1st Thsutleo Photobook: ‘Love it it it it it it it ah!’ Reprint

UPDATE 3: Orders are now closed!

UPDATE 2: Thsutleo has changed the links for ordering the photobook. No change in info though.

UPDATE 1: Order date has been changed from ending on the 20th October to 17th October.

Finally, the photobook that many people have been looking for is back for ordering! Thsutleo.com will be reprinting their 1st Photobook and if you don’t own a copy, now’s the chance to order one. There will be no second reprint as stated by Thsutleo.com. This batch of reprints will be EXACTLY the same as the first batch. There will be no additional photos, no extras, etc.

You can make orders and payment from the 8th October – 17th October (2010). Thsutleo.com will be shipping the photobooks via EMS shipping after 15th November.

Details about the photobook:
-296 full colour pages
-Size: B5
-Weight: 1.2kg
-Members with most photos: Yoona, Taeyeon & Jessica –> followed by Sunny –> then other members
For more details check out our catalogue post: click!

Price: USD $33 (international)/ 3,000 円 (Japan)/ 31,000 won (Korea) (EXCLUDING shipping)
You cannot make bulk orders and max. number of books per person is 5. For Korean citizens, only a order of up to 2 is allowed. These limitations are to prevent resale of the books.
There are no discounts if you order a larger quantity.
Also please note that you will need to cover the paypal fees yourself.
Therefore, total price = Book price + Shipping + Paypal Fee

Check shipping fee here (international), here (Japan) or here (Korea) (I can’t find the updated link for Korea >_<)

For instructions on how to order and pay click here.

So what are you waiting for? Go and order now! 😀 We’re not promoting Thsutleo.com or anything, but we believe that this photobook is definitely worth it. Still having doubts? Read our review on the photobook!

Source: THSUTLEO.com

Author: iced_tea

Published: 8th October 2010

4 Responses to 1st Thsutleo Photobook: ‘Love it it it it it it it ah!’ Reprint

  1. vicjun says:

    iced_tea i love you so much for sharing this!!! XD

  2. Taiwan SONE says:

    Can it reprint again?

  3. leafy says:

    If anyone wants this I’m selling mine for $90

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