. SNSD is an internationally renown Korean pop group, allowing us to connect fans and supporters around the world. All proceeds will be donated either to an international charity, such as Red Cross or UNICEF, or used to fund crafts-making sessions in lower-income districts.

Product Information


Relaxed fit t-shirt, narrow neck rib, and tailored sleeve; plenty of extra room, this shirt is ideal for most body types; fabric is 100% pre-shrunk cotton (deep heather is 50% cotton/50%polyester); fabric weight of 5.4 oz.


Measure A (in.) 24.5 25.5 26.5 28 28.7
Measure B (in.) 18 20 21.5 24 26

Colors: T-shirts are available in 3 colors: White, Blue, and Pink

Price, Payment Method & Shipping

Price: $16.50 for one t-shirt


If you live in the US or Canada, you can mail Crafts4Change your cash or check, and they will send a confirmation email upon arrival. You can contact Crafts4Change via email,, for more information and the address to send it to.

If you live outside of the US/Canada,  payment preference is Paypal. However, if that option is unavailable, please email the organisation for more information.


United States: $3.00 per shirt
International Customers: Visit here for shipping (Shirts are approximately 6 oz./177 grams)


For more information about the organization, the project, or to order the t-shirt, please visit their website: Here

Click Here to Order!

Source: Crafts4Change

Author: tom885

Published: 21st October 2010

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