KYR125 is releasing their first ever DVD! All proceeds will go to supporting Yuri, including support for Fashion King.


– Special Created Digipack Case + Photo pages included track list (16p)

– YURI Fancam DVD

– 3Disc (Only playable on PC)

① Disc 1 : “Gee ~ The boys” Stage Fancams (Including non-uploaded video)

② Disc 2 : Award ceremony, Variety, Non-stage fancams / Special Stage/ 2011 SM Town Live in New York fancams (non-uploaded)

③ Disc 3 : Japan Arena Tour in Tokyo, Girls’ Generation Tour in Hong Kong & Tailand (non-uploaded fancams including vertical ver.)

Special Gifts: 

– All foreigners will receive the YURI Character Socks (Made in KWONYURI125.COM)

– Electromagnetic waves – blocking sticker, Cellphone LCD cleaner, 5 Photo postcards, mini poster


– The DVD teaser will be released on 26 March 2012.

Payment Period:

– 22 March 2012 – 25 April 2012

Delivery Period: 

– Early May


– 1 DVD: USD$32 + EMS Fee

– 2 DVDs: USD$64 + EMS Fee

If you wish to purchase more than 11 DVDs, please email the admin ( with the exact quantity and your country of residence. There will be no discounts anywhere.

EMS Fee: 


– All payment to be done via Paypal (KRW payment is only if you want to send your goods to a Korean address). Send payment to

*Please send payment under “personal payment” and “others”. You will also have to pay any Paypal fees incurred. (Paypal transfer fee = 3.9% of total amount)

– After payment, fill up the order form and send it to

<Order Form>

Subject : DVD Payment complete


Depositor (your name) :
Deposit date :
Country :
Destination Address + Zip Code :
Amount of deposit :
Quantity of your order :
Your PayPal account e-mail address :
Phone number (Cell phone) : 

Once the admin confirms your payment, they will send you a reply.

How an order may be placed in brief: 

  1. Calculate the total amount payable (number of DVDs + EMS fee as above).
  2. Send payment via Paypal (unless you want to have your DVD delivered to a Korean address) to under personal payments. If there is a fee, you have to pay it.
  3. Send in the order form as above to and wait for a confirmation reply from them. 1ST DVD


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